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 Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em! 
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Post IBS and Prostatitis
I’ve had IBS and Prostatitis symptoms off and on most of my adult life. However over this last year my Prostatitis symptoms became an everyday constant problem. Over the last year I’ve taken 3 different antibiotics, flowmax, off and on with no lasting relief. In addition I’ve tried 8 different supplements to help manage my symptoms but still no “cure”. While searching the web I ran across a study pointing to relationship between our gut and the prostate. Please read the study yourself as it is easily accessible. The recommendation was to get the gut healthy and that in turn would improve my Prostatitis. I told my urologist about what I had read and he sent me to a Gastroenterologist. I was percribed a combination of Rifaximin and a probiotic VSL#3 for a 2 week period. After a few days I gradually got better. 1 week after the 2 week course my symptoms were gone. It’s been about a month now with no symptoms. Keeping my fingers crossed! So far so good!

Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:51 am

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
If you have ruled out bacterial and viral causes, I may have an answer. At least for me it was.

I had it for about 2 years, tried everything, couldn't get rid of it. All of the symptoms: Pain at the tiip of my penis, in the perineum, frequent, frequent urination, a feeling of "golf ball" in the rectum. It started when I had a moment of extreme stress that precipitated the first flare up, then all kinds of meds and therapies didn't work. I read "Headache of the Pelvis" and, for me, it all came together for me. I went to a seminar in NYC with about 30 other sufferers and most seemed to have some sort of stress or anxiety trigger, similar to yours. I used stretching of the perineum, a kind PT worked on Rectal Pressure points, and with much better stress management it slowly subsided and went away after about 4 months. I have been virtually free from pain for 8 years, and although I occasionally get the pressure in the rectum (like a golf ball), which was associated with all of the other symptoms, I haven't had a flare-up. It's like a hard knot in your neck, except down there. Also, too many orgasms in a short time frame will bring it on, which is funny since my one urologist actually wrote of a prescription pad "Orgasm 2-4 times daily" to get "it" out. OK, that didn't help, but I did what I was told!

Anyway, hang in there guys, you will get rid of this!! Read that book if you have tried the other stuff. Good luck!


Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:01 am

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Post Re: Success Stories | Repeated Success with some caveat
Guys, I have been suffering from Prostatitis symptoms for probably ten years now on and off. Two years ago it started to get worse and more prolonged and I went to see the quacks who indeed confirmed the diagnosis. "Not much you can do..." was their response - that was a costly comment.
Before I come to the solution I think I want to mention a bit about my perceived causes, that is
a) stress or psychological reasons (e.g. crap relationships or crap job etc.)
b) poor food quality or abominations sold and consumed as food, sugar and wheat overdose, acidosis
c) a combination of the above

Now to "a" not "the" definite solution. A solution that has worked for me, repeatably. About two years ago I got intrigued by a book by the now famous Dr. Gundry, a former cardiac surgeon who has done lots of research on food and also auto immune disease. Now you may say oh no, Dr. G again! (He acts like some likable clown (utube) and due to his clever marketing he has taken a lot of flak so he attracted a fair share of haters who try to debunk him but also 1000s of people who swear by his methods).
Now I am not fat and never felt I needed a diet but reading his book, the Plant Paradox, I judged that the dear Dr. G is probably on to something just like Dr. Young who wrote the miracle pH diet who was equally hated. (There is a lot of hating on the Internet especially of people with little practical experience and simply opinions.) My wife, suffering from other health problems was also receptive, we have had enough of the folks in white coats with pill-advice, and here in the UK the health care is generally sub-standard. So reluctantly we decided to give Dr. G a try.
And within 10 days my symptoms disappeared. We lasted a good 6 months on the first diet (it's hard) and gradually reverted to normal food (we don't eat bad stuff generally, but what is always bad is sugar/wheat and excess meat consumption.) Eventually earlier this year my symptoms returned with a vengeance, a bit more severe and really bringing my mood down, making daily life a misery.
Both of us decided in May to go back to Dr. G's kind of revolting foods because it appeared to be the only actual "cure". Again the symptoms were gone within about 10 days but then I had a relapse for about 5 days (not sure why) which was very demoralising. Then that disappeared again and I am symptom free again, thankfully. Also my wife's issues are mostly gone!
Now, the diet has removed the symptoms without medicine, the cause - it can probably change only for about 50%, see comments above. So change your life style.

