Attention New Members!
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Author:  Administrator [ Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Attention New Members!

From time to time, we get huge 'swarms' of new members, kind of like today. We have about ten new members today alone!

Check some of the many threads here. There is a ton of useful information from some of the members here. Many of these men are very helpful and you should seek their words and their wisdom. Most are very willing to help you.

As you read here, please note the absence of profanity. We don't allow it... period. We don't allow you to give one letter, several symbols and then another letter, leaving no doubt of the word you intended to write. We aren't prudes and most of us all know the words, but in order to be taken seriously, avoid cursing. Sometimes we all get frustrated and we all understand that. I get many notes from lurkers who are amazed at how civil the discourse is here and that they wished more sites were this well behaved. We are proud of our posters here and we welcome you as long as you understand the rules.

If you have a site issue, just drop me a personal message and I'll get right back with you. If you start getting messages from someone that wants to drag you away from this site (and there is a site who tries that here every few months, tell me the user name and I'll guarantee you it won't happen again. The board that controls this site is serious about your safety and ability to post here and maintain some dignity. This disease can take away your self respect and there isn't a man here that would dispute that fact.

We will have a small 'spat' here now and then, but such is the nature of humans. I generally don't step in until it gets out of hand or abusive. Keep your discourse civil and we'll be fine!

Thanks for being here and let's try to help each other when possible.

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