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 New here, symptoms, unsure of cause 
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Post New here, symptoms, unsure of cause
Hey guys! Just wanted some feedback if anyone has had similar symptoms, and how it all started.

Symptoms from December of 2009
May have been slightly earlier but nothing is documented so unsure of exact symptom start, definitely bad though in December
Balanitis like symptoms
Loss of feeling during sex/masturbation. Everything still works, but only feels 1/10.
Red testes. Very dark where they join the base of penis. Extra wrinkly compared to normal. Before this, they were normal skin colour with red tinges but not this.
Foreskin hard to pull back, red.
White hard to describe, white milky growth on outside of skin, not sure what it is. IF I remember this was years ago.
Glans red. Glans seems very dry.
White spots/dots on testes. Very itchy. Can't wash off. However they did seem to disappear.
White on part of foreskin. A bit of flaky skin as well.
Difficult to self lube. Still possible though. Itchy end of foreskin.

Symptoms June 2010
Same as above along with bit of a smell from down there.
When getting erection, feels a bit painful inside the glans/base eg inside the uretha or actual muscle, but only temporary goes away once erect or couple minutes.
Flakey skin seems to have gone down?

Symptoms July 2010
Same as above along with a 'cheese'[white or yellow? became both colours eventually] like growth or something if I pull foreskin back and its on the glans. Itchy not as bad.
Possible BXO lesion lichen sclerosis?

Symptoms from about early 2011
Same as all above, except now there seems to be a white and yellow growth. Unsure if its smegma, thrush or dead skin cells. Been swabbed but is not candida. Doctor reckons it is thrush they just didn't grow it properly. Itchy not as bad.

What's worked and what's not worked
December 2009
Caneston cream may help get rid of the growth but it just comes back. Don't think it helped with feeling, maybe it did only a little bit?
Moisturiser seemed to help, and later on it also seemed to help even more if put it on when erect. Unsure if it helped bring any feeling back though. Have not tried it recently

February 2010
Septrin forte[Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim I think it is] antibiotics cleared it in early 2010. It went away for 4months. The feeling was 10/10 within 1 day. But took a couple weeks for the redness etc to all heal up but it healed. After 2 months of being cured, I did notice a pain sensation in prostate area, and tip of penis same time, that only lasted 10mins then went away. That happened twice two nights in a row.

June 2010
4x months clear, it all came back again.

17th July 2010
10day Septrin forte and then doxycycline or doryx once a day for acne? Seems it worked again.
Also now has a bit of 'cheese' growth between glands and foreskin. Unsure if this is a symptom of my problem getting worse, or a separate condition/infection.

3rd August 2010
1/10 feeling again,and other symptoms are back. So this time only lasted a week or two, yet first time it lasted 4x months. It's resistant now?

10th October 2010
Tick bite on thigh. Given doxycycline I think. This by coincidence also brought feeling back, but only for 2 days? And not 10/10 but say 5/10 sensation. Took the repeat doxy script but yeah, didn't work. Doctor said it was a different brand or different dosage that's why it worked only a bit.

July 2012
Tried septrin forte again. Feeling did come back a bit but didn't last too long. Few days? Notes a bit vague, I may have tried doxycycline or doryx once a day here and it brought it back a bit but while still on it it went away. I know it the foreskin was a bit softer and the feeling did come back a bit, so it is still able to be part cured but very temporary. It did seem to turn the yellow smeg or thrush white.

Things I don't have
I still have libido. I do not think I have pelvic pain syndrome or back pain that others report.

Possible causes
Moved out of home 2008, so maybe not cleaning toilet regularly or something, if something splashed back up, could that be the cause ? Long shot but yeah lol.

In July 2009 and October 2009, did get oral from two different women. The July one was a single mum if that means she has more germs from taking care of her young ones. The symptoms were documented in December 2009, it says have had them before[I think maybe a bit of flaky skin before or itchy but not the numbness] but not this bad. I'm not 100% sure when they started, I don't think they were there with either of these two women , but maybe I did get it from the second woman then. Or maybe only started in December 2009 hence the document.

December 2009 was a third woman, but no fluids were exchanged. I did sit on her couch and masturbate. Also in December 2009 I had 2 male friends over, and after they left I felt all itchy, like fleas? And noticed redness upper thighs and a few bites. I'm unsure if I got that from male friend[house sitting for someone who has a cat? kids?] or from this third woman. But unsure if that's related, I'm being pedantic maybe lol.

Part of a mink blanket was between my glans and foreskin,and got quite a bit down. So a bit of fluff/fabric. October 2009 woman noticed this, for some reason I left it there. Could that be the cause or is that another long shot?

After being clear, in May 22nd of 2010, a woman did lower herself on top of me without a condom. We didn't go at it but fluids may have been exchanged. That's only a maybe though as I can't remember 100% for sure. So that might indicate a 2week infection to symptom time, which would be similar to 29th October 2009 seeing woman to symptoms reported December 12th. Well okay that's more like 6 weeks.

If the 2010 woman did not lower herself, then what made it come back in 2010?

Is 5weeks long enough to go without symptoms appearing, that's a long time for something like this?

I've read some person(s) got it from having oral etc with a new person. What was the time lapse between exchanging fluids, and symptoms appearing? Or any other cause as well, time lapse?

Besides septrin forte and doxycycline, any other antibiotics?

Should I get a prostate rectal exam to see if the prostate is inflamed would that help narrow it down?

Is there a difference between normal semen and semen that may appear after a rectal exam[or the next time you ejaculate and/or urinate?]. I read on a website about getting 2urine samples, then a 3rd one after a prostate exam.

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