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 Hospital visit has me confused - possible prostatitis 
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Post Hospital visit has me confused - possible prostatitis
I would like to apologize beforehand for any misunderstandings or lack of knowledge I might have in this post. I have researched a lot about prostatitis when this all began but there is also a lot I'd like to hear firsthand from actual forum users rather than doing more online research because at this point it has left me more confused and unsure than anything.

I am 20 years old and about a week ago after masturbating I had a very uncomfortable feeling in my penis that I am far from unfamiliar with. As a teenager I would get this sensation plenty and it usually related to masturbating or urinating. It was a sensation that would leave me feeling like I couldn't get my urine completely drained and just made my penis feel irritated and unpleasant in general. It was never severe pain or intense burning but usually a really distracting and uncomfortable sensation throughout my penis, usually coming from the tip. The pain and discomfort varied in cases but I never had any crippling instances of this. Every time this would happen in the past, it would clear up as soon as I took my mind off it and stay cleared indefinitely but this time it would not go away and the burning sensation was a bit more noticeable. The tip was red and irritated and I was unsure what to do. By the second or third day, I can't sleep and am awake that morning with sudden chills, soreness, and fever symptoms. At that point I assume that I have an actual infection and prepare to go to the hospital the next day.

I started taking AVO and drinking a lot of water in the meantime. My bladder felt very out of wack this entire time. Water either passed through me and made me have to urinate A LOT or my bladder felt tight and I couldn't get anything out. Passing fluids through me and taking medicine seemed to temporarily help but the sensation would usually return AFTER I urinated.

By the fourth day I go to the hospital thinking that I definitely have a bladder infection and get an entire cast of female doctors/nurses who are absolutely shocked to hear that I thought I had a UTI and was taking AVO. I had looked it up beforehand and knew it was uncommon for younger males but they used terms like "EXTREMELY rare" and dismissed the possibility pretty fast, which only made me more nervous.

While taking my blood pressure, they asked me if I was sexually active and what my symptoms were and during this, one of the nurses said something like "his heart-rate went up when he told that story... are you telling the truth?" and then I realized they thought I had chlamydiae and was lying to them because my mother was with me at the hospital. I assured them that I was NOT sexually active which is 100% true, there is no possible way I could have a sexually transmitted disease, but they still seemed hesitant to believe me.

Eventually I was taken back to a room, gave them a piss sample, got my bloodwork done, received an IV, had my bladder scanned with some gel, then awaited results. They were going to give me a CAT scan but changed their minds. The doctor returned and told me that I did in fact have a bladder infection and was retaining some urine. She still seems kind of shocked that I got a UTI for little to no reason (the only thing I can think of is my habits of not urinating after I masturbate or occasionally holding my bladder or taking baths, none of which struck me as all that serious) but she gave me antibiotics anyways and told me that I was to see a specialist who said he wasn't surprised to hear my symptoms and said I probably had prostatitis.

This is obviously where my concern and research about prostatitis began but reading about it has only left me more and more confused and unsure. I don't know what prostatitis is supposed to feel like and my matching symptoms are at a minimum. I want to decide if this is something I have had symptoms for in the past but I am not really sure what to look for. Besides the distracting sensation in my penis and uncomfortable feeling after urinating, the only other symptoms I experienced from this whole fiasco was soreness (somewhat in my tailbone) for a very brief time, slight abominable pain (almost felt like I was bloating), tightened pelvis, and my sick, feverish symptoms I mentioned before. Oh, and I've had testicle aching on and off in the past but I presume that could be from many things. I feel like they may be more sensitive during this time but it is hard to say exactly why. I am not sure what prostate or bladder pain is supposed to feel like so I am having trouble understanding if I have any real chance of prostatitis.

I am on my antibiotics now and although I think it is clearing up some symptoms, I still feel the same distracting sensation in my penis on and off and it worsens after I urinate and lingers for long periods. Sometimes it is still fully burning and my tip is still somewhat red. I also noticed that my UTI antibiotic, doxycycline, was one of the least common used and meant to treat chlamydiae so I am curious if the hospital staff STILL didn't believe me when I said I didn't have sex and are not treating me right.

Obviously I have not seen this specialist yet, I am doing that Monday, so a lot of this would be speculation but it is hard to sit here in discomfort with the possibility of having this and not understanding what, why, or how and I am looking for some possible explanations.

I know my story might be cluttered and there is a possibility that I am anxious and focusing way too much on minor things but I would still like to know what I should be looking for, if I truly have prostatitis. What is some of the most noticeable, distinct things to look for? How likely do you think I am to have it after reading my story? Do you think it's likely I have something else instead from what I described? Do you know what? Any experiences? And most importantly, what do you think I should do? (besides seeing my specialist, of course)

Thank you for reading and any reply to this would be helpful in some way, I'm sure.

Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:02 am

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Post Re: Hospital visit has me confused - possible prostatitis
Does it feel like there is something like a golf ball in your pelvis?

If so , that golf ball feeling is actually your inflamed sore prostate.

For me , that would be the best way for you to judge if you have Prostatiis or some UTI or bladder infection.

I don't believe you would have this feeling for conditions other than Prostatiis.

Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:15 pm
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