What increases your libido??
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Author:  CHIP [ Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  What increases your libido??

So i have prostatitis since july/august 2016, but the truth is since 2012 i have a lower libido than my libido before 2012, and before i get prostatitis i already have ( rarely ) pain in pelvic and perineum

never thought i have prostatitis that could be the culprit of my lower libido

sometimes my libido are back, sometimes my libido reduced to nothing

it's been going on for the last 5 years

just want to know what you guys here used to get the libido back?

Author:  Chavalote [ Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I also would like to know. It's unbelievable that we don't have anything to restore the libido. I can't even have sexual arousal like before.

I was taking the bupropion, an antidepressant that is supposed to rise the libido, but it worked only two days and then it went to the always low libido. I think that if I had took it for more long time maybe it had helped but in my case the side effects were bad; it triggered panic attacks so I had to stop it.

I wonder if there is something less aggressive. I have heard that yohimbine is similar but in Spain is illegal. Any other options which has worked for anybody?

CHIP, when you have low libido your orgasms are also weak?

Author:  eadk [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Usually a prostate massage helps for me

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Really? It also increases the "psychological libido"? I mean, the mental arousal?

Author:  chris85 [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Herbs that are known to increase libido in men; ashwagandha, shatavari, shilajit, and korean/ asian ginseng.

Ashwagandha and shatavari are more calming and are used together in India for male and female reproductive health. Asian ginseng is more stimulating, I think so is shilajit, although all these (adaptogen) herbs have a calming element to them. The stimulating ones are more likely to disrupt sleep a little. I've tried ashwagandha (the ksm66 extract, it isn't a specific company, just the kind of extraction) and my libido did increase as women looked started to look much more attractive, but I'd mix a few together if it were me personally.

Author:  eadk [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Yes, I don't know about you but for me it does. I know that prostate health is linked to sexual health. I feel like maybe the mental arousal/desire is related to the health of the prostate. If the prostate is healthy, libido and sexual functions are good. If it's unhealthy then libido and sexual function is negatively affected. I mean, there are a lot of nerves in the prostate which are related to sexual functions. I suffer from weak orgasms, watery ejaculate and decreased libido too. Been suffering from these symptoms for 6 years actually. After I received a prostate massage from a Urologist, I notice my orgasms, libido and even the color of my ejaculate improved dramatically. I've tried to find a solution to this problem for so long and now I finally believe that prostate massage is the answer. I think that when the prostate is congested, it affects sensitivity down there which in turn affects libido. When you have low sensitivity down there, it doesn't feel good as usual so your arousal goes down. When the prostate isn't congested, normal sensitivity returns which causes libido to return too. This is what I think, not too sure if I'm correct. And when I think back to the time before I had this horrible condition, my libido and sexual functions were great. After getting this disease, all of a sudden sexual functions and libido is affected. This makes me think that likely it has something to do with the bacteria that entered my prostate. Since prostate massage does remove bacteria from the prostate (which is why they use prostate fluid cultures to test for bacteria), it makes a lot of sense that symptoms improve shortly after a prostate massage. Maybe a combination of prostate massage and the right antibiotic for your bacteria is better than just prostate massage alone. But I've read that prostate massage isn't for everyone. If your prostatitis is acute rather than chronic, you should avoid prostate massage since the infection can spread to other parts of your body. I'd check with your doctor and see if he thinks prostate massage is safe for your particular condition first. But keep in mind that some doctors don't believe in it. All I know is that every time I receive one from the Urologist, I can say for certain it helps with my sexual symptoms (as well as other symptoms).

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I have my libido usually very low and I wondered if it comes from the prostate, because it's also mental. I read somewhere that the feeling of the prostate full makes men feel sexual desire but I think that it's too simplistic. Maybe sexual desire is not only in the brain but also in the prostate because I also have noticed that the inflammation/weak orgasms/low libido/almost no arousal go always together.

That may explain why supplements known to rise libido like maca haven't worked for me. My low libido seems too difficult to improve. I'm still searching something that works.

Author:  eadk [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Yeah I've also tried supplements which are suppose to boost libido like Horny Goat Weed (yohimbe) zinc, and bee pollen. None of it worked for me. I think maybe instead of focusing on supplements, focusing on improving prostate health is the key to bringing back libido. Have you tried getting a prostate massage to see if it helps? I know you said on the other thread that you can't find a doctor to do it. That's really unfortunate man. I'm still struggling to find a doctor over here in the US that would do it but I think I'll find one eventually. The times I had a prostate massage done by a uro was when I was in a different country. There are devices you can use to do it yourself if you're open to it but I would try to see if I can find a doctor to do it first before resorting to buying one. I just think it's really important that the bacteria gets drained/removed from the prostate because I really do think that the bacteria is the number 1 cause of all these symptoms. Before you had prostatitis I'm assuming your libido and everything else was working normal?

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I don't know exactly when I got prostatitis, but my libido have been very low more than 5 years.

I thought that it was strange that an inflamed prostate could influence sexual arousal, mental libido, but reading this thread I guess that it's possible. Not a lot of people in this forum are talking about weak orgasms and libido loss, maybe it depends on the zone you have affected, who knows. In my case I don't experience much pain, except when I ejaculate or urinate, but it's a bearable pain. What annoys me more is this low libido, what makes me feel almost asexual, and the lack of sexual pleasure. I'm glad that someone else has brought the topic here.

