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 4 years now and counting on nothing 
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Post 4 years now and counting on nothing
I wont drag this out too long but here goes, And Im not sure what if any help this will bring
Im 35 now
SO It all started about 4 years ago no pain just woke up everynight and had to pee, it woke me up,
At first I didnt think much about it as I thought maybe I drank to much water.

After a few months it got to be very anoying so I went to the doctor a woman doctor. not bashing just stating.
She said my body is in a rythum and it is use to peeing at this time and gave me a sleeping pill, whats this you may ask. thats what I said REALLY ok, tried it they didnt work I wonder why.

so months went by and I just ignored it and much as I could. I am A communications tech and sometimes I just have to hold it till I get done with the job. The I had a injury to my anke so I saw a differednt doctor and I spilled out my bathroom issues. so he gave me Cipro and said give this a try. To my amazment it worked but only for a short time.

SO I delt with it again for about another year or so till last june 2011 I went to a different doctor He was pretty cool and wanting to get my back to normal.
Check my pee nothing found, check my prostate and said yeah its a little inflamed here is some cipro 10 days latter I went bcak for a check up, It was still inflamed, another 10 day supply, went back and it was still inflamed. by now I had control when I pee and could hold it longer which felt great.
A month went by and I was back to peeing my pants again. SO back to the doctor and this time he said your body must be to use to the cipro here try Septra. and if it comes back your going to a uroligist. I said ok. so march of this year 2012 I felt it slowly coming back so back to the doctor I go get my referral and a 10 supply of Septra.

So today I get back from the biggest waste of time and money going to the uralogist. the took a pee sample and checked my prostate and asked about my history and said just keep taking the septra when it comes back. I said what for the rest of my life and he said well everytime it flares up. He said I didnt need any scope or intensive checks cause I didnt have blood in my pee and my prostate felt normal. Ofcourse it did I just got done taking my Septra about 2 weeks ago I ask if they could check anyway, he said there was no point to I dont have blood in my pee REALLY.. anyway it have been the biggest waste of time. I cant stand it anymore dont get better just KIll you liver instead by taking all these antibiotics. geez

Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:15 pm

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Post Re: 4 years now and counting on nothing update
so now im wondering since I have to do all the research for my doctors after looking thru the forms here and reading everyones symtoms Im wondering if I was misdiagnosed or am I in just a early stage of prostatitis?Or something else.
Like prostate cancer? not to be a worry wort but my grandfather died from it and Im not sure if my dad has any issues he doest go to a doctor and doest say anything about it. I just remember him always in the middle of the night going to the bathroom when I was a teenager.
I have stated this history to my doctors as well as the urologist and ALL have told me the same time "you are way too young to have this problem" But it is possable Im not saying I think I have prostate cancer but its worth looking into when a family member died from it and Im having issues with mine. But Tell you what If I have cancer or a early stage of prostate cancer I want it out and shame on them for ignoring such an issue. Serously.

Reason Im wondering if I am misdiagnosed now is from the symtoms from others
(1) I have not had any pain in my boys or anywhere in my groin area, well I have had like once or twice a rare pain like I was kicked in the balls way before this started in my 20's. But that was it.
(2) I have no discharge or blood in my urine

I DO have
(1) a urgent need to pee if I dont I will pee my pants (yes this has happened many times as I had NO control)
(2) I frequent the bathroom and when I do Its not alot of urine most of the time.
(3) sometimes when I am done and im zipping up my pants more pee comes out, not a ton but a few drops to make it wet.
(4)Im not a doctor and I have no idea what my prostate feels like or should feel like, I was just told it was inflamed alittle bit.
(5) If I have sex with my wife it doesnt hurt when I ejaculate, It does sometimes make my urgent pee symtoms stop for a day or two but this doesnt always work, othertimes I still have the same problems.

So here I go to make yet another appointment with my doctor this time I am going to beg him to run tests for everything I have seen other people talking about here, Its ok just dont drink anything after 7pm just to make sure LOL. (yes my 2nd doctor told me this)
Im surprised not 1 of the 4 doctors Ive seen has done any of these tests other than a urine test, thats it thats all folks and BAM you have Prostatitis.
I am more pissed off that I waited a month for the appointment with the urologist and then I gave the urologist $35.00 to tell me there is not a need to do any intrusive work, and just did the same thing as my normal doctor does for $25. Hell my doctor was more concerned and said the urologist would do exrays and check your urethra and so on.
But yet all the Urologist tells me to just keep taking the antibiotics and make sure its a 30 day dose cause it will go away at some point but if it doesnt just keep on the antibiotics.
anyway next week I see my doctor so here I go round and round.

Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:58 pm
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