battling this stupid condition!! (new member)
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Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Hello all, Let me start by saying over the last month, reading posts on this site have been helpful and comforting to know im not alone.
I have tried to read as much as I could to gather as much info before posting..but cant read it all!
I was a healthy, very active(heavy lifter), non smoker, non drinker who approximately 2 months ago had an encounter with a female and had unprotected oral sex. As I am married I know how incredibly stupid this was!!!! so stupid....anyways...
I had been experiencing pain in my testicle (vasectomy related??) from time to time which became more intense 2 months ago and went to doctor who said he couldnt see any inflamation in epididymis and gave me 10 days of Doxycyline to "clear up" anything that might be going on. I took the anti-biotics and after 8 days noticed burning after i urinated. finished the anti biotics and 5 days after burning came back more intense and constant. Inflamed, swollen meatus and urge to urinate often. Went to my Family doctor this time and he said it was probably chronic prostatitis and gave referral to urologist. The first symptoms were 1 month post stupid encounter and 8 days into the antibiotics. I did notice alot of build up under forskin during that time and tried to keep myself as clean as possible..
Went to urologist who I told story to..he stated its not infectious and not an std, check prostate and said it was tender and gave me 6 weeks of Apo-sulfatrim. My urine tests for Gon and chlam came back as negative along with hep b and hiv tests (provided sample 7 days after finished doxy and 5 weeks post mistake. 3 weeks into that i noticed that the urge to urinate subsided and dribbling was not as bad but still present. The meatus (tip) of penis remained red and inflamed especially after ejaculation. I noticed a warm bath would often help the swelling go down and it would get worse and better throughout the day.
After the tests came back Neg and urologist and doctor stated it was not an STD i told my wife about my stupid indiscretion. The stress of the situation and not telling her really bothered me and we have been working on dealing with that.
The swollen meatus really bothered me and I was avoiding ejaculating (once a week just to keep everything flowing) I went back to urologist who said he didn't know why meatus was swollen and referred me another urologist downtown. I am waiting 2 weeks now for them to call me and was told to expect a 3-4 week wait. I called the prostatitis clinic in toronto and have booked an appointment with Ilia Kaploun next month as well.
my current urologist gave sheet for a trichomoniasis test which I did a swab for and am waiting for results. I dont think its that as there is no itching, just swollen, and sensitive but not painful.
currently the only symptoms are
-swollen meatus -especially after ejaculation or slightly after urination
- after ejaculation, continued discharge of seminal fluid for like an hour
-slight dribbling after urination
-penis head is more red then usual but not painful
- slight sharp pain from time to time in bladder area
-very slight clear stciky discharge after urinating (only noticed 3-4 times in last month) looks like precum
I have given up coffee, never did drink, avoid spicy food, asked about supplements but urologist said they were a waste and wouldnt help.
I apply anti fungal on tip when its very swollen and it seems to help but i continue for days and it never fully goes away.
I find it hard to believe that after years of being monogamous and being fine, 1 month after indiscretion I have this and its not related???
Asked urologist about myco/endoplasma...he waved that off as not possible.....
I have had sex with my wife a few times since and she has shown no symptoms. I am so worried about passing something to her...I dont trust doctors know this isnt STI.
family doctor also waved off my questions about HSV as he stated he has seen thousands of cases and never one that didnt have lesions and lasted a month. didnt even want to give me test for it.
Im waiting now for either the downtown specialist to call or meeting with ilia kaploun and hope someone knows what is going on. reading stories of guys battling this for years is scary and Im hoping doesn't happen to me. totally ruining quality of life..
anybody with experience with Ilia kaploun want to share it with me??
Anybody with similar symptoms that knows what the heck is going on??
any knowledge shared is much appreciated!

Author:  WS1234 [ Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

exact same situation (oral sex) and also in Toronto. I have worked with Ilia and he was knowledgeable but his treatment didn't help my situation. Search"Kaploun" within my posts and you'll find my write-up. I got Ilia to request testing for HSVI/2 and it came up negative so save your $160.

