CPPS - Inflammation killing libido
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Author:  Fantom451 [ Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I have been reading this forum for over a year now, and decided to share my experience. I am a 29 year old male suffering libido loss and loss of sexual sensitivity for about a year now.

Let me step back: 3 years ago, I started having general discomfort in my epididymis and also hemorrhoids. An ultrasound said my testicles were fine, and a banding procedure fixed my hemmies. But, I had ongoing discomfort which I thought were the hemmies. The doc pressed my prostate and when it recreated the pain, he did a urine test (had a bit of blood) and sent me to a uro. Subsequent urinalysis at the uro showed no blood, and uro said I had chronic prostatitis and unless things got worse, don't worry about it. It may resolve in time. It wasn't that big a deal to me, so I let it be.

2 years later (Late 2014), I had had been having very dark urine every morning for many months (inflammation cells shedding), occasional spasm in my pelvic floor, and dull/crampy ache after ejaculation. Nothing earth-shattering; I could deal with it. I also noticed that I had a hard time detecting when I needed to urinate. I felt an urge but it wasn't as sensitive as it was years before. I just said "oh, I guess I should pee, I feel that weird pressure in there".

That symptom is what lead me to a MAJOR flare-up that killed my libido. I was on a trip and felt the need to urinate, but just barely felt it. I was 10 minutes from home and felt I could easily make it home and brushed it off. When I approached a red-light near my house, I felt the strongest sudden burst of sensation that I needed to pee INSTANTLY. I felt the muscles in my bladder contract so hard to prevent it, and after about 30 seconds of intense contractions, the feeling subsided to a dull "holy cow, you need to go pee, asap!!!!!".
What I noticed the following week is........I realized I hadn't masturbated in the entire week. Very unusual for me which is typically daily. So I did, and it didn't feel quite right. A couple weeks went by and I forced myself to ejaculate, again (without any real desire to). This time, all hell broke lose. I felt pain swarm my pelvic area. It was like lava had erupted and spread into my lower abdomen, bladder, even anal area. I don't recall exactly, but it diminished over a few hours. I believe I jumped into a hot bath which greatly relieved the internal burning pain.

(I now believe what happened is urine was forced into my prostate, and it started a major inflammatory cycle that I am still in, today.)

A couple weeks later, the doc saw me and started me on antibiotics. I ended up trying 2 different ones (as Sulfa made me get chills after a week or so), and after about a month he said to quit taking them. If there was an infection, it would show up in the form of fever, chills, etc. The antibiotic should have killed it. I think he convinced me there's no infection.

Next step was to try Physiotherapy. I highly recommend this to anybody. For about 5 months, I had many appointments where I did muscle-strengthening exercises, as well as had a therapist insert her finger rectally and massage my pelvic floor. Day 1 it was so tight she could barely get the tip of the finger in. She found I had so many knots in the pelvic floor, it was probably the worst she'd seen. Electrotherapy was also used. By the time she discharged me, my pelvic floor was MUCH better. I feel I can now keep my Pelvic Floor relaxed all the time, and that was probably the thing that caused my CPPS (not to mention recurring anal fissures) in the first place.

Unfortunately, just because I fixed the Pelvic Floor, the inflammation still persists in my prostate. Over the most recent 6 months, my doctor tried weekly prostate massages for 6-weeks (very brief, maybe 45 seconds or so), and the first few times it burned and he said it felt very boggy / swollen. After one of the massages, I asked him to take a urinalysis, and it turned up clean (no white blood cells which may indicate infection; nothing at all). Toward the end of the 6-weeks, the prostate felt less "full", and when he massaged it, he said it felt very small, maybe even smaller than normal for my age (29). I started Vistaril which did nothing. I then started Elmiron and also a Flower Pollen Extract. He said to increase dosage of Elmiron to 3x daily (100 mg each pill). I did that, and after 2 weeks, I felt like my desire for sex was slowly increasing, maybe up to about 25% of normal; however, I also started getting very cold chills, like shivering chills. He said to scale back to 2x a day for a bit. The chills subsided, but symptoms went back to their normal state. I asked if I could try 3x / day again, he agreed. I have now been on it for over 3 weeks and am not having the symptom improvement this time around, and also not having the chilly side-effects, either. Weird?! It's like the Elmiron isn't going to work, this time.

