A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent
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Author:  bbb15 [ Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

First and foremost I want all of you to know that i am completely empathetic and can relate to all of you emotionally/physically. Here goes my story (kind of long but i feel very relevant) I am a 31 year old male married, soon to be father, living in the Philadelphia area. I am a self employed contractor in a family business and also a part time personal trainer. Not only was/is my job physical but so were/is my extracurricular activities of weight lifting and playing soccer (former college player). I could bench press 350 lbs and run a five minute mile up until last Halloween when this dreaded condition plagued my life. (These details are relevant, especially for those of you who lived and want to return to active lifestyles) I will explain later. I hadnt been to a doctor in eight years and in my own subconcscious mind thought i was invincible.

For the last 3-4 years i had intermittent urinary frequency issues that i never really payed attention to because of my active lifetstyle and feeling of being invincible. As stated earlier, this past Halloween, i noticed a naggin tingling/itchy sensation in my left testicle and much more urinary frequency. Gents, i began to panic and thought the worst (probably bc i was so healthy and not used to my body reacting this way) I was first put on Bactrum by my GP which did nothing but cause diarhea. I then went to four urologists (normal ultrasound, normal pelvic mri, cipro for a month, normal blood and urine cultures) By now my anxiety levels and symptoms skyrocketed and my entire pelvic area burned (perineum golf ball feeling, anus, low back, penis) Yup, i had full blown nonbacterial prostatitis/ "CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN SYDROME". Of course, going on the internet was the worst thing i could do researching this condition because "chronic" meant forever and "debilitating" which meant i would eventually be bed ridden for the rest the of my life. My whole life i had lived for physical perfection and here i was with this horrible life-long condition. My life spiralled out of control. I couldnt work, eat, sleep. I had lost 15 lbs and went into a deep depression.

I began to rearch this condition thoroughly, joining this forum and even buying that book "headache in the pelvis," which we are so familiar with. At first I understood the theory in the book this could be muscular related and that made sense with my active lifestyle. However, i failed to make the connection between anxiety exacerbating symptoms. I had experienced anxiety attacks in the past but never actually realized it could manifest or intensify physical symptoms. And so, my quest began. I found a pelvic floor specialist, which are hard to come by, and also a corrective massage therapist, which i didnt even know existed. Apparently, my pelvis was tilted and leaning forward causing muscular tension and shortening my muslces, which were then pulling on prostate and bladder creating these insane symptoms. Things began to improve with internal and external treatment and my anxiety levels began to subside. This, i believe, was the key result of treatment. Decreasing anxiety relieved my symptoms. I am not 100% yet, as i am still in treatment but my urinary symptoms have vanished and my pain is starting to diminish significantly. I feel the key to my recovery was the change in my attitude about my condition. That this life-long dreaded condition could actually significantly subside and in my eyes be resolved 100% (Though i am not quite there yet, im very optimistic and back in the gym and playing soccer again) In concluding, I believe the mind has a significant influence over the body (central nervous system). Once you TRULY believe this condition can and will be resolved, anxiety levels will subside, and symptoms will be less annoying, painful, or even noticeable. And in due time, i believe this condition can be resolved. Additional successful therapys for me included Qurol and tens unit on my taint to relieve that darn golf ball feeling. For some, maybe this condition is due to an ongoing nanobacteria. However, based on my research and success with muscular and mind/body therapy, i believe this theory makes much more sense. For those you who have questions/comments please do not hesitate. Be peristent, and never stop trying to find a solution! Sorry so long, I needed to get this off my chest! Good Luck and God bless!

Author:  jrglon [ Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

Good man - glad to hear such positive thoughts & while I've not explored the possible muscular causes to my own prostatitis I certainly believe pilates and yoga to be a help.. I'm interested in Qurol, which I've not tried as yet but I take it you strongly recommend? And may I ask what is "ten units on my taint"? And I'll get hold of a copy of "Headache in the Pelvis" - it seems to come highly recommended.

Like you, I've had full blown prostatitis since the Autumn of last year - beginning of October to be precise (boy, the shock of that pulsing pain in my groin..) but, as I sit here today, I feel no pain at all - though of course that niggling dull ache will return from time to time.