Author:  prostate454 [ Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Wow, my story is literally 90% the exact same thing - from infidelity to oral sex to symptoms, etc. I hope your journey is a bit more abbreviated than mine though.

I agree that trichomoniasis and mycoplasma probably aren't much of a concern assuming your indiscretion was truly only oral (mine was oral and some limited vaginal contact so I had to get tested for those - all negative naturally...). You can read my ever-continuing story here:


As someone who's been through the whole infidelity aspect of it I totally understand the guilt and anxiety you feel about passing whatever it is along to your wife and also the feelings you might have around the pain and frustration of prostatitis and how one stupid decision has possibly changed the course of your life to such an extent. It's easy to tell you that you have to forgive yourself but from experience that's a lot easier said than done. In the past 16mo since this started for me I've had plenty of unprotected sex with my wife and she's shown no symptoms either. The only positive test I've ever had was for enterococcus in my semen which via Occam's razor I assume it the culprit in my case.

I also appear to have contracted HSV2 as a result of my encounter. Your docs are full of BS if that's the story they gave you. There are tons of cases out there of herpetic neuralgia which don't include lesions and last a month or more. I've had post herpetic neuralgia since August of 2015 and if not for Valtrex it would literally be non-stop. But these symptoms are separate for HSV (vs. prostatitis), so if you aren't experiencing any herpes symptoms then I see no reason to test either. Thus far I don't seem to have given it to my wife, or if I have then she doesn't have any significant symptoms which is like the majority of those with HSV anyway. My wife has a very strong immune system so that wouldn't surprise me in her case. And ultimately if you contracted herpes and you remain sexually active with your wife then odds are at some point in time you'll give it to her. That's just something you'll both have to deal with. In my case the Valtrex alleviates the symptoms 99% so it's ok. Anyway if you do ever decide to test make sure it's either the IgG or western blot blood tests. NOT the IgM test!

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Other than lesions, what are your herpetic symptoms? Really appreciate your replies and I have been reading some of your prior posts...
Are the test results I have taken considered accurate? my doctor seemed 100 percent sure those tests wpuld have picked up if it was gon/chlam...and was pretty sure it wasnt those to begin with.
Should my wife get tested now...Once doctors both said it was ok..i trusted not so sure.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Should add that as of 2 weeks ago, urologist said my prostate seemed fine on digital exam and not sure why im dribbling or swollen.
Also im prone to fungal infections and broke out with tinea versicolour when i was on doxy. I have battled with that for years along with athletes foot which i use anti fungal spray....could this be fungal?? Candida?

Author:  Metanoia [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

I came down with my symptoms after oral only with my long term partner. Amazing the number of folks who seem to state their troubles started after oral.

I had urethritis for a month or more on urination, with split/fishtail stream, before I developed a recurring epididymitis. Semen culture came up positive for haemophilus, which is a common upper respiratory infection in toddlers. Partner cares for her toddler grandchild who brings home a lot of bugs from daycare. Do you know if your gal had exposure to young kids in daycare?

Reading up on haemophilus, I see it is "supposed to be" an uncommon urinary infectious agent, though some authors state it may be underestimated/underdiagnosed as it doesn't show up well with routine culture mediums. Requires a "chocolate agar" culture medium and enhanced CO2 atmosphere which we have not tried. My culture on blood agar didn't grow enough to get a proper sensitivity, so I've only tried doxycycline & fosfomycin. I'm not taking Cipro or sulfa unless we can get a proper culture and sensitivity.

Apparently, a lot of different kinds of bugs require different culture techniques, and many are not getting this done. I've flat out told my uro, I'm not going to start gulping down a month or more of Cipro or Sulfa unless & until we get a proper culture & sensitivity. I'm 2 weeks off my fosfomycin now and haven't had a relapse yet. I used to get 3 to 4 weeks after the doxy before relapse, so we'll see.

