Beware 'buffered' vitamin C pH
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Author:  dihard [ Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Beware 'buffered' vitamin C pH

I and I think many others use Buffered C and Ester-C interchangeably. However, today I tested a Buffered C I've been using expecting it to be fairly close to neutral when dissolved but it came out at a shockingly acidic 3.0. From what I've read Ester-C should be actually neutral so I think I'm going to switch and see if this buffered C has been causing me some low grade irritation. I switched to this buffered C from regular C and it did make a difference so there is clearly some benefit but it seems like the buffering for my brand is quite low. I saw a youtube video afterwards of someone doing a similar test and they got a 4.1, so it varies from brand to brand. I will of course test my ester-C when I get it but I think ester-c is a much better option than Buffered C. "Buffered" seems to be one of those words like "Natural" that is open to interpretation by the producers.

If you have buffered C and a pH meter I'd be curious what you measure.

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