physical therapy and results
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Author:  presto423 [ Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  physical therapy and results

I've gone to physical therapy for almost a few months now, and need to ask a few questions. I go twice per week usually, and each session involves myofascial release in the pelvic area, lower abs, and upper legs (no groin or internal), stretching pelvic muscles and legs, several strengthening exercises, and either an exercise machine (recumbent bike before, but now a sit-down elliptical) or a TENS unit electrical stimulation (around 10 minutes). I was getting increased pain after using the bike, so I asked to switch to the sit-down elliptical, which isn't as bad as the bike on perineum and prostate swelling and pain, but I think still has a negative effect. One of my questions is: has anyone experienced worsening of pain and/or symptoms while or after using an aerobic exercise machine? If so, did you do anything to adjust so that it didn't worsen pain and prostatitis problems?

Another question I have is: does anyone know if or think that inflammation would be exascerbated by leg motion exercises using a stretch band (standing and moving foot back and a separate exercise moving foot to side with stretch band around ankle)? I've done these for near two months and I notice I'm getting stronger in legs and lower back, but have had recurring prostatic pain that had diminished by around 30-50% a few weeks into therapy sessions.

One more question is: why is my iliopsoas muscle and associated fascia tight almost every time I get myofascial release? It's like it hasn't loosened at all or returns to its pre-release state each week, and even from one session to the next in the same week, despite that I experience a release almost every time.

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