I feel hope in the prostate massages from what I'm reading here. Another user who says that he also suffers from low libido and weak orgasms also has had an improvement with prostate massages. I don't know if I can find an urologist able to perform them here. I have tried it a few times in the past with toothbrush handles or ballpens but I don't know how to do it well and sometimes it hurts. I got scared to make it worse and I quit. Sometimes I feel something from the prostate to the tip of the urethra, like a cramp, when I press certain zones but I lose the point soon. I haven't felt never nothing near to an ejaculation or urge to discharge any fluid. I think that doing this for myself is almost impossible.

I wonder why the bupropion worked a little for two days. Maybe it relaxed the muscles and let the congestion improve. But I remember one time, when taking the bupropion, which I had erotic dreams and I had a pretty decent orgasm when masturbating that were longer, I mean, more contractions, because usually I have only 3 or 4 contractions and very weak, that time it were like 10 or more. I remembered that that were normal back, when I had normal libido.

This thing makes me forget what a normal arousal, libido and orgasm are. It's when I have some random (I still don't know the cause) improvement when I remember it and then tell that normally my sexual functions are not functioning well.

If you go to my thread and read my first post there I answer all these questions, how it started and so on. It was a long way. But it seems that my symptoms are similar to yours. When I ejaculate, it feels like if there is something inside that "kills" the pleasure, something that feels like "cold burning", like toothpaste or peppermint. Is that what you feel? Oh boy, I'm sick of that feeling, I want to get rid of it and start to feel the normal thing again. This really sucks.

Another question, have you taken any antidepressants or anxiolytics? I say this because at first I thought that my libido and orgasms problem started with that and today I'm still not sure.

Author:  eadk [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I agree completely with what you said about certain zones in the prostate being affected which can cause a variety of different symptoms. Some people experience more pain than others while some people experience mainly sexual symptoms depending on where in the prostate the infection and inflammation is. For me, I hardly ever experience any pain, just mostly the sexual symptoms I described and some urinary symptoms. I only experience pain when I sit for long periods of time and eating spicy food. You should look into how prostate health can affect sexual health, I think there is a lot of information on the internet about that.

In my opinion I don't think toothbrushes or ballpoint pens are good for self prostate massage because those items are not curved or angled in a way that targets the spot in the prostate that urologists usually aim for during a massage and since those items aren't curved it's hard to focus on the particular sides of the prostate. I don't know if you checked out the device that I recommended on your other thread called the Njoy Pure Wand. It's sold as a sex toy but it could be used for effective prostate massage. It's a device that allows you to massage your own prostate similar to the way a urologist's finger does. It is long enough and designed and curved in an angle that allows you to reach your prostate and massage it directly which causes trapped/clogged prostate fluid to be released. And since it's curved, you could turn it in a way that allows you to focus more on the left side or right side of the prostate. I'd compare it to a finger except it's longer and covers more area and gives you better leverage. Personally, I never tried it before, I only heard about it by talking to someone who uses it regularly to drain his prostate. He said it's very effective for that particular goal. I am considering buy it as my last option if I can't find a urologist to do it for me. The only problem for me is that it's kind of weird and awkward to use such a device, but I mean if it's for my health and if it could help me regain my sexual functions then it's worth a try. At this point I'm pretty desperate for something that works.

Before developing this disease, my orgasms were really good. I was able to have that pleasurable feeling that you feel right before orgasm, the feeling that something is about to burst, that there was going to be a "big finale", if that makes sense. It's that anticipating feeling. And then finally during orgasm, there's that "big finale" and the release would feel extremely pleasurable and intense and satisfactory afterwards. After getting prostatitis, I don't experience that anymore. It's almost as if orgasm/ejaculation just provides a small relief instead of the pleasurable satisfaction I mentioned. There's no big finale and the contractions don't feel as good as before. And the length of those contractions are a bit shorter than before. And I notice these weak orgasms were directly related to the color of my ejaculate. Whenever it was weak, my ejaculate would always be watery and sometimes have white lumps in it too.

And then there are some days that my orgasms were pretty good. During a prostate massage from the urologist, I notice the prostate fluid that came out was really white, it wasn't watery. One time I went home after a prostate massage from the urologist and masturbated and my orgasm felt pretty good. It hadn't felt that good in a long time and then I noticed that the color of my ejaculate was mostly white during that day. That is why I think that the weak orgasms might be because the prostate is not secreting prostate fluid during orgasm, which is why the ejaculate doesn't look white but more watery like I explained in the other thread. And when orgasms felt good, ejaculate looked more white. It became a pattern that I noticed.

However, I don't experience the cold burning sensation/toothpaste feeling that you described. My orgasms just feels like there is a lot less pleasure and a lot less intensity and satisfaction than before. I notice the length of each contraction is a lot shorter than before I got this disease. The number of contractions I get is less too. I think before this disease I would get like 5-8 contractions, all of them were intense and pretty long. Now it's only 3-5 and very short in length. Sometimes I feel a burning sensation during orgasm, but not sure if that's what you're talking about when you referred to it feeling like toothpaste or peppermint. I know it sucks to have these horrible symptoms. I haven't had a girlfriend in so long because of this simply because sex doesn't feel that good anymore and the desire and arousal is low. And the people around me are starting to wonder why I don't have a girlfriend. It's affected my life on almost every level, not just physically but mentally and socially. It really takes the quality of life away from you. But i'm remaining hopeful that things will go back to normal again.

