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 Update - A positive one for once 
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Post Update - A positive one for once
Hey Everyone,

happy to say I have some improvements to report! I'm certainly not close to perfect, but this is the first time since this started where I've seen a true improvement in symptoms. Here is what I have doing the last month or so (in no particular order) - not sure if its a cumulative of all the stuff i've been doing, or if one specific thing is helping.

1.) Meditation - first thing in the morning EVERYDAY(so your mind doesn't have a chance to get wound up), and before bed (makes for an amazing sleep). I use the app "Insight Timer" which has lots of free guided meditations. Has really helped managed the stress and catastrophic thinking. I actually look forward it now. I've tried meditation before and hated it and I think alot of it was the time of day I tried to do it (usually on my lunch hour at work where I was at max agitation level). I read "painless poker" and it outlined a simple and understandable way to get started. Read it.

2.) Supplements - Q-UROL (Quercetin and Pollen) - annoyingly expensive but giving it a try for 2 months, and also a probiotic

3.) Diet - eliminated all junk, switched to a low acid and decaf coffee (which is delicious)j, staying away from red meat, moving towards a more plant-based diet slowly but surely. Have a strong feeling this is the most important thing.

4.) NUCCA Chiropractic care (look it up) - i had a client recommend this to me (i scoffed and didn't go), and then i heard about an NHL player who had a huge benefit from this treatment for a neck issue (from the exact same Chiro my client recommended). So i set up a consult and have been going twice a week for the last 6 weeks or so. Its a very gentle and strange treatment. If you have benefits, it might be worth a shot.

5.) Psychological help - this condition makes you depressed - its almost impossible to avoid. I work with a psychologist who specializes in chronic pain once a month. She's been helpful in pushing me to live as normally as possible despite the discomfort.

6.) Yoga - just started this. Restorative yoga class once a week. I've been 3 times so far. Its nice and relaxing and forces you to move your body a bit.

7.) Sex - made arrangements with an old friend with benefits to test things out. Everything went great. Minor flare up after but WORTH IT.

8.) Exercise - nothing crazy, just light walking for now.

9.) Staying off the forums and internet - as helpful as these forums can be in terms of information and sharing support, constant searching for "the cure" is pointless. If it was out there, we'd know about it. And if it's discovered, you'll find out. I used to read the forums for hours a day and it only make things worse. There is so much misinformation out there, and reading it all just creates more confusion and depression. I now check in once a week, and I will be moving to once a month moving forward.

Enjoy your month, and if anyone has any questions, PM me as I will not be monitoring this thread.

Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:16 am

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Post Re: Update - A positive one for once
Hey WS, really glad to hear some improvment your way. What did you notice? Less pain, no irritation or swelling, dribbling gone?
I am interested in the you think its worth trying? Better than prostafil?
Coffee and meat are really my only vice. I eat fairly clean but man it would be hard to give them up.
Please keep us posted..thx!!

Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:22 pm

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Post Re: Update - A positive one for once
Re: QUROL - hard to say if it does anything, or if its any better than all the other ones out there. All i know is its not cheap. Decided to get 2 months worth and take it from there.

Re: Symptoms, less pain (still pain, just less), pain not as constant, less redness at the head of the penis, less irritation with normal friction against underwear, dribbling is still there.

Ya, i have by no means eliminated meat, but just trying to eat less of it. If you want to scare the sh*t out of yourself, check out "What the Health" on netflix.

And you could also try the coffee i switched too - a lady with IC recommended it. I buy it on Amazon - brand is Puroast. Its strong and tasty. ... cid+coffee

Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:52 pm

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Post Re: Update - A positive one for once
Someone at work mentioned that netflix documentary...will check it out.
If you are cured by cutting normal coffee, i will look into it. But until you are sure, i will take my chances that it isnt the
Prostafil isnt cheap either....and cialis in 5 bucks a pill...good probiotics are also expensive.
Im guessing i spend 8 bucks a day on supplements and cialis. And the doxy is free....although, no improvements.
Keep us updated

Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:58 pm

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Post Re: Update - A positive one for once
I tried Quercetin and Rye Pollen Extract supplement for 4 months, didn't help me so I stopped.

Every person is different so I'm not discounting it, just my experience.

Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:15 pm

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Post Re: Update - A positive one for once
hey ws I'm happy to hear your doing better sounds like a good combination you have there

Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:11 am
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