But I testify, along with you, that you can return to a 90% + normal life - and I'm aiming for the "big 100", as I now call it, too. It's there for the taking!

Best wishes


Author:  bbb15 [ Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

Glad to hear your close to a 100%. Q-ruol contains querceten (an all natural antiflammatory and antihistamine) Its found in broccoli and certain fruits. It also contains bee pollen which has the similar features. Good product. Its bascially an advanced version of of prosta q. Try it out! As for the tens unit (small device ran by 9 volt battery) contains patches that are attached to unit and it sends mini impulses to nerves and muscles. I used it on my perineum (taint) the area between your boys and anus. I would get a swollen golf ball feeling there, which one of my doctors explained was a muscle spasm. Thus, the impulses relaxes the spasm and eliminates the discomfort. Also, check out that book, i found it to be extremely relevant to my symptoms. Good luck and keep me posted!

Author:  jrglon [ Wed May 30, 2012 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

Hey Rob

Apologies for the extended delay in replying. I've been really busy these last two months working away touring a show (I'm an actor) which has been pretty demanding. Unfortunately I've had little time to explore more remedies but it looks as though this is going to be necessary as the main symptoms of pain in my perineum, ass and lower back have been returning, from a moderate to a fairly uncomfortable degree, as well as a weakening/inconsistency of urinary flow. I guess I'd hoped that time, good diet and de-stress techniques would resolve it - but after eight months this condition remains present, to a lesser or greater extent. Sometimes I'll have a week of only slight discomfort, but basically it never feels like it will heal!

So, I have just ordered the Headache in the Pelvis book, which I will fully explore. May I ask where you got your tens unit from? And did your doctor/specialist recommend it? My consultant surgeon can you believe discharged me without me realising, until I called the clinic, on the basis that he wasn't going to need to operate, I guess. He said to me in January when I had my cystoscopy that my plumbing - bladder, prostate etc - was all okay, that the inflammation was inside the prostate and that I would be "Fine".. He seems to think that if the symptoms are manageable, I should continue to keep my stress down, avoid spicy foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc - ie oxidants - and deal with it, hoping it will go away for longish periods which if I'm honest it hasn't ever entirely done so.

It seems that this condition is one that surgeons, for one, don't want to spend too much time talking about or finding alternative therapies for. You seem to have a doctor who has advised/helped you a fair bit? Is that the case?

Anyway, apologies again for the delay. Now I'm back in London at home I shall be constructively addressing all this fully, and will let you know anything I find out which is of use. The fact is that I have to keep positive - as per my post back in March about "A Survival Kit For Prostatitis Sufferers". But I've now realised I've a hell of a lot more to explore..

And how are you doing, by the way?



Author:  parrotnotes [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

Sounds very familiar... Stress,nervousness,etc. really does play a big role in the pain of pelvic pain. I started 17yrs. ago with running to the ER with my 1st sign.
I was under so much stress with my father having a massive stroke, son going to jail, wife with cancer................Wow, but after all kinds of tests and money Dr. said he thought it was prostititis.
In short, my buddy told me at that time he experienced the same golf ball effect on his way back from Nam in the 60's.
STRESS !!!! Well, after I realized STRESS brought this on, I was able to control it more.
RELAX, CHILLOUT !!! Now, do I still get pain from time to time? Yep, but tell myself to CHILL........
Do I listen to myself ? Not always, but when I remember, it works every time.

Author:  sydmeg1012 [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

BBB15, what pelvic floor specialist and massage therapist did you see? I'm in the central NJ area and would be interested in contacting them. Thanks.

Author:  bbb15 [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Ray of Hope: Be Persistent

Sorry getting back to you so late. Physical therapist was rebalance out of narberth pa. Lead pt's name is hina sheth, but Elaine is also a fabulous pt. Tell them referred by rob Bruni. Corrective massage therapist was from synergy. Lead therapist is Andrew. Once again, explain to them your situation and tell them referred by rob Bruni. Not cured but much improved and function able. Working out again and back to carpentry ( my job). Best of luck. Keep me posted. Also, check out Philadelphia pelvic and sexual health clinic. Need referral by doc though, depending on insurance. Nurse practitioner jen, is fabulous. Things do get better bro. STAY POSITIVE!

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