Yes I have taken antidepressants before, but not the anxiolytics. I've taken SSRIs, particularly Paxil. I've been told that Paxil can impact sexual functions negatively. However, I don't think it's the paxil that is causing the sexual symptoms because before I had prostatitis, I've taken paxil and my orgasms and sexual functions were still good. After that I went off paxil and then later on I developed prostatitis and then noticed my orgasms got weaker and libido isn't strong even though I wasn't on the paxil anymore and was off it for a long time. And then I went on paxil again after developing prostatitis. I was on 10 mg and surprisingly it improved my orgasms a little bit while I was on it after developing prosatitis. Then my dosage bumped up to 20 MG and then that's when my orgasms and sexual functions were negatively affected so I got off of it completely. It seems that a low dosage SSRI helps with my sexual symptoms from prostatitis, but a high dosage impacts my sexual symptoms negatively.

If you're not sure whether your libido and orgasms are from the prostatitis or the anxiolytic, my advice is to try the prostate massage and try to drain the fluid out of your prostate. If you notice your libido and orgasms improve, then it's most likely prostatitis that is causing the sexual symptoms. If it doesn't improve after prostate draining, then it could be the anxiolytics or something else that caused it.

And one last important thing I need to mention. I know you said that the doctors from your area don't do prostate massages, but what if you asked them to do an EPS (expressed prostatic secretion) culture? An eps culture or prostate fluid culture is basically taking your prostate fluid and testing it for bacteria to see what kind of bacteria you have in your prostate. In order for the doctors to take your prostate fluid, they have to give you a prostate massage. By asking them to perform a prostate fluid culture to see what kind of bacteria you have in your prostate, you could get them to do a prostate massage for you. If they agree to do this, then after the massage you can try and see if your libido and orgasms improve on that same day. This way you would have an idea if prostate massage helps or not. And another added bonus is that you can find out what other bacteria you have in your prostate by having them examine the prostate fluid for bacteria. You could test those bacteria to see which antibiotics works against it, I believe. Now they may tell you to do a semen culture instead, which doesn't require a prostate massage, but you can tell them that you want to do a prostate fluid culture first and then test semen after and see the results for both tests.

Author:  Chavalote [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I talked about antidepressants and anxiolytics because they are well known to lower the libido and make the orgasms weak and difficult to reach. In fact, I suffered from that when I was taking them. I leaved them like 6 or 7 years ago but I have read that sometimes the symptoms can last years. Who knows if that is what makes the prostate weaker and vulnerable to infections. The feeling of weak orgasms and low libido is very similar, indeed. But it's clear that I have an inflamed prostate. The pelvic floor phisio said that there are also spams in that zone.

I'm resistant to use devices for massages because first, I don't have much money and second, I would feel embarrased only by ordering them. But if I can't find a doctor who can perform them maybe I think about it seriously, because I'm also desperate with this condition.

I have thought also that way of asking them, but that is embarrasing to me. I mean, asking about the diagnosis method. I remember when one urologist suggested me to do the Stamey Meares test. I had read on the internet that it were 3 samples: urine, semen and prostate fluid. I was expecting him to talk about the massage, but he didn't. After that I went to several urologists and none of them mentioned that. My cultures have always consisted in urine and semen only.

You describe the symptoms very similar to mine. I have read a lot of cases in this forum and others in Spanish and no one mention that. That is why I thought that maybe it wasn't the prostatitis what were causing the low libido and weak orgasms but now I'm almost sure. And yes, I'm also alone and misunderstood with this condition. If only I had a girlfriend or somebody to talk about this... That makes it more difficult to bear. Most people don't know how depressing is this. I remember a girl who I told it by chat (it's easier by chat talking about those things, in person I hadn't done that, I guess) and she said "it's not a big deal. Just don't masturbate". It's not that simple. Orgasms have multiple purposes and is when you lose them when you realize how important they are. But mainstream scientists don't research much about them. I have come to think even that my anxiety and tremblings in the fingers, which I suffer usually, are due to the tension accumulated by those bad orgasms and undischarged sexual energy. I remember when I was a teenager and I had good orgasms that they helped me a lot in relaxing and sleeping well. A lot of people ridiculize sexual health problems and that makes this more depressing.

And in my case, I'm virgin and have turned 39 years old. I think that at this pace I'll never know what sex is, because if I had sex now it would be a bad experience for the first time. And also, be virgin and not being able of enjoying sex at least alone is very sad.

The thing you mentioned about semen is same here. Or watery or lumps. And also I have noticed that it's when I improve a little when the semen quality also gets better. Why do I improve sometimes? Still a mystery to me. When I improve other things get better, the glans gets more tight, etc... When it's bad the glans tend to deflate soon when not stimulated. And the erection takes a lot of time to grow full and also is difficult to maintain. I'm writing all that I eat and drink to see if the changes in libido and orgasms are due to something concrete in the diet, but to this day I haven't found anything. Sometimes I improve and then I try eating similar things and then I get worse. Maybe diet have no much to do with the improvements. But what else can be?

The worst thing about this is that has lasted years. It doesn't seem that it will heal just by waiting. It seems that something radical has to be done.

It's hard to be years and years bearing this alone without doctors help, without anyone who understand it. It's the opposite, in fact. A lot of doctors have make fun of the problem or seen it like non-important.

