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 Pelvic Power book/DVD review 
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Post Pelvic Power book/DVD review
I just finished this DVD and book and have to say it's really phenomenal for pelvic pain even though it's not written specifically for CPPS. I honestly put it right up there A Headache in the Pelvis. I don't want to raise expectations too high but I will say immediately after performing some of the exercises I was able to get a full strength erection and orgasm (my biggest symptom is quite bad ED), even my ejaculation came out normal instead of low volume and sticky. I'm not cured yet but there were days where my erection was completely failing during masturbation, then I did the exercises, then came back and was able to get much harder than before. Nothing I've tried in all these months has had such an acute effect other than ED drugs. The surprising thing is the techniques look quite gentle but Franklin's method is a pretty unique combination of anatomy and visualization that is perfect for cpps.

The anatomy part is top notch. I've read a lot about biomechanics and kinesiology but the pelvis has always been a black hole of understanding to me because it is so complex and subtle but he explains it really elegantly. I had no idea the pelvic halves and tailbone/sacrum move and twist and stretch the pelvic floor with almost every movement and interact with the hips and spine.

Why is all this anatomy important? Imagine you had a terrible muscle knot in your arm and you were only allow to poke it and do relaxation and you could not move/stretch/mobilize it through its range of motion due to lack of knowledge/ability. It would take a long time to get your arm unstuck this way but this is kind of where the Headache book leaves you off. He stresses that you can't just relax a muscle into normal function, that simply leads to a weaker more tense muscle, but that we have to train for 'flexible strength' which is done through coaxing the muscle through the full range of motion. He walks you through the function and visualization of every little muscle and even the organs and your breathing, etc. He doesn't use traditional hip stretches and rough bodywork (which studied and I've done a ton of) or tension aggravating kegel squeezes but rather gets your mental image of how your bones move correct and then together with visualizations like melting getting your muscles to naturally fall into the grooves that are already there.

I've taken his stuff one step further. He does not talk about internal work but what I've done is while I have my finger in there I go through all the visualizations like moving my tailbone, etc. Within a few sessions my pelvic floor feels so much more relaxed and I can start to voluntarily move and relax various muscles.

I think this book is almost like a third pillar missing from A Headache in the Pelvis. Trigger points and relaxation are solid but they are kind of a passive wait and see. Like my arm example if you rub and relax your arm for 6 months it will get better but if you add these movement based exercises to restore proper tone and flush blood through you'll greatly accelerate progress.

I recommend getting the DVD first. It covers a fraction of what the book does but it's very helpful to visualize the anatomy in the book better as the book is a bit old and has small illustrations. I think A Headache in the Pelvis and Pelvic Power should both be mandatory reading for cpps. He also has an online course but it's quite a bit pricier. I'm probably going to take it because I'm really impressed with his stuff and I'll post back about how it is, but for now I think the book and dvd are really good things to have in your arsenal.

Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:01 am

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Post Re: Pelvic Power book/DVD review
Where can I order this book/video from?

Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:35 pm

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Post Re: Pelvic Power book/DVD review
Both are on amazon. Also optp and should have them.

I'd also recommend getting the Franklin smooth balls which they use in the materials and are available from the same sites. You can also just use a towel roll, though, but my experience has just been with the balls which seem to work.

I tried some of the exercises with my mom yesterday and she had a bony block in her hip when she raised her knee and in just a few minutes she was able to raise her knee freely.

Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:39 pm

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Post Re: Pelvic Power book/DVD review
Thank you for this excellent review, dihard. I am also accepting more and more that this condition, while it may have started as an infection, is primarily driven by muscles and nerves. I suspect as you have indicated, that the fact that these muscles have very limited range of motion day to day means they are extremely difficult to loosen back up once the pain/tensing cycle is started. I also believe a lot of the prolonging of the symptoms is due to tight muscles never having a chance to heal or soften back up. In all my muscles injuries over the years it is usually rigorous therapy and movement/weightlifting that causes them to heal most quickly. That's all well and great for a bicep but not so easy for internal muscles where you have minimal access to stretch and activate them.

I'm now finding that the biggest swings in my symptoms, for better and for worse, come after I do rigorous internal rectal stretching and yoga for my hips. When I'm very aggressive with my stretches I get a bad flareup the next day or two but it quickly dies away and feels much better for the following few days. Then I'll do another round of stretching and the same process will repeat. I am hopeful that over time there will be less flareup and the muscles will stay looser for longer. I've done a few tests where I only do internal stretches on one side and come back the next day and that side is much more loose than the other side.

It also takes a lot of effort to mentally relax the pelvic floor during day to day living. I often find I am tensing it back up, this is especially noticeable in bed when I make a strong effort to relax it. I've sort of forgotten what a normal level of tenseness is down there over the past 17 months.

Having also now gone through three independent infections including a klebsiella in my mouth and c-diff in my intestines...all of which were quickly cured through antibiotics, that the literal months of abxs for prostatitis surely would have killed any real organism down there. I don't think this should be rocket science, with multiple clean cultures now I have to accept that the cause may just be residual inflammation due to tight muscles and irritated nerves.

Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:26 pm
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