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 Feeling like there is no hope 
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Post Feeling like there is no hope
It's been 3 months now. Unless I'm constantly drinking tons of water, I'm in agony. It feels like there is a sore knot in my lower bladder/prostate region infected with the flu. My quality of life has gone straight down the toilet. I've been to a bunch of different doctors and urologists. Nothing. Now I'm looking at traveling out of state. I'm 2 months behind at work. Bills are mounting. And I'm in constant pain/discomfort at 35. Sure feels like this is it for me. Currently, my only efforts are lots of water, qucertin/bromelin, solarays prostate sp-16 blend, and fish oil. I've got another uro appointment in 3.5 weeks if I can make it that long. Then depending on that one, time to start looking elsewhere. I just want to be better, this is a miserable condition.

Tue May 08, 2012 2:15 pm

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
Your not alone buddy. Im suffering every night. hang in there.gapapentin is the only thing that helps me get 4hrs every night. But everyone is different. good luck.

Tue May 08, 2012 7:00 pm

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
For over 25 years I have struggled on and off with chronic prostate/bladder issues. But I finally found my answer and it amazed me! The prostate pain and the urgency to urinate etc. was coming from repeated stretch injury to the pudendal nerve that innerves the prostate and bladder. This injury occurs everytime we sit on a toilet to have a bowel movement. When I started squatting down to have a bowel movement I started to feel better. This is the natural position in which to defecate. When the thighs come up to the abdomen in a squatting position, the proper pressure is created to allow the waste to be expelled without straining and damaging the pudendal nerve in the pelvic floor. I squat in the bathtub and throw the poop in the toilet. It takes a bit of work but the results are life changing! No more chronic nonbacterial prostatitis! It's basically a nerve injury causing referred pain to the prostate and bladder through improper defecation posture. In the seated position the rectum and colon do not line up properly and the straining down on the pelvic floor stretchs these delicate nerves that get injured and start sending pain signals from otherwise healthy organs(ie. bladder,prostate) I also noticed I would get the same irritating prostate/bladder discomfort after lifting weights especially standing bicep curls. Now I am very careful never to strain or bear down in my abdomen and my chronic discomforts have disappeared.
Also diet and sleep are hugely important. I am now a vegan. I used to eat meat, lots of dairy, drank alcohol, coffee, and processed foods. Not anymore. No more meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, processed food. Only eat fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, water.
Also watch out for sleep apnea(UARS- upper airway resistance syndrome). If you don't sleep well and breath well through your nose at night this will sabatoge all your other efforts to get well. I went for a sleep study and found i had sleep apnea and now treat it will a CPAP machine and breath-rite strips. What a difference a well oxygenated night's sleep will make on your overall health. I used to get adrenaline surges during the day especially in uncomfortable situations that caused me to have an anxious bladder and want to urinate all the time. But now that I get great sleep with my CPAP machine, I do not feel as anxious and hyper and unable to concentrate during the day and my bladder and blood pressure are better now. I actually do not take anymore high blood pressure medications anymore and all my kidney issues cleared up as a result of finding and treating my sleep apnea that I had for a long time without realizing what was wrong. So after 25 years, I am medication and pain free. Also, don’t overuse your prostate…twice a week is my limit. I find it’s good to give it a rest and time to recharge.
I hope this helps someone out there! I am sympathetic to your pain. It used to get me down and I would think about it all the time when the discomfort would go away! Let me know what you think and if anyone else out there has had similar success! Never give up trying!

Fri May 25, 2012 11:40 am

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
Suffered prostatitis from Sept 2011 - up until March 2012. Every symptom, all the agony, the depression. I would come home everyday from work and just cry like a little .... cuz I was so hopeless. I'm 29 years old. I contemplated suicide so many times. My family was helpless to aid me. I spent a fortune on supplements and acupuncture (which did jack ....). My pain and symptoms came in waves and went through stages.

Prostate pain
Leg pain
Horrible testicle pain and twinges
Weeks later bladder pain

6 months It took to get rid of it. I now have a girlfriend and I can have sex again without pain. It is amazing how much you will appreciate life when this ordeal is over. The key elements I can say helped me.

- daily hot sitz baths
- prostate massages ( yes it's necessary, I too was horrified at sticking something up my ass) ie Aneros
- light stretches and massage to get blood flow to pelvis
- supplements
- Vicodin helped me endure during work. I would suggest a painkiller for sanity sake.
- No acidic anything. no cranberry .... people talk about, you will screw up your bladder worse.

The basic and most important thing here is you need to release your semen and get blood flow to the prostate WITHOUT ejaculating and make the prostate vigorously contract. Prostate massage is difficult for a lot of people. Used Aneros for so long, never was able to milk it. My method is easier.

Buy a small massager, massage your penis till you are aroused. When you feel you are about to ejeculate just touch and go lightly. You have the resist the urge to fully release. It's as if you have to tease it and pull away at the last second and you will expel semen with out the vigorous contraction. 6 - 8 hours later it will be sore cuz it will swell with blood.

When I first had my symptoms I didn't have sex or masturbate for almost two months. A personal record. During that time I did more damage than good im feel, cuz my semen filled prostate was inflammed and that caused the surrounding regions to do so as well.

I hope this info helps you. I kid you not I was on the edge of sanity with this condition. I thought I was never gonna find a girl again, and even if I did, I thought I'd be so depressed I'd never be able to live like I once did.

I know it's a dark place, measure your progress in weeks. I read all this stuff about suffering for over a decade and man did that .... with my head. 6 months it took me cuz I took action. It will get better, I promise. The body heals itself but its gonna take work on your part.

-E ... -pain.html

Great site for other info and methods

Message me if you want any more advice.

Sat May 26, 2012 2:06 pm

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
i ordered a percussive deep tissue massager. i'm going to give that a whirl.

Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:39 am

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
Yeah good. Massage your taint and anus area. Get that whole area vibrating, drink a glass of cold water afterwards, urinate and expell the toxins shaken loose, take a hot shower, light stretch then go to sleep.

Like many other sufferers have noticed as did I, it will get worse, before it gets better.

Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:20 pm

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Post Re: Feeling like there is no hope
Hang in there buddy at the moment i feel like the doctors surgery in my new home even when i phone up the receptionist reconize me by my voice before i say my name

Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:21 pm
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