I read that success story in the success stories thread about phages. I thought that can help in this case but here in Spain I think there is nowhere performing that kind of treatment. There is not many thing to test left to me, prostate massages, phages... all very difficult at this point. What makes me more angry about this is that I suspect that this is not grave. I mean, treating it seriously, with the right treatment it would get better in one or two weeks.

Author:  eadk [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I don't think it's embarassing to ask the doctor to perform a prostate fluid culture. It's actually a reasonable request. You want to know what kind of bacteria that you have so you could find the right antibiotic for it. I mean it's for your health man. Nothing embarassing about wanting to get healthy again. I agree with you on ordering the prostate massage device, it is embarassing to do that and it would be even more embarassing if someone were to find that in my room. That's why it's going to be my last option if anything.

And I've had doctors who told me the same thing, that it's not a big deal or it's all psychological or that sexual functions decrease with age which I think is all nonsense. If it's not life threatening or if it doesn't cause pain, then doctors tend to not take these symptoms seriously. And I think that since the prostate fluid is responsible for allowing the sperm to survive, if the prostate fluid isn't being secreted or if it's unhealthy, sperm can't survive which means fertility can be negatively affected. I really think that at the moment I'm not able to get someone pregnant or have children because of this issue although I never got tested to see if I can have children.

The fact that you noticed an improvement in orgasms relating to improvement in the color of the semen suggests that it's a prostate problem. For me, sometimes on certain days my orgasms and semen quality improves, but most of the days it's not good. Why does it improve on certain days? That's a really good question. I honestly don't know. I've noticed it improves after I drink green tea and then sit in the hot sauna at the gym. I think the green tea has antibacterial properties and sitting in the hot sauna causes my perineum to be in contact with heat which causes the prostate to be in contact with heat. Maybe the green tea combined with heat exposure to the perineum does something to the prostate? Maybe it kills some of the bacteria in the prostate which is why I notice a minor improvement. I notice that exercising and working out helps a little bit too. I think diet can help too although I'm not sure what kind of diet is helpful.

I have tried phage therapy before and I was thinking about recommending it to you but I wanted to make sure that the cause of your sexual dysfunction is because of bacterial prostatitis and not caused by something else. Now that you say you think it's because of bacterial prostatitis, then I really recommend phage therapy for you. A combination of phage therapy and prostate massage therapy would do wonders. It could even be a cure. I have high hopes for both.

I went to a place in Georgia called Phage Therapy Center. But I'm warning you, do not go there. I didn't get cured and I found out they lied to me and scammed me which is the reason why I wasn't able to be cured. They are a 3rd party clinic and they lie to most of their patients, including me. They scammed two other patients that I knew that went there. They overcharged me for the phages that they get from the real clinic when it's only 4 USD for a box. They lied to me and told me I needed to have a special custom phage developed for me, for an extra $1000. The standard price that they charge is $3000, but they tried to make me pay another $1000 for my "special custom" phage, which I found out was just a regular phage that only costed 4 dollars. So they lied to me from the beginning to make more money off me. And that regular phage they gave me doesn't work on my bacteria, so I ended up not getting cured. They don't have their own lab or their own phages. They get it from the George Eliava Institute, which is the real place. The George Eliava Institute is the original place that came up with the idea of using phages to kill bacteria. The George Eliava institute makes their own phages, has their own lab, diagnostic center, and their own pharmacy called the Eliava Pharmacy. The Georige Eliava Institute also has their own therapy center called the Eliava phage therapy. This is the place that you should be going to if you want to get phage therapy. Eliava Phage Therapy is also located in Georgia. The other place that I went to uses Eliava's lab, pharmacy, and diagnostic center since they don't have their own.

If you plan on getting phage therapy in the future, make sure you go to Eliava Phage Therapy and NOT Phage Therapy Center. I had a horrible experience at phage therapy center and I wrote all about it in my journal. You can find my journal on the natmedtalk forum under Men's health section where I talked about everything in detail. I talked about the cost, if my symptoms were improving, and how I found out phage therapy center was scamming me, and how they treat their patients.. I posted many pictures and screenshots on that forum. I'm going to transfer all the contents from that forum to this forum soon.

I'm planning to go to Eliava Phage Therapy next time when I have enough money. I really do think that phages and prostate massage is the only hope against this disease and the symptoms related to it. It's either phages combined with prostate massage, or the right antibiotic combined with prostate massage. I'd rather use phages though since it is safer. What are your plans for now? Let me know how physio therapy goes, I think that may help with symptoms too.

Author:  Chavalote [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

To me going to the USA to do any treatment is unthinkable, simply I can't afford it. It's a shock to know that there is people making scams even with phages treatments. I guess that for now I should forget about that.

I also suspect that my fertility is lowered with all these years with this condition but I haven't done any tests so I'm not sure.

If only I were able to make my libido normal with any supplement or something... it's really what annoys me more from this condition.

Today I have been in the pelvic floor PT and she says that surely there are muscle spams but I think, how can that affect my libido? I mean, my mental libido, my ability to get sexually aroused. And how can that affect my semen quality? It's all a mistery. After 5 years going to doctors I'm still not sure whether the final cause of this is a bacterial infection or not. Maybe I should go to another urologist an do another culture, this time someone that does the prostate massage to get the prostate fluid like you said.