Last week, the doc did a Cystoscopy and said there were no ulcers or anything except he could see enlarged blood vessels (in the bladder, I believe) which are consistent with Prostate inflammation. Not very informative. I am guessing the inflammation is now isolated to the part of the prostate near the penis, which can't be felt from the rectal massages.

So, I still have ongoing extreme reduction in Libido, as well as almost no sensual feelings in my penis. I can get an erection and ejaculate without pain, but it takes an extreme amount of focus to do both of those things. It used to happen at the drop of a hat. Touching my penis feels almost rubbery, like it's numb. Yet, if I lightly touch it, the nerves seem to pick up the sensitivity. Nipples feel more ticklish than sensual, also. If anyone else touches my penis, it feels bad, like when your foot falls asleep and you touch it, it almost hurts just from a touch.
I think there's just something "shut down" in my body from this inflammation. If I press lightly right above the public bone, I almost always feel a burning sensation below the bone, like I am pressing my prostate or bladder, and it pushes the swollen blood vessels (Sometimes I feel nothing but that's rare. Having a full bladder makes it more likely to hurt when lightly pressing).

My question is, what can I try on my own, or push my doctor to do, next? I have tried hot baths here and there, which feel nice, but don't seem to be progressing me further. The only other thing he's mentioned that we haven't tried is Heparin Injections inserted through a catheter once a week for 6-weeks. I would certainly try it if it's going to help at all. I would try ANYTHING! I actually feel like he is a good doctor, with decent experience with CPPS, but I just want to see what others have experienced. I am currently trying, on my own (he said to try anything on certain trusted websites), a tumeric extract (Thorne Meriva SR-500) which is supposed to be a great anti-inflammatory. I've only been on it for 1 week so time will tell. I kinda quit the Flower Pollen extract since it's expensive and after 3 months, I'm still basically in the same boat as when I started it. The Elmiron is also very expensive and I am about to give up on it, as well. I return to the doc and run out of Elmiron in Mid-February 2016, so I would like to get an idea of what else I can do between now and then.

I really hope someone out there has a similar story or a suggestion. This libido problem has been nagging at me everyday for over a year, now, and I am trying to keep a positive outlook, but feel I am running out of options which is depressing!

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I find a few similarities between your case and mine. I don't know the cause yet, though. I'm still struggling to know it.

It's interesting what you mention about your nipples because is something I've noticed also. Even if I touch a nipple a little with my arm when dressed and the T-shirt rubs it I have that ticklish sensation that you say. I thought it was normal but maybe not. Also I noticed, and this is the weirdest thing, that if I rub a nipple for a while, that ticklish sensation also can be felt in the penis, like if it were some connection. It doesn't feel like a sexual pleasure at all, nor make an erection happen. I don't know why that happens and I wish I could.

Some months ago, I read a book named "The Function of the Orgasm" by Wilhelm Reich, a man who was banned by the official sciencists because he talked about a kind of energy that is the energy of life. He said that that energy is what is involved in our orgasms. He said that when that energy is low, our orgasms are weaker. The book was pretty frustrating to me because it doesn't explain concrete things about how to solve that "energy lack". But several things in it made me think a lot. For example, he says that sometimes that energy moves from the genital area to anothers (maybe the anus, the nipples...) and you need to reestablish the balance again. I don't think all of that can be easily dismissed because my personal experiences. Maybe he was in the way to accomplish something.

The other day, after a few days of abstinence from ejaculation, I felt that ticklish sensation in a nipple again when the clothes rubbed it, I rubbed for a while and I felt the ticklish sensation in the penis. I wondered if that can cause some kind of orgasm and I kept rubbing, and before 6 or 7 minutes some preseminal fluid came out of my urethra. I couldn't reach the orgasm, it seems there are limits that can't be reached only by nipple stimulation, but I thought again about Reich's book.

I wonder if in normal conditions, that ticklish sensation in the penis caused by nipples rubbing must be sexual pleasure. I don't know because when I was healthy, when I hadn't prostatitis I never stimulated my nipples. But it seems that nipples and penis are in some way connected.

Here is my personal case thread, if you want to check if you feel identified with other symptoms, check it out:


Author:  Fantom451 [ Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! Yes, I have nearly identical symptoms, but I think I have come farther along with my doctor than you have. I still don't know how to fix the remaining inflammation that is killing my libido, but I think we're all getting on the right track. I also think it will vary from person-to-person, so sharing experiences on here is the best thing for us.