My advice is to keep pushing for proper cultures for all possible pathogens. This is standard of care, and shouldn't be considered an outrageous request. If your doc wants to go with a shotgun antibiotic approach, please look into "fosfomycin, an Option for Prostatitis" before you go with Cipro or Sulfa. These are anti-B's of last resort, & I would exhaust all other possibilities before I would start gobbling down these pills. Fosfomycin has little down-side to it and is very benign. I had no side effects at all from this med. Cipro and Sulfa are notorious for nasty side effects and reactions. Please don't start on these without your eyes wide open to the possible problems associated with them. Fluroquinolone toxicity syndrome and allergic and adverse reactions to sulfa.

Godspeed, & I hope you get to the bottom of this soon!

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Thanks for advise....i asked by urologist for a culture and he immediatly said he was going to refer me to someone else. He is older and seemed too tired to care to look into it. Unfortunatley the wait to see the new guy is at least a month or more away....
My whole penis head is now red..which only happened in last week making me think its from meds or from fungal killing everything....

Author:  Metanoia [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Your GP should be able to order a semen culture, which in my humble opinion is the easiest way to culture prostatic fluid. Once you find out what you're dealing with, there are only a few meds initially indicated, and your GP should be able to prescribe these too.

Some doc's are reluctant to culture as there are only a couple of oral anti-B's that penetrate the prostate well (quinolones, sulfa, & apparently fosfomycin). Urologist's love their quins & sulfa, and figure "why not just try one of these first, and if one doesn't work we'll try the other".

I would not want to go on Cipro for a month though for an organism that is already resistant to Cipro (and a lot of them are now days), & sulfa is notorious for it's own reactions, allergies and adverse effects. Fosfomycin is a very benign med and is effective against resistant organisms... A no-brainer (for me) to try this first. It has only been used experimentally for resistant organisms in prostatitis thus far, so it may be difficult to find an open minded doc to prescribe this. Doc's tend to want to go with what they've used for years, and will tell you "oh the adverse reactions and side effects are few and far between". When they happen to you though, it's no small matter.

Getting a semen culture done through your GP should be a doable thing though, & I would want to know if I was dealing with a resistant organism before I started on a big-guns med that will not work if the organism is already resistant to it.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

i want to get semen culture done but i am on antibiotics still. should i be off meds for some time before trying the semen culture??

Author:  prostate454 [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

My advice is to go to your PCP or find an ID doc quick who will order a semen culture for your. PCPs have no problems ordering urine cultures, and as far as the doctor's office is concerned a semen culture is no different than a urine culture - you deposit your sample in a sterile cup and off it goes to a labcorp. My uro actually faxed the order codes to a labcorp when I was on work travel in Houston (half a country away from my actual doc) and I went to that labcorp office, got the sterile containers, did my deed the next morning, took it back to labcorp and they did the rest. Doc didn't even have to get involved aside from the actual test order itself. Some of these docs are borderline negligent with this simple testing. You don't want to have to wait another month of this with no action. If there's an actual infection then that will only give it more time to establish itself. That said, your symptoms don't 100% scream prostatitis to me just yet, though it did take about 4mo for me to feel the actual prostate pain and I assume you know your junk pretty well so *something* is obviously off down there.

The urine tests are supposed to be very accurate (I assume they were nucleic acid amplification, NAAT, tests). They wouldn't be particularly helpful for an infection confined to the prostate, but it seems to me that if you got the test early on enough then it would have shown something, especially if you did first void in the morning.