I used to drink green tea before but I didn't notice if it changed the orgasms or libido. I'll check that.

It would be great if somebody finds any way of restoring libido for people with this condition, specially restoring the sexual pleasure and orgasms, which are almost gone almost all the time.

Author:  yakuh11 [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Chavalote wrote:
To me going to the USA to do any treatment is unthinkable, simply I can't afford it. It's a shock to know that there is people making scams even with phages treatments. I guess that for now I should forget about that.

I also suspect that my fertility is lowered with all these years with this condition but I haven't done any tests so I'm not sure.

If only I were able to make my libido normal with any supplement or something... it's really what annoys me more from this condition.

Today I have been in the pelvic floor PT and she says that surely there are muscle spams but I think, how can that affect my libido? I mean, my mental libido, my ability to get sexually aroused. And how can that affect my semen quality? It's all a mistery. After 5 years going to doctors I'm still not sure whether the final cause of this is a bacterial infection or not. Maybe I should go to another urologist an do another culture, this time someone that does the prostate massage to get the prostate fluid like you said.

I used to drink green tea before but I didn't notice if it changed the orgasms or libido. I'll check that.

It would be great if somebody finds any way of restoring libido for people with this condition, specially restoring the sexual pleasure and orgasms, which are almost gone almost all the time.

My libido was never affected by these condition even during the hieght of infection. But if you are looking for a supplement to improve yours then I recommend ASHWAGANDHA. These can be ordered from amazon. I'm currently taking it for complete healing of my prostatitis but the other main use of this is to increase libido.

Author:  eadk [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Hey Chavalote,

I did some research and I think I found some information that might be useful to you. You said that you're not sure whether the weak orgasms, decreased libido and other sexual symptoms is from the anxiolytic or from the prostatitis, right? I've found some information on the anxiolytics. The anxiolytic that you took, is it a benzodiazepine? The reason I ask this is because it is possible that benzodiazepines can cause your immune system to become weaker while you're on it and probably during withdrawals too. If your immune system is weaker from the drug, then if any bacteria gets into your body, your immune system isn't able to fight off the bacteria well, which means that any bacteria that entered has an increased chance of traveling to certain parts of your body, like the prostate for example. Here's the link to the website where they did a study on the effects of benzodiazepine drugs on the immune system of mice. ... tem-101612

I don't know how much clinical relevance there is to this, but it kind of makes sense. You said that you noticed your sexual dysfunction after you were on the anxiolytics. You even thought that the anxiolytics were the direct cause of your sexual dysfunction. I remember you said you have been off anxiolytics for a long time yet your sexual dysfunction symptoms is still there. Could it be possible that the anxiolytics made your immune system weaker, maybe during the period when you were taking it or maybe after you got off of it? (during withdrawals). And during that period maybe your body was more vulnerable to infections since your immune system is weaker. And then when you got off the anxiolytic, your immune system returned to normal but by that time any infection that you got already moved to the prostate? So in other words, the anxiolytics might have been an indirect cause of your prostatitis. Since you been off of the anxiolytics for a long time now, it makes it likely that your prostatitis is the reason for your sexual dysfunction.

This is only a guess based on what I read online about benzos and the immune system. I'm not a doctor, but I think you should look into this more. Maybe ask your doctor about this and see what he or she thinks about anxiolytics making the immune system weaker. You said you only noticed the sexual dysfunction symptoms after doing the anxiolytics, not before right? And you don't know when you got prostatitis. Did you notice prostatitis symptoms before or after starting the anxiolytics? If it's after then it makes a lot of sense.

Author:  Chavalote [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

The low libido, erections difficult to reach and maintain, difficulties to reach an orgasm and weak orgasms thing is something that surely I hadn't suffered before taking those drugs. I don't know if they were benzodiazepines. I can't even remember all the stuff that I took because the psychiatrist changed it several times. I was living in Japan that time so the drug names were different also. I remember to have taken lexotan (lexatin here in Spain) for several months and also sulpiride. I have checked the list of benzodiazepines on Wikipedia and none of then were. The other drugs I only took for maybe a few days only.

When I started this journey going to doctors I didn't know nothing about prostatitis. Since the symptoms were very similar to what I felt during the medication I thought that those drugs have left something unbalanced in my body. But when I talked to doctors about that and I said that I had left the drugs years ago (I think that it was like 2 years ago at that time) they didn't take me seriously and say something like "it's impossible because the drugs can't be in your blood now". But I have read even in the Wikipedia, a site known to be faithful to the mainstream narrative, that some of those symptoms could last years after leaving the drugs or even be permanent if not treated. That is why I tested the bupropion which is known to revert that. So, I still doubt if the prostatitis was caused by those drugs, or there are two problems in my case, chronic prostatitis and low libido that still remains, caused by those drugs.

The problem with talking about stuff you read on the internet to doctors, at least here in Spain, is that when you say "I have read on the internet that..." they laugh at you and answer things like "don't read stuff on the internet, don't think too much, you are getting obsessed with this and that makes it worsen..." or "all the stuff about medicine on the internet is BS", etc... No matter if you say that you read it on a scientific paper, they think that they are the ones who know more and you the idiot that is being lied reading stupidities on the internet. So, if I tell a doctor that I'm with those symptoms after leaving the drugs 7 years ago they will treat me like a fool, and if I say "hey, I have read that in many cases it can last so long or be permanent" they will laugh more. That leaves me helpless. It really makes me angry. They can't explain what in the hell is happening in my body and if I search for answers by myself they laugh at me.