I replied to your thread about your experience so far. As far as symptoms go, I didn't see much difference in what you described. Although I wonder if you have had any urinary symptoms? Apparently, it's common to have frequent urination with this, but I haven't. However, after I did physiotherapy and learned to relax my Pelvic Floor muscles, I noticed that when doing the Pelvic Floor stretches (breathing out while pushing your muscles like you're trying to poop), a 1 to 6 drops of urine will come out of my penis. I think this is related to muscles that were once very tight now being relaxed, and not being used to that. And also, it mainly happens while doing the exercise. Only sometimes does it happen during that day, and it's like 1-2 drops.

Your and my symptoms are consistent with prostate inflammation according to my doctor. There is no mystery, here. Your symptoms are caused by the inflammation in your prostate (which was proven by your doctor pressing on it). That question has been answered, but the next step is difficult and has an unknown number of causes: "WHY is your prostate inflammed and HOW do we stop it?" It seems that this starts with some combination of muscle tension (pelvic floor tightness which has numerous causes) or trauma (urine making its way into the prostate which has numerous causes).
As far as nipples goes, mine were VERY sensitive before this flare-up, and yeah, tweaking them enough can cause preseminal fluid. That's totally normal for me back before I lost my libido. Reich is probably correct, but I don't think his book is really going to tell us much. Yeah... different sexual components are all connected. That tells you that when the prostate is sick, the whole sexual system is sick.

I'm curious: have you had a rather sedentary life? Did you sit a lot as a child, young adult whether it be for school, work, video games, etc? I did. I sat A LOT and was a fat kid. At age 20 or so I started gradually losing weight as I got out of the house once in a while. But then I ventured into my career which is very sedentary as well. I am now a healthy weight, exercise regularly, eat healthy, etc. But I think the problem is once you get inflammation in your prostate, you can't just fix it by changing the things that caused you to get there. Inflammation is a different animal that requires different techniques to break.

Author:  Maclondon [ Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Nipples are erogenous zones, so the nipple 'symptoms' described above are normal. Not all men have responsive nipples but some can be very sensitive apprently.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

All I was saying is that my nipples were sensitive my entire life until this prostatitis flare up that killed my libido. The hypothesis is that prostate inflammation negatively affects all your errogenous zones since that's what I'm observing with my own symptoms. Now my nipples are not sensitive, but I also have other sexual symptoms like difficulty with erections, low sensitivity in penis and genitals.

Author:  Chavalote [ Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

My urinary symptoms are also not exactly the same as another men's with chronic prostatitis. There were nights that I woke up to urinate one or two times, but now that's not happening to me. I think our problem is different from that another cases of chronic prostatitis. Yet, another urinary symptoms that I do have are post-urination dribble and a mild burning sensation (which can vary depending on the day). The dribble is always there indeed, it's something annoying. I have got used to use a cleanex to clean my urethra after urinating and wait a little until putting again my clothes because if I don't do that, sometimes I can really wet my shorts. Specially when I sit, it's like if that pushes the prostate and squeezes the last drops.

I also feel the same burning sensation in the rectum and anus. When I clean the anus with an sponge (I quit the toilet paper because I thought it may be irritating) I feel a very similar sensation to the one inside. I feel that the inflamation is all spread out to that whole zone. I also have unbalances in the guts sometimes, and soft feces that clearly seem to be related to the burning sensation. Because when I have that, the burning sensation feels worsened.

And answering to your questions, I'm these days having a bit a sedentary life, but sometimes I go out for running, making exercises, I was a practicing karate a lot of years and until the past year and I didn't feel any improvement. When I was a child I was in the street playing a lot, not much time sitting. I'm not obese and wasn't when I was a kid. I don't think the sedentary life is the cause in my case, at least not the only. I'm suspecting something triggered my prostatitis some years ago, maybe some infection or allergy. Ironically, when I was practicing karate and was in better physical conditions.

I don't think either that my problem is due to a muscle problem. Maybe muscles stress are a consequence and not a cause.

Did you read the last posts of my thread? Do you have another symptoms of inflamation in another parts of the body (turbinates, synus, etc...)? Do you have guts unbalances? Maybe your problem and mine are caused by some allergy or autoinmune unbalance. I'm not sure yet, though.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Yes, I also experience the post-urination dribble. It's for me about 2-3 drops, so I can usually squeeze it out and shake it off. I usually notice that if I check my underwear, 1 drop will have emitted later. Not a huge deal, and definitely not "really wetting my shorts" as you say. I do notice that sitting after urinating I can almost feel as if I am peeing 1 single drop of urine. It's very odd.