As far as HSV is concerned, I personally have yet to have an actual outbreak with lesions that I know of. I've had these sort of permanent prodromal symptoms primarily around my mouth and groin area. It just feels like a mild tingly sunburn. It didn't start until a month after my encounter and when it first appeared I was freaking out because I kept waiting for the inevitable outbreak and combined with the infidelity that it represented I was devastated and convinced I would give it to my wife and that she would end up one of those horror stories where she had non-stop terrible outbreaks all because of my stupidity. But instead the prodrome just went on and on and on for months. Finally I got tested and came back positive IgG for HSV2. My wife was tested some years ago and was negative, and I've only ever had sexual contact with her my entire life save for this one it's pretty obvious where I got it from. I was prescribed Valtrex and within a day of taking my first pill it all went away. For the past year I try to stop taking the pills every so often and see how long it takes for the symptoms to come back. Over time it has taken longer and longer for it to return, so I assume my immune system is building up antibodies.

That's a long rather pointless story and if you haven't had any signs of a herpes outbreak then I'm not sure why you'd bother with the test anyway. What if it comes back positive in the absence of symptoms? You can't cure it (yet), you don't have any sort of just is what it is. If you contracted it then at some point it's likely your wife will get it assuming she doesn't already have it anyway, regardless of whether you test for it or not. If it's something she wants you to do then def do whatever she asks given the circumstances. At two months post-encounter our relationship was still very much shaky, and trying to deal with both the infidelity and various STD crap was almost too much for me to handle. STIs suck!

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Thanks for info. I Have been with only my wife for last 15 years so unless I had HSV before then and never knew, it would be from this encounter. Im going to go to my doctor and request a semen culture because I would like to get the ball rolling on this and not wait another month for this to get worse.
I dont have any herpes symptoms or prodromal sensations that I can percieve.
My gon/chlam urine sample wasnt first voiding...was probably 2nd of the didnt seem to think it would matter...and it was the NAAT test which he said is extremely reliable.
really at this point I just want the tip of penis not to get swollen and head of penis to return to proper colour.....the dribbling i could even deal with....
I dont have any prostate pains anymore...was really just constant bladder pressure and constant urination when it was at its worst.
I have not ejaculated for a few days...been pulling back forskin and letting it air dry as much as possible and the swelling is way down on colour returning to normal...but I know it will flair right back up after ejaculation.

Author:  Metanoia [ Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

I believe you do have to be off the anti-B's for at least a couple of weeks before you can attempt a semen (or urine) culture.

My symptoms would flare at around 3 to 4 weeks after I finished the doxy, & this is when I got the positive semen culture for beta lactam resistant heamophilus.

Urine cultures are notorious for coming back negative with prostatitis, but should accurately indicate infection in the bladder, kidneys, etc.

I asked for both urine & semen cultures. Urine cam back clean, but semen had haemophilus. Problem was the haemophilus growth was so small, they couldn't get a proper sensitivity done. Haemophilus culture protocol calls for using chocolate agar, rather than the standard blood agar. They also recommend enhanced CO2 atmosphere.

Learning about the different techniques used for different cultures is fascinating, but our doctors incredibly don't seem to be too hip on the different techniques. Probably why you see so many negative cultures with active symptoms going on!

The paper I read on the rarity of haemophilus being seen in urology opined that this is likely due to the fact the proper cultures are often not done. Haemophilus is primarily an oral pathogen found in pre-school toddlers. Did my granddaughter give me a UTI through my sweetheart caring for her when she was sick? Apparently so!

We live in interesting times!

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

The urine tests i gave were only 7 days after finishing doxy...hoping those are still reliable.....
I guess i will have to wait a few weeks to request a culture as im still on 2nd round of anti biotics...

Author:  MrBrownstone [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Every time I start to think about the symptoms I had several months back, the urethritis, the prostatitis symptoms, the epididymitis symptoms I am a very confused man. I did eventually take Cipro which has so far changed my life more than any of the other urogenital symptoms I had. Just 5 days into a 30 day course, I had to stop because my feet, ankles and Achilles started to ache to the point walking was made difficult and impossible. I am still restricted in my activity more than 3 months later and yet I don't know what the urogenital symptoms would have or could have developed into if I never took the cipro. I did not take enough to eradicate bacteria in the prostate, but I took enough to cure many other conditions, which overlap prostatitis symptoms

Because it took me so long to get the Cipro, I saw my symptoms change over time, and I wasn't on Cipro long enough for it to have cured prostatitis, but I did feel better in some ways after taking the 5 days worth.