Now, doing this diet regime is perhaps an easy decision but not easy in practise.
You need to be committed. You need to be well prepared, buy the ingredients well ahead of time. Get a partner to support and moan to. You need to be psychologically prepared, the food can be plain ugly, tastes revolting and hence you will feel very deprived seeing your friends eat "real" food. You will feel hungry like you want to kill. Especially the cleanse made me so tired it was downright dangerous. Instead of a few days it took me weeks to feel normal again. (Take holidays) You will feel daily hunger pains, he says you can eat more but will you really want to? If you like good food and good tastes this will be terribly hard to follow through. He mentioned interesting comments on junk foods and cravings and that they would go away. He was right the craving went but not the desire to eat a hamburger :) once in a while.
Despite what he claims about the yummyness of the food, my verdict is generally that it is often revolting and hard to get down. Especially in the beginning. If you fancy green sludge (smoothies) or drinks or food tasting like pulped cardboard solution this is OK. Grey pancakes, unpleasant smells in the kitchen or cabbage and kale smell in the house is normal. Food is a social and often joyful experience, this will end with this diet. You need to thoroughly re-frame yourself.
Also some ingredients like flax seeds are likely to be off or rancid. Purity of ingredients is of essence. Probably very difficult in the USA. Especially when it comes to meat.
Eventually when taking care you can re-introduce more common ingredients but you will have to accept that what we generally accept as "food" in modern society is actually not fit for human consumption and just aligned with our screwed psychology.
So if the pain in the bum is bigger than the pain from deprivation, give Dr. G a try, but you have been warned!

Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:39 pm

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
Hey all, wanted to detail my story in case it provides hope for people with pain they fear will last forever.

For me the pain started out of nowhere one morning in 2016. I was 27 at the time. It felt like a fish hook lodged in the tip of my penis. It went mostly unabated for 9 months, during which time I believed it to be permanent and incurable. I was struggling to focus through the pain, I considered my productive life over.

I saw maybe a dozen urologists all of whom essentially shrugged and gave me antibiotics. The doxycycline actually helped the pain, but it came back after the course was finished.

Acupuncture provided temporary relief, I began exercising and I adopted a rigorous healthy diet of mostly steamed vegetables, baked unseasoned cuts of meat and quinoa.

I scheduled prostate injections with Dr. Toth in NYC for $6000. I had to wait several months for his availability during which time the pain started to subside on its own. About a year after the symptoms started they were begining to lessen. I continued with the prostate injections hoping it would hasten the recovery and prevent the pain from coming back.

18 months after the initial symptoms the pain had reduced to a minor tightness. Two years in I could no longer detect any problem. I’ve been pain free with full (impressive, even) sexual function for more than two years now.

If I could go back I would probably not have done Dr. Toth’s injections. I believe the healthy living would have got me back to normal without medical intervention. That said, the injections went fine and I’ll never know if the pain would have come back otherwise.

I just want to offer that as a token of hope for anyone with symptoms that have been going on for months— you may well live again. Youre best years may still be ahead of you.

Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:48 pm

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
Pritesh wrote:
...I would prefer if this post only included the actual success story from the original poster.
Over time , some posts become quite long because of the exchanges of communication. Some of it , may be useful but alot of it is not and makes it difficult to get to the important bits of the post...
I would like to see this post to be used as a reference and for members to post a topic separately to discuss and exchange communication in more detail.

ADMIN NOTE: Let me think of how to work this.

One way to implement this would be to have a post dedicated to only brief summaries of what worked, each with a link to its own individual post for full description plus discussion.

ADMIN NOTE: Along that note, if you want to post a story, leave a brief summation and then post a longer version and I will link them.
Thank you.

Sat Jul 11, 2020 4:46 pm

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
Hi all, have not been on the site in awhile. When I put in my old info, it said "user not found". So I had to sign up again with a new name....
Anyway, wanted to pass along some updates with myself that may be of help to others...

My long story short

Diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis in the early 90s, when I was around 19. Was on and off antibiotics throughout the 90s usually Cipro. I believe my condition was brought on by straining during masturbation.

My symptoms were: The feeling that I was not emptying fully, dripping, pain in rectum. Antibiotics worked, up until a point, but never made me feel 100%.

Prostate massage at the time, performed by my doctor DID really helped me. Around 2000 I asked if there was a way I could do it myself and my doctor came up with an effective way for me to get great results with the prostate massage. It really worked, and I hardly ever needed another course of antibiotics after that. This massage kept me great for a long time. There is a specific way to do it to get results.

Fast forward to 2015. Started having issues despite massage, (there was no mucus to be pushed out of there). Symptoms were my lower abdomen felt swollen, and felt there was constant pressure on my bladder. Felt I had to pee constantly. Nobody could figure it out and I saw several doctors and had many tests done. Nothing found.

Went online and googled my symptoms and learned about "Pelvic Pain" and how pelvic floor muscles can cause all kinds of urinary issues. Never knew anything about pelvic floor muscles and how it can affect urinary pain.
Looked at videos on youtube and found a guy with a channel devoted to pelvic pain. He really helped me out big time.
There is a course out there called DCT (dynamic contraction technique) that helped him recover. The course is expensive, so he said if you can't buy that, get a book called "The Genius Of Flexibility", by Bob Cooley. It's the same style of stretching as the DCT course.
I got the book from the library and it really worked for me. I never realized or knew anything about how tight muscles, and fascia, can cause so many problems. I got results pretty fast too. I'm almost 100% back to normal and not going out of my mind with discomfort any longer thank God. Now I am starting to wonder if muscle tightness is playing a factor in my IBS issues? Anyway, that is what got me out of this Hell, well almost.... drop me a line anytime and I'll respond.... best wishes to you all out there..

Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:13 pm

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
hope4tomorrow wrote:
"The Genius Of Flexibility", by Bob Cooley

I looked on the amazon page. According to the reviews, he does not share the stretches.
Can you share what the "secret" in this book is and how his stretches, differ from well-known stretches like the "Cobra" from Yoga.

I am german. I speak german and english. If you do speak german, use german in private messages to me.
Help yourself and others:
My Prostatitis/CPPS-Blog:

Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:53 pm
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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
Whatever wrote:
hope4tomorrow wrote:
"The Genius Of Flexibility", by Bob Cooley

I looked on the amazon page. According to the reviews, he does not share the stretches.
Can you share what the "secret" in this book is and how his stretches, differ from well-known stretches like the "Cobra" from Yoga.

Hi, you can probably get the book at your local library. Mine had it. Frankly it was a "last hurrah" for me. If that didn't work, I guess I would have had to shell out the bucks and order that course and hope it would fix me. Fortunately it did work for me and I didn't have to do that.

The book is "resistance" stretches. Instead of just relaxing into a stretch position and holding it for 10 seconds or whatever, (like you would do in school gym class), you have to use your arms and legs to create resistance and "fight it". It is quite a workout and not easy. I would suggest you look it up on youtube and watch some videos. Not because I don't want to explain it, but it's easier to see it done in a video. Look up "GregHF" on youtube. He helped me. Also, there is a video by Olympic swimmer Dara Torres on resistance stretching. I got it off ebay for a few dollars, but I think it's on youtube. She worked with Bob Cooley and demonstrates many of his stretches on her own dvd.

Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:44 pm

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Post Re: Success Stories - Post 'em If You Got 'em!
Hi all - thought I'd quickly post here that I've finally pulled through and I am completely cured. Never thought the day would come either. Quick background, I had an infection, was treated (after a whole lot of issues finding it) but I had horrible lingering pain for 2 years and classic chronic prostatitis/CPPS.

Firstly despite the trauma of prostatitis, once it goes it's amazing how quick you are to forget it and the forget these forums etc. So I suspect most people who finally get better never come back to share the fact that it's very much a condition that is curable and beatable. And this is really key, we have a condition which in basically all cases gets better! We are actually lucky, it isn't a regressive disease or a terminal condition, it's just a stubborn condition but you can and WILL beat it. Great news!

So what cured it? Well it would seem time boring as it is. I saw many urologists who said pretty much "we see this condition a lot, it's usually an area in younger men that just tends to heal slowly, but we pretty much see it go away in all cases over a 2-5 year time period. it's slow but it just goes away on it's own". And that's exactly what happened.

My advice for everyone out there would be this:

- Do a full suite of tests for infections and do them twice. Make sure you test all STI's under the sun and standard bugs. PCI tests and standard urine cultures, seamen samples - just do the lot. My infection was elusive at first but I found it on a 2nd test. It's very easy to get false negatives particularly if you've just finished a course of antibiotics
- Do see a urologist once the infectious disease tests are done. Urologists aren't as clued up it seems on infections but know what to look for structurally. Get a cystoscope and let them test kidneys etc. Again you want to go through the process of ruling things out.
- Do try pelvic floor exercises and relaxation, there isn't much to lose here. it didn't work for me but it was worth a shot and gave me a way to at least try do something about the problem.
- Do consider counselling or a pelvic therapist. You need all the support you can get and it might just get your mindset to switch to "I can beat this" mode and you can start the healing process.

Things to avoid:

- I'm sure most people on here are pretty depressed about the condition. It can kind of feed on itself, you sit at home all day thinking about how miserable you are which makes things worse. Here's the good news, you are likely going to get better, just gotta stick in there. Get out there and don't be afraid to start seeing friends again and booking a holiday. It's actually part of getting yourself out of the hole. It's very much a physical ailment but don't doubt the mental hardship. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back and say "you know what I've actually had a pretty tough run here" and also think about trying to open your life up again. Try something bold like a new hobby even, trust me.
- Don't fall for far out miracle cures, doctors can give boring responses but they at the end of day have your best interests at heart. Miracle cures or lotions and potions will just waste your money.

Really all I can say is time really is the cure here and it might be 12 months if your lucky, 2 years, 3 years or more. But you will likely notice things slowly but surely improve. And then the "good periods" get more frequent....and then one day it just goes away. It's very odd but yeh that's what happened.

I hope this post was useful and best of luck.

Thanks all

Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:41 pm
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