Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?
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Author:  keithmp [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

Hi all, I'm looking for some feedback on whether or not my strange symptoms could be prosthesis or a pelvic floor dysfunction.

About 1.5 years ago I experienced a very sudden and significant increase in the amount of precum/cowper's fluid fluid I produce, and it has continued ever since. I noticed this after a period where I stopped ejaculating for about a month due to some heavy anxiety and stress I was experiencing at the time.

I began feeling discomfort in my urethra/pelvic area and figured I was overly "backed up" after abstaining so long, and started masturbating again. This relieved the immediate discomfort although I feel like I still have irregular discomfort and mild pain in the general area from time to time. After I masturbated after my abstinence, I noticed the problem.

More specifically: If I get even a partial erection, just for a minute, I'll later notice my glans is covered in precum (clear, mucousy, no odour, and it is only associated with sexual arousal). During sex there will be an excessive amount. If I ejaculate, the clear fluid continues to leak for hours afterwards. Even if I urinate it continues, which used to be effective in 'clearing the pipes' for me. I should also mention that this fluid is much thicker and stickier than it used to be. And despite the increase in precum, generally the volume of ejaculate I produce is much less. Sometimes there is barely any.

I have also had sexual issues including weaker erections, difficulty maintaining erections, lack of control "holding in" cum, and occasionally very premature ejaculation (i.e. foreplay begins and I immediately orgasm. This has never happened before, not even close). I also have noticed significantly less morning erections over the last year. I believe there is a psychological component as I have become rather depressed and anxious over these issues, but I know there has been some physical change as well.

I have been urine-tested multiple times for STDs & general infections and the results are always negative, although I have not received a blood test for HSV. I had a standard prostate exam about a year ago, and the urologist said it felt normal at the time. That said, I have to believe something has changed in my prostate and wondering if it is prostatitis or perhaps a pelvic floor disorder. This has really affected my sexual confidence and I would really like to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

Author:  eadk [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

You could ask your urologist to do an EPS culture and semen culture to see if there are any bacteria present

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

I had some of your symptoms...the precum that would come out at the slightest arousal and continue after ejaculation. Sometimes i would wake up in morning and have some. It didnt effect anything with me sexually though. Didnt feel different or last longer or shorter. That has subsided a bit in recent months. Just red glands and swollen meatus after ejaculation

Author:  keithmp [ Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

I'm also experiencing the irritated/inflamed glans on erection & ejaculation. Have you found any treatment for it that works?

I had a TRUS today and am getting my semen cultured tomorrow. EPS was done a week ago; I guess I'll get the results & prognosis next appointment in a couple weeks.

Author:  CLCardinal84 [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

Any update on your cultures?

I'm having a flare-up currently and had a prostate massage done last week and my urine cultured and it came back showing no infection per my doctor. I got 3 separate test results back below:

40 CFU/mL Viridans streptococcus
20 CFU/mL Staphylococcus coagulase negative

110 CFU/mL Viridans streptococcus
50 CFU/mL Staphylococcus coagulase negative

650 CFU/mL Viridans streptococcus
270 CFU/mL Staphylococcus coagulase negative

Does anyone know if these are normal in urine? I did some research and it sounds like common bacteria found on and in our bodies, but it still seems odd that this is showing up after urine sample, post prostate massage/EPS.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

My urologists have all been perplexed by my symptoms. Im off antibiotics for a few months and getting retested
The 6 cultures i have done this year were all clean. Having a flare up myself.

Author:  AlBundy [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

The leakage of precum is one of your pelvic muscles going into spasm and pushing or causing other muscles to push against the prostate or cowpers gland. It toom me a out 3 years of looking for a nonexistent infection, to figure out that it was a muscular problem with the pelvic floor. Its hard to figure out what is causing the problem such as lower back or pelvic injury but in 100 percent sure its muscular. With me the only symptom left after 3 years of bullshit is dribbling at tbe end of urination, which i attribute to one or more musvles causin

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

Can this be whats causing the redness in penis and swelling after ejaculation?? Did you have that as well bundy?

Author:  AlBundy [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Semen/precum "leakage" and sexual issues -- prostatisis?

It could be that your urethra is becoming irritated because not all the ejaculate is coming out and it sort of stuck in there. It could be anything when it comes to muscle issues. They can affect nerves and cause other things. The first symptom i had was a literal shooting of residual urine after pissing, when id sit down or bend over it would shoot out8. At first i assumed it was because the prostate was swollen, but the shooting went away on its own and then it turned into pelvic pain. Eventually i started getting relief from stretching, i still get weird twitching in my thighs, left arch of foot and the left inside part of my rectum making me believe something is happeng that is causing muscle spasms all the way up to my pelvic floor (inside of anus twitching). When i do squats with weights i feel like a tightness in the rectum. And on the left side of my penis. Its strange. Im happy where im at, no more pain just random twiching and very little post void dribbling that i never used to have. Im telling you to seriouly try stretching and do it the right way, pigeon pose, legs up a wall glute stretches and psoas stretches. And give it 2-3 weeks and do legit stretches just dont do them for 2 seconds. Hold them and a bit and breath.

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