My experience with doctors has been awful, indeed. No empathy.

But when I was taking the bupropion I had two days of improvement in orgasms, the libido also improved a little, like I explained in previous posts above. So I wondered why is that? I mean, is this a muscle spam problem and the bupropion released it? How can that explain having erotic dreams and arousing during the sleep? If it's a bacterial infection how is that? Too many questions and no one doctor or scientific paper who can answer them. That is why I have lost my faith in science. They can't answer nothing about my health problems and they laugh at me because I question anything. That is not a scientific attitude, it's dogmatic. This is bringing me a lot of anxiety because I don't know who I can ask those questions, who can help me, because I have researched a lot on the internet and I can't find them by myself. If the scientists don't research about it no matter how much you search, you'll never find a single paper about it.

If it's the psychiatric drugs that brought me here it's more upsetting because they caused this problem and now they pretend that I'm making it up, that there is nothing wrong with my body, that there is "all in my head". Imagine that there are a lot of people in my same situation telling that to the doctors and they say the same thing. They will never research about it and never find the way to restore the libido in the affected people. It makes me very angry.

But yes, I didn't have any erection, orgasms, libido problems before taking psychiatric drugs, which is something that now I'm regretting a lot.

Surely, there are prostatitis symptoms, that zone is congested and feels burning, but maybe that wouldn't have started if I had never taken those drugs.

Yesterday, in the pelvic floor physiotherapy session the muscles of that zone hurted when pressed. Surely, they are affected but how that matches with the mental low libido and the erotic dream while taking the bupropion is a mistery to me. I mean, muscle spams in the pelvic floor could explain erection problems, even weak orgasms, but low libido?

Author:  Chavalote [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??


I have checked about ashwagandha and, like other herbs known to boost libido, they talk about testosterone. I have checked my testosterone several times and it's always normal, even sometimes it had appeared high (110% one time!) which makes my low libido more weird. I guess that in my case, low libido is caused by some neurotransmitters unbalance and a chronic prostatitis. That is why I ask people talking about low libido if they have took any psychiatric drugs in the past because maybe it's related. Anyway, even if it's a chronic prostatitis what is causing this, I don't think that some herbs which help with testosterone levels would help. They say the same thing about maca and it didn't do anything for my libido, sadly. I think that in my case it's more related to dopamine/serotonin unbalances. Who knows if that unbalance could mess with the prostate health also.

I forgot to mention that I improved my libido and orgasms with licorice pills, those used to relieve pharyngitis, but I'm not sure because some days it seems that they are helpful, other days I took like 10 to check it and it were no improvements. Also, the day that I tested the 10 pills thing it was another brand so maybe that it wasn't exactly the same components.

I have also tested an antihistamine called cyproheptadine which is said to affect the dopamine similarly to bupropion but unfortunately it didn't work.

But I think that in cases like mine, or maybe also eadk's or CHIP's, what is making our libido low and causing non-pleasurable orgasms are the neurotransmitters rather than testosterone. How that relates to prostate problems? I don't know.

Author:  eadk [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Lexotan is a benzodiazepine. The other name for lexotan is Bromazepam. Lexotan is just the trade name but they are the same. Here's a screenshot of a quick google search I did.

Benzodiazpines can make the immune system weaker from what I read on the other study. In my opinion, I don't think the sexual dysfunction is caused directly by the lexotan. You're saying you think the lexotan drug changed something in your body which might be why you have the sexual dysfunction symptoms right? I think it's the lexotan that made your immune system weak which made you vulnerable to infections, and the infection ended up in your prostate which means the sexual dysfunction symptoms you experience is from the prostatitis and not the lexotan. In other words, the lexotan could of made your immune system weak, and then as a result of the weakened immune system you have a higher chance of developing prostatitis (since any bacteria that enters your body can travel to the prostate if your immunity is low), and then you develop prostatitis and you notice sexual dysfunction symptoms such as weak orgasm and low libido, but you didn't even know you had developed prostatitis since you said that you don't know when you developed it, so you mistaken the weak orgasm and low libido symptoms as a direct result of taking the lexotan and thought that the lexotan made something unbalanced in your body or changed something in your body, when really it could of been the prostatitis that is causing the sexual dysfunction symptoms but at the time you didn't think it was prostatitis because you didn't know you even had prostatitis so you just thought it was the lexotan that was causing it.