Freakin, your story sounds similar to mine in that I was refraining from ejaculation for several days at a time because of the irritation. Ejaculating, or even getting an erection letting out pre-cum would cause frequent urination for at least half a day afterwards, and my Urethra would feel (more than look) very red and swollen. It really seemed like there was something in the ejaculate that was irritating the urethra. I'd say 70% of my symptoms dissipated before I got to see the Urologist, which prescribed the Cipro which has changed my life in so many worse ways. I'm from Toronto, and have had a similar experience, I have PM'd you, would be great to chat about it, I was on the fence about seeing the same specialist downtown. Despite what people on here say don't take Cipro unless you have a confirmed lab result stating you have pathogen x for which Cipro or moxi or levaquin is the only drug that will cure it. Even then, I'd be looking for alternatives.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Thanks for reply.....I appreciate your info. Why are doctors so scared to run tests in canada to find out before rx for drugs given??

Author:  Metanoia [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

There are only two classes of anti-B's doctors use to treat prostatitis when it first appears... Quinolones and sulfas.

Major sulfa reactions are less common than with the quins, but when they occur it can be rather dramatic (impressive/painful skin rashes), so they usually go with Cipro first. Reactions to Cipro/quinolones are more common, but typically not all that severe (though there are exceptions!).

Even if you can get a good culture, you should be on antibiotics during the 3-5 days it takes to grow a culture and determine sensitivity to the organism. Doc's typically start with Cipro, as they are less likely to have a patient with a severe sulfa reaction show up in their office hopping mad.

When Cipro doesn't work (around half the time from what I've read), the doc says "oh well, looks like the only thing we have left is sulfa". Then if you have a severe reaction to sulfa they can defend themselves by saying "it was the only thing left to try".

Getting proper cultures for prostate infections has some apparent blush factors that seem to put a lot of doctors off. Asking someone to ejaculate into a specimen cup, or spending 5 minutes or so massaging their prostate to culture a drop of fluid that appears from the penis is apparently not something they would prefer to spend their day doing.

The old urine sample is a cop-out. Easy to order and obtain, but you're really not getting anything from inside the prostate utilizing this approach. If infection is widespread, you may get lucky and culture a bug that is both inside and outside the prostate, but all too often you simply get urine.

So many doc's who've been using Cipro for initial therapy for years figure "why bother with cultures" when they are going to go with Cipro initially anyway. Problem is... Fluroquinolone resistant bugs are becoming much more common and though it may seem insane to prescribe quins in this day and age without getting a proper culture (and sensitivity!) first, they have to start you on "something" while the cultures are grown and sensitivity determined.

Cipro side effects are largely invisible and generally not severe. Easy for a doc to say "oh well, we'll discontinue this and try sulfa". If they start with sulfa in the first place, and a patient comes back hopping mad with a weeping skin rash all over his body, asking why the heck did you give me this when Cipro might have worked with less chance of allergic reaction, the doc would be hard pressed to explain his rationale.

Thus, everyone seems to get Cipro initially, and why do cultures... Either the Cipro will work, or it won't and then sulfa is the only option left. Cipro worked so well for so long, it's easy to understand how doc's get into their habits. With resistance to quinolone meds growing all the time, I expect younger urologists will be changing their protocols.

Personally, I'm not buying it, & I refuse to do either Cipro or sulfa without a proper culture and sensitivity to indicate whether it would even work or not. I've been going round & round with doxycycline, & yes getting relapses. Tried fosfomycin and am in limbo now off the med waiting to see if it worked or not.

