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 Success Story - Trycyclic antidepresants, and other..... 
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Post Success Story - Trycyclic antidepresants, and other.....
Hi guys,

Today after 9 months of sickness it's finally time for me to give my contribution to this forum. After being a lot, lot better and getting back my normal life, I want to help people that fight this disease as much as I can.

This will be a quite long message but I think it's necessary to put everything to not omit an important detail. You can go directly to the summary if you want the short story

Sorry for my bad english.


I'm a French guy, 30 years old.
Medical antecedents:
Phimosis (circumcision for medical reason)
Symptoms of irritable bowel when I m frustrated.
Quite anxious in general.

History :

Summer 2016:
My girlfriend is pregnant. I'm very anxious about my future life.

October 2016:

After unprotected oral sex with a prostitute, I have red meatus and discomfort at tip of my penis.
Weird sensation when I pee.
After 1 week, I go to the doc that prescribe me urethra analysis and give me doxycycline.
My anxiousness is really very high, as I fear to be infected by something and potentially pass it to the future baby.
I wake up one night with a shooting pain somewhere between testicle and anus prostate.
Next day, horrible feeling of electricity in that area not in the middle but in left side.
The glans penis became over sensitive. Just touching the top of the glans was provoking hyper tingling sensation. I thought that I had a skin problem. Started to worry about all possible STD I could have.
Analysis reveals nothing. Anxiousness fall and I feel better.
After starting to work, hyper sensitivity came again, either in my glans or in the groin area also big pelvic pain
Multiple STDs tests are negative.
Urologist think it's a prostatitis, so he give me cipro for 15 days.

November 2016:
Cipro has no effect apart from giving me foot pain after sport.
This over sensibility is continuously moving from tip of the penis to perineum in the left side.
I now see that it is not related to skin but it's neuropathic.
When I don't have this over sensibility , I have pelvic pain moving from right to left side.

Interesting thing is the pain is NEVER at multiple places at the same time. It's always moving.

I'm really bad. Feels like a zombie. My life has totally changed. I'm in hell.

December 2016
A semen test revealed nothing.
Ask my urologist to do a prostatic fluid analysis after reading about this on the Internet. Found e-coli and enterococcus faecalis. Almost no White blood cells

Urologist give me 21 days of Augmentin and Linezolid (zyvox)

I also have hemorrhoids at this time.
Took some vacations between Christmas and new year eve. Things get better during that time.

January 2017
After reading on the Internet I go to a physical therapist specialized in pelvic pain.
She told me that pelvic muscles are in tension and my nervous system is irritated. Start internal muscles relaxation.
Pain decreased a little bit but continue to come and go and move during the day.
I'm still very bad in general. Sometimes think about suicide or living alone far away.
New semen tests that reveals e-coli and enterococcus faecalis in small amount like the prostatic fluid tests showed previously.
No white blood cells.

February 2017
Go to an infectiologist. He doubt that I have an infection. Prescribe me another semen test that show only e-coli this time.I didn't take any antibiotics since last test. Still no WBC.
Pain continue to fall down a bit.
Sometimes I have pain under my hear, on cervical area, shoulder or near the elbow.
Start to believe I could maybe survive to this.
Start to take quercetin.

March 2017
Baby is born.
Go to a chronic pain specialized doctor. She explains me that sometimes brain pain path are over sensitive and we feel pain where normally we should not.
She prescribe me Lyrica 100mg /day.
Infectiologist continue to think that the cause is not an infection. However he prescribe me 6 weeks of Bactrim Forte to give it a try.
After 10 days of ineffective Bactrim, a rash starts. The doctor tells me to stop immediately the antibiotics.
Start acupuncture.
Continue physical therapy less often and externally only.

April 2017
My stress start to decrease.
Pain is stable but still continues to eat my life. I fill pain also around my left hip area sometimes. Pain now resides at 80% of the time in the left side.
Start to take cernilton equivalent ( Rye pollen)
Lyrica seems to have no effect. Doctor give me a small dose of tricyclic antidepressants called Anafranil (clomipramine) 10mg on the morning & 10mg on the evening.