This is my guess, it may be right or wrong, i'm not a doctor like I said before but i'm just trying to put all of the information that you told me together. Here's what you already told me. You said you are not sure if it's the anxiolytics or the prostatitis that is causing your sexual dysfunction but you think it could be either. The anxiolytic you took is called lexotan, which IS a benzodiazepine from what I searched up. Benzodiazepines are known to weaken the immune system, from the study I mentioned earlier. Weakened immune system means your white blood cells and body isn't able to fight off bacteria well, so bacteria, if it gets in your body, can likely survive from your immune system attacking it and travel to other parts of your body like the prostate, you can double check this info with your doctor. And then you develop prostatitis, and you said you only notice the prostatitis symptoms ONLY after taking the anxiolytic/lexotan, never before. You said you don't know when you developed prostatitis which probably means that you didn't know you had prostatitis when it first developed. Since you probably didn't know you had prostatitis when it first developed, as a result you thought that it was the lexotan that unbalanced something in your body which is why you have the sexual dysfunction symptoms and that it's not the prostatitis that is causing it. But your doctor said that the lexotan can't do that, and you been off of it for a long time now. Any damages done to your body from the lexotan should of been gone by now. You said you read something on Wikipedia that said the drug could leave something unbalanced in your body for years or even become permanent, but I think Wikipedia is not the best source. So you took the Bupriopion since you read that it could reverse the negative effects of lexotan. But it only helped for two days. If the bupriprion is known to reverse the negative effects of lexotan and to improve sex drive in general, then shouldn't it have worked for you longer than 2 days? Bupripion is known to improve sex drive in the general population so it should of worked for you like how it works for other healthy people who take it to increase libido. Since it stopped working for you, do you think there is another underlying cause for your low libido and sexual prostatitis maybe? Bupriopion, like other supplements that increase libido, should work for people who are healthy in general. If there is an underyling cause for their low libido and sexual dysfunction (in this case prostatitis), then taking bupriopion is like putting a bandage on a wound, instead of healing the wound with alcohol. You have to treat the underlying cause.

And now take all of that information above, and add it to the fact that you and I both suffer from almost the exact symptoms. I've told you that my symptoms improve when my prostate improves (from prostate massage). The fact that the color of your semen improves when your orgasms improves and the fact that it's the same for me. The fact that you and I both have chronic bacterial prostatitis and we both have been experiencing these symptoms for years and years now. The fact that you said you noticed the inflammation is related to the weak orgasms and low libido. Put all of this information together and it just makes me think that it's mainly prostatis causing all of this. I could be terribly wrong though, and there could be some other underlying cause for your sexual dysfunction symptoms besides prostatitis, but I'm willing to bet that it's the prostatitis from everything that you told me already.

I'm saying all of this to try and convince you that it's not the lexotan that directly caused these symptoms. I think it's the lexotan that made it more likely for you to develop prostatitis, and that the prostatitis is to blame. So in a way, it's the lexotan that indirectly caused this, and the direct cause is prostatitis.

The pelvic floor physio therapy helps with some sexual functions because there are muscles that surround your prostate. The pelvic floor therapy helps these muscles around your prostate become normal again. If these muscles are misaligned, it could affect the prostate physically which could affect the health of the prostate and then affect sexual functions. Prostate health is linked to sexual health and you could read about this online and do your own research about it. There's a lot of information about it. Anyways, I hope some of the information I posted helps you in some way. I know how hard it is to live with these symptoms. There have been so many days and nights where I get depressed and just wonder how am I able to endure this. You're right, this problem doesn't seem like a big deal on the surface, but when you actually experience it, it actually makes living life hell. A hell that has been going on for 6 years now. The days before I got this disease seems like the best days ever, compared to the days I'm living now. For me, these symptoms makes other activities less enjoyable. If you can't have normal sexual functions then that's all it's always going to be running in the back of your mind which takes the joy away from doing other activities. I used to think like this but now I learn how to enjoy doing other activities despite my decreased sexual function. Some people won't take these symptoms seriously because they think it' not that big of a deal but those people are only saying that because they don't know what it's like. Just know that you're not alone in this and that I'm experiencing the same symptoms you are and going through similar things that you're going through, but I think there is hope.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

The drug that caused more low libido and weak orgasms was not the lexotan but the sulpiride. That drug messes with the neurotransmitters and hormones and it raises the prolactin, which is known to mess with the orgasms because when we ejaculate it what causes the refractory period.

What you are saying makes sense and maybe in my case a lot of causes are involved. Clearly I do have a prostate problem but I also suspect that my neurotransmitters are out of balance. I don't know if the prostate is like a "second sexual brain" and how it affects the neurotransmitters but I find weird that an inflamed or infected prostate can actually lower your ability to think something sexual or watch some sexy images or videos and get aroused. When taking the bupropion I could remember that fast heart beat and the nerves you feel when sexually aroused which I had forgotten long time ago. I think that it didn't work for too long because you need to take it for a long time to get results, maybe those two days were something weird. But I couldn't test it well because I had to stop it. Anyway, I know that it's what you say, it's a bandage and not the solution but I really miss my normal libido so much that I wanted to see if something helped, at least while I look for the real cure.

In fact, I have done several times an experiment. I pick one image which I find sexualy arousing and when I look at it trying to fantasize and so on I can't get aroused, it's like watching a non-sexual image. When I get improvements, like with the bupropion, the same image affects me differently and I feel like aroused and more likely to feel something like sexual "morbidity", what is said in slang "getting horny". I would compare it to an antenna with interferences. You receive the same signal but sometimes there are more interferences than others. The same image or video, or whatever can make me "horny" or not. Sometimes only a bit, sometimes like 50%...

I know that the prostate and the sexual health are related but also to the mind? I mean, also to the ability of "getting horny"? That's why I thought that there must be something else, like unbalanced neurotransmitters.

Anyway, we have been told a lot of times the mechanistic model of science where the brain is all that matters in all mental stuff and maybe that the prostate also can influence your sexual thoughts and feelings. I don't know if there are any studies talking about that. I haven't found one yet.