If I relapse, I'll push for another semen culture and go back to the doxy while they grow it and hopefully get a sensitivity this time. I'm not dead-set against quins or sulfa, but I am dead-set against blindly starting on the big-guns anti-B's when we don't even know what we're dealing with yet.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Well, my urologist went straight to the sulfatrim which i have been on for 5 weeks now. First 2 weeks 2x a day...last month is once a day. When i called ilia at clinic to make appointment he seemed perplexed at that rx. Said that is not what he would have prescribed but to finish it now.
It has worked for most urinary symptoms....but made penis red and meatus more swollen now.
I want a proper culture and hoping Ilia kaploun will do it. I have heard he is good with doing proper testing as very least.
May or may not be able to cure it but at least narrow down what cause is.

Author:  Metanoia [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Glad you're doing well on the Sulfatrim! It's supposed to have fewer organisms resistant to it compared to the quins, and with the latest addition to the black box warnings for quins (for persistent neuropathies), they may be falling out of favor as the initial go-to med.

My urologist actually said he's starting to use sulfa before quins now. They are a zero alcohol med though, and when you do have an allergic reaction to sulfa, it's supposed to be wicked. It's funny, I work in healthcare and we always have to run through any drug allergies with every patient we see. When patients report a sulfa allergy, their eye get wide and they often add "don't give me sulfa!" If you're not having any allergic type reaction, then more power to ya.

I really don't think you got a bum steer by going with this med. It is supposed to be the only effective med other than the quins, which seem to be getting eclipsed by resistant bugs now days. There just are a lot of folks allergic to sulfa.

I'm hoping the redness & swelling you are seeing now may simply be inflammation from the sulfa itself (or possibly yeast) and not a persistent bacterial infection. It may well be this will pass briskly once you're off the med. Hope so!

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon!

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Thanks for that Metanoia....results for trich test back....No growth found. I did the swab so I hope i did it correctly. I was pretty sure it wasnt Trich anyways, And have seen here that the trich swab is not all that reliable??
Appointment with new urologist on wednesday...not optimistic as I think he is more a surgeon. Will ask about semen culture at that time as well. Will update everybody if I hear anything new.

Author:  prostate454 [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

I'm a little confused at the meatus swelling thing. Is it just the area around the opening of the urethra that gets inflamed and red (making your urethra sort of appear to be flared open), or is it the entire head that is literally swelled up? The former seems to be standard fare for urethritis and prostatitis but I don't think we've had many accounts of the latter on here.

Author:  Inflamed [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

If you're in the USA, take this labcorp test code with you when you see the doctor, 183111. It requires 2 swabs sent to lab which takes semen. Only certain labcorp labs take it.

Go to labcorp's site, print it out the test description and take it with you. It's for aerobic and anaerobic testing of semen.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

Thanks for the info but im in canada....i would pay if i could for better health care...3 weeks and still no call from the new urologist im suppose to see.

Author:  prostate454 [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

[quote="Inflamed"]If you're in the USA, take this labcorp test code with you when you see the doctor, 183111. It requires 2 swabs sent to lab which takes semen. Only certain labcorp labs take it.

Go to labcorp's site, print it out the test description and take it with you. It's for aerobic and anaerobic testing of semen.

I'm going to try and use this code when I go to my new uro on Wednesday and see what they have to say. My only suspicion is that they might not be set up to have the transport for the anaerobic culture. Then again it's at Johns Hopkins so they probably do all the culturing onsite...which means they ought to be able to handle just about anything. If that doesn't work then I'll just have them do the normal aerobic culture like I've always had done.

Author:  WS1234 [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member)

FYI - Ilia will provide a req for testing through a private lab (it costs $375) and is specific to pathogens related to bacterial prostatitis.

Author:  freakinfrustrated [ Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: battling this stupid condition!! (new member) of main reasons im going to him is proper testing. I will pay 375 for a proper test...i just want to know what is going on.

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