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 How many guys here have been diagnosed with CP/CPPS 
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Post How many guys here have been diagnosed with CP/CPPS
Just wondered how many here believe that the doctors all diagnose this blanket term called 'chronic non bacterial prostatitis' and really have only guessed that it must be the case because of urinary issues and discomfort around your perenium and pelvis.

How many here believe its not your prostate and its a pelvis muscular issue?

Have you tried trigger point and gone and seen a PT that has experience with guys with 'prostatitis', I feel like thats why some guys have success in surgery, and some don't. Is it really your prostate, it might be, if it is then it could be warranted, but if its not (and there is a high % there of non bacterial and it seems by all the forums that there is a lot of a mixed bag around what the issue is ultimately and urologists and doctors just can not definitively know) then you are barking up the wrong tree and should be looking elsewhere to solve the pain.

Heres another question for guys, when a doctor does a DRE when he starts pressing on the prostate would an inflamed/infected prostate really feel painful and make you jump?

Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:06 pm

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Post Re: How many guys here have been diagnosed with CP/CPPS
Suffered with intermittent chronic prostatitis from around the age of 27/28 to 33 (currently I'm 34 years old). Bacteria never detected, but I would have prostate pain/discomfort, sometimes very severe, and other times not so severe but extremely cumbersome. Antibiotics only seemed to "work" during the first several cycles of "infection" - i.e., when I first started getting the what felt like infection symptoms, Cipro would "clear" them up after 3-4 weeks. By the time I reached 29 or so, Cipro wasn't really having any noticeable effect - and the infections would come and go - approximately 2 or 3 infection-like cycles would develop each year - each one lasting around 3-4 weeks and then symptoms would clear up. In retrospect and based on what I know now, its very possible that I did not have a genuine infection (will explain below) and that Cipro wasn't really doing much.

What's happened to me in the last 2 years: after an especially bad cycle of prostate infection/inflammation 2 years ago (my urologist said prostate was so hard that he was afraid of cancer - fortunately that was not the case), I've settled into a very strange cycle. I no longer have internal prostate discomfort, but instead am left with muscle/nerve pain and tightness in my pelvic area. The symptoms get worse after erection and after ejaculation. My overall erection quality has diminished. So has my overall stamina and lasting power - even on the "good" days when I don't have discomfort in the pelvic area, and get a strong erections and reach an orgasm, the pleasure is nowhere near as intense as it was in the past. After each sexual act I fear that I will have an inflammation that starts in the pelvic region. Very consistently what happens is that the muscles in the pelvic area feel either weak or in pain for 48 hours after the orgasm - and in that period, I can barely get an erection, and if I do get one, it dissipates very quickly. The "best" I have been able to achieve is stretches of one or two months where I have things sufficiently stabilitzed that I can orgasm every 2nd or 3rd days, and rest for 2 days, and then be fine again - but most of the time I'm struggling to keep the discomfort away. I also notice that lack of sleep, work stress, drinking - all those things seem to make my pelvic symptoms worse.

Rapaflo helps because its a muscle relaxant. I've also benefited from No-Spa which is prescribed (at least in my home country of Georgia) to women who are pregnant and experience pains.

Looking at this experience in retrospect I've come to suspect that most if not all of my episodes of prostate "infection"/inflammation were probably referred pain caused by pelvic muslces. Its very likely I've had tight pelvic muscles for a long time. Its possible I actually did have an infection in my prostate once or twice, and that contributed to making the muscle situation worse. But my sense is that at least in the last 2 years what I've been experienced is pure pelvic muslce problems without anything really going on in the prostate.

On Oct 9th I'm scheduled to meet with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist - since I'm at a wits end at this point. I tried physical therapy before but couldn't really make it work due to the work stress that I was going through at that point in my life.

Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:54 pm
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