Yes, the rectum/anus burning has been present for me, although it fluctuates. A few days ago it was more burning, but today it seems to not be burning. I don't understand why it fluctuates. I have had anal fissures (Tears in the anal area) since I was about 14 years old. I am now seeing that it was due to the muscle tightness that I had in my pelvic floor. I'm still getting a fissure here and there, but they are MUCH reduced and heal a lot faster now that I have begun relaxing the pelvic floor during the day. I also think this lead me into the chronic prostatitis which caused me to hold urine and squeeze it into my prostate. But yeah, when I feel more burning in my prostate, it also means bowel movements burn more. They seem to go hand-in-hand. And yeah, all the nerves in your entire pelvic area and rectum are apparently very very close together. They have the same entry point, so inflammation in one area feels like it's in other, non-related areas.

Well, with chronic prostatitis, I think there are literally hundreds of possible reasons to get there. The point is, we all got here in different ways. Once inflammation begins in the body, it tends to repeat over and over in a cycle. We have to figure out how to 1. remove the initial cause, and 2. break the inflammatory cycle. You may or may not have had any muscle involvement. I'm pretty sure I did, and plus the sedentary lifestyle really makes that worse.

I went back and read that post (you have a lot of posts and replies so I'm not fully caught up), but as for the other things you mentioned with the turbinates, I definitely do NOT have those symptoms. My problem was born in the pelvic region (or possibly gut) but I don't have anything like that to relate to. And I also have a specific EVENT (holding urine too long) that took me from low-grade symptoms to full-blown loss of libido for over a year now. So I can point to a day and time when I know I caused the prostate inflammation to get so bad, it took my sex drive, erections, etc. with it.

I also tried the antibiotics (sulfa first) and they did nothing. I had to switch to another after about 2 weeks on sulfa, because I started getting a reaction to it. I felt chills up my arm and down my back. The doc said to stop taking it. The odd thing is, still to this day (1 full year later this January) I still get chills very easily. I mean I have lost weight over the past 3-4 years (about 30 pounds) so that could be part of it, but I'm cold all the time now. I hope taking that sulfa antibiotic didn't damage something in me.... I have told docs about it but all they can say is "oh, noooo. That antibiotic is well out of your system by now". Duh. I feel like it did some permanent damage to some system in me :\ And of course, it did nothing to help the inflammation. And why would it? I am positive that holding the urine so hard is what caused this flare-up. I think tight pelvic floor muscles caused the previous low-lying issues.

My previous symptoms to this event were just occasional sudden pain in the prostate area, like a brief sting that I would get sometimes during sitting or certain movements. I generally had a dull ache after ejaculation (but everything was strong - erections were rock hard, etc), just a little discomfort after from the low-lying inflammation. Other days I never felt anything. I seemed to have very dark brown urine every morning, which the doc said that was probably the shedding of inflammatory cells in my prostate. I no longer get the brown urine, just cloudy/murky, now. I am guessing that I sealed off some of the acini drains in the prostate, so now instead of the inflammatory cells draining out overnight, they stay in there and aggravate the prostate (and kill my libido). I don't know how to unclog the acini but that would probably be the best ticket for me, and possibly you too. However, you also need to figure out your whole-body inflammation with the synus and all that; that's key.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

By wet I mean just drops.

I don't know if it's the same thing what you mean by chills, but when taking trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole I experienced trembligs in the whole body, even during the night I woke up because my body was shaking inside. If I was sitting I could feel the shaking in my back against the chair, like if a bunch of worms were moving inside my back. It was a very scary thing. Also I had mild ringing in my ears. All of that is still noticeable but much less. I hope in the future it will heal completely.

Antibiotics are poison indeed. Today, the general doctor has told me there are a lot of voices against antibiotics nowadays because they are harmful. I think it's a wrong path. We need to understand why bacterias get pathogenic instead of killing them.

And the worst of all is that they didn't do nothing for my prostatitis. I could have endured the side effects if the treatment were correct but it wasn't.

I totally agree with your logical approach. I always tell doctors that. We need to know the cause of the inflamation first and then stop it. But some of them look at me like if I were saying something weird. Some doctors seems to don't be using the logic at all, like blocked in their dogmas