May 2017
Stress decreased a lot.
Have a lot of pain improvement . pain is now 100% in the left side. Feeling lot better between the big flares up .
Start to take melatonin 10 mg / every evening.
Do pelvic MRI scan that reveals nothing.
Sometimes have some neuropathic pain in the abdominal left area and little bit pain at ejaculation

June 2017
Things get better and better for pelvic pain.
Pain doctor tells me to continue Anafranil for the next 4 months.
Continue to take also quercetin, cernilton equivalent and melatonin.
Continue acupuncture.

July 2017
Almost no pain at all. Life back entirely to normal.
Stop acupuncture.


Symptoms by order of appearance

Red and irritated tip of penis.
Feeling of fever.
Neuropathic pain in left groin ( electric then tickling sensation)
Neuropathic pain in glans penis(over sensitivity) in top and then left side.
Pelvic pain that move between right and left side.
Pain under hear, in cervical area, shoulder and near the elbow
Pain around left hip.
Pain at ejaculation (rare)
Neuropathic pain in left abdominal area.
Important thing is I almost never had bladder or urinary problems.

Particularities of pain appearance

During my sickness I noticed weird things about my pain.
I had pain in a lot of points on my body particularly in my pelvic area but the pain was NEVER at multiple points at the same time. It was always moving.
During the two first months when I suffered a lot, doing sport or take a hot shower provoked a general tingling sensation in my body and stopped pain.
Eating a good meal, focusing on a task, spending time with friends, drink alcohol almost released the pain.
Was better when I was on holiday or when having activities where I had freedom feeling.
Frustration, anxiety, boring time, catastrophic feeling increased the pain.

Things that I think helped me to cure by order of probability

• Tricyclic antidepressants. Anafranil (10mg morning / 10 mg evening)
• Reduction of stress, force brain to be occupied by something pleasant. When have pain focus on my brain and try to trigger euphoric feeling (ask me if you want to know more about this)
• Acupuncture
• Melatonin (10 mg on the evening) / Cernilton (Rye pollen)
• Quercetin (500 mg per day)
Apart from acupuncture, I continue this treatment today

My opinion about this state.

This illness appears to be a non sense from A to Z at first, there is no really helpful tests, symptoms are always in evolution, it seems on some ways connected to sexual activities but also to brain.
Thus, doctors are really, really bad to treat it. They try to apply the same patterns they use for non chronic illness but that's not working because it's not the right approach. It's like Lyme, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis or other chronical states.

You go from doc to doc because they are just not capable to see things as a general illness and admitting that they simply don't know what is the root cause.
Some of them think it is an infection, they declare war to bacteria and they give you antibiotics like candies during months.
Others say to you arrogantly: "It's all in your head" but when you ask them how to removing it from your brain they of course send you to a psychologist. Which is over simplistic and a complete non sense.

Based on my story and on things that I saw on forums and research, I think this is far more complex and the cause of this may be multi factorial.

Some authors tried to describe this, it's seems there is a kind of vicious circle alimented by Infection, auto-immune and inflammatory processes, nervous system state and psychological factors.

Moreover, the persons who gave me a theory that seems quite logical and corresponding to my condition was my physical therapist who said that the central nervous system was at a moment for unknown reason going crazy, so it irritates nerves and then creating some muscular tension in pelvic muscles.
In my case it could be the infection and the stress caused by the fear of being infected and the feeling of guilty.

And also my specialized doctor in chronic pain who explains me that sometimes, we feel pain where normally we should not because of chemistry in the brain (lack of serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, etc….). That's maybe why the tricyclic antidepressants that capture serotonin are working for me but also activities that produce dopamine and serotonin.

Also the classification of prostatitis (bacterial/ non bacterial / non bacterial inflammatory) is probably not very relevant.
For example, mine could be considered as infectious because I had e-coli / enterococcus faecalis, but antibiotics were not helping.

Considering this, don't assume that my treatment is the magic recipe against prostatitis. Some people will find relief with antibiotics for example.
However I hope it will help some people that have the same "type" of prostatitis than mine.

I sincerely wish you all the best for the future, guys. There is hope.

Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:16 pm

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Post Re: Success Story - Trycyclic antidepresants, and other.....
Did you still have enterococus?

Tue May 29, 2018 2:45 pm

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Post Re: Success Story - Trycyclic antidepresants, and other.....
Great to hear your success story buddy!

In regards to acupuncture, were they needling on meridian points or myofascial points in the pelvis?

Tue May 29, 2018 10:28 pm
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