With the PT massages I haven't experienced yet any improvements in libido or orgasms. I would like to try the prostate drainage and see if I improve libido and orgasms like you said you experienced. That would give me a good clue. If the prostate can make you "horny" it would be interesting, because that ends the simplistic view of the brain managing all the mental responses. And also that would be good for me because it means that I haven't nothing unbalanced due to those drugs I took in the past.

Author:  chris85 [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Just because some people (scientists) have a theory that ashwagandha increases testosterone by studying some mouse somewhere, doesn't mean it does work this way in humans or especially this way only. Herbs are a lot more complex than drugs and they often work through many different molecular mechanisms. Our scientific understanding of them is almost always poor. Herbalists think ashwagandha has a balancing effect on many systems of the body, including reproductive. I think it can do some balancing in a way drugs could never do, that is a personal belief.

He shou wu is a Chinese herb used for sexual issues in men and also longevity and other health problems. It could help, but it needs to be properly processed by stewing in black bean soup to be safe and effective. Several companies are just selling poor quality unprocessed he shou wu just to make money. I prefer tinctures, but you could probably get some good capsules. I normally give it 2 months to evaluate efficiency then try some other herb/s.

These two herbs are two of a small number of adaptogens that we think help male reproductive health as well as doing other stuff. The others are; shatavari, ginseng (asian/ korean), and shilajit. Maca is not an adaptogen, I don't know much about it, but just because that didn't help doesn't mean something else won't help.

Author:  eadk [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

This whole time I thought you thought that the cause of your weak orgasms and low libido were the anxiolytics, since I read about it on the first post of your other thread. I thought that you thought that lexotan was the reason for your imbalance in neurotransmitters and sexual dysfunction. For the sulpiride, I'm not sure.

But either way, you took the lexotan, and then afterwards you developed sexual dysfunction symptoms. So it could still be that the lexotan weakened your immunity and then you developed prostatitis and the prostatitis made your orgasms bad. The sulpiride could have contributed to your symptoms too since it's an SSRI, and SSRI's are known to affect sexual functions negatively but I think that after being off an SSRI for a while any side effects should leave too??

So you think that it's both a prostate problem and a imbalance of neurotransmitter? Even if your neurotransmitters are imbalanced whether it's caused by the lexotan or the sulpiride, I don't think it should cause that much of a decline in your sexual functions. It could be a combination of the imbalance of neurotransmitters and prostatitis causing the sexual dysfunction, but I think it's mostly the prostatitis. I really think that if you treat the prostatitis and improve the health of the prostate, the sexual functions should improve a lot, even if there is an imbalance in neurotransmitters.

And men with prostate cancer who gets their prostate removed, their orgasms, libido and sexual functions become negatively affected. Some of them who have it removed can't even achieve orgasm sometimes. That's why doctors give those patients an option of sparing the nerves on their prostate (either the left side, right side, or both sides). You can look this up. Don't get me wrong,I think orgasms do come from the mind too, but it also comes from the prostate. Both of them are linked. You know how they say women have "G-spots"? Pretty sure you heard that term before. They say that for men, the male G-spot is the prostate.

Yeah the only way to know this for sure is to get a prostate massage and see if it helps. Sometimes the urologist would only massage the prostate for a little bit just to get a tiny amount of prostate fluid, so sometimes the prostate massage session won't be long enough to drain most of the fluid out of the prostate. But even if the urologist were to get only 3-4 drops out, I think that should be enough to improve the symptoms and allow you to see whether prostate massage is effective.

Author:  regularjoe [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

If I had low libido with no obvious cause, I would get my hormone levels checked. There is a huge correlation between low libido and low T.

I would seek out a hormone specialist (like a Men's Health Clinic, or Low T Clinic) or something similar, because a regular GP may not know what to test for. A full hormone panel will be a lot more than just Testosterone. It will include DHEA-S, Estradiol (E2), Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone and possibly other things, too.

There is a very high chance a low sex drive is caused by a sex hormone imbalance, so rule this out first. If your levels seem ok, then move on to something less obvious.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

RegularJoe, I already did it several times and it was all normal, even the testosterone quite high. So, the doctors thought that it was "all in my head". It's a very widespread misunderstanding to think that low libido = hormonal unbalances, there are more causes.

I think that they should research deeply the correlations between prostate and libido. People usually couldn't think that a guy with 110% of testosterone can have the libido so low and suffer from anhedonia and weak orgasms but it's my case.

Author:  regularjoe [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

Hey Chavalote,
I wasn't specifically addressing you, but rather (trying to) add some value to this thread. I am confident that when there is no obvious cause for low libido, a hormone issue is the most likely culprit. But I re-read this thread, and see that you had your hormones tested; or at least your testosterone. (But perhaps someone else may see some value in what I offered?) :)

Now, regarding you personally, you mentioned that your Testosterone was normal and one time even high. Was this Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, or something else? And what was the range and your score? Free testosterone is a much better indicator than Total, yet your average GP is unlikely to test for it.

Also, what was your estradiol? If it is too high or too low that can kill libido, too.

Have you ever taken steroids, or used hair restoration products (like Propecia)?

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What increases your libido??

I think that this thread would be helpful for people with low libido caused by prostatitis, which obviously it's a different cause that we can't grasp exactly yet.

I don't want to make this thread about me so if you want to know about the details of my case read my first post here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1292&start=0

But the hormones tests in my case were all ok.

I would swear that if we can find something that restores libido for my case propably it will work also for eadk or CHIP, because the causes seems to be similar and related to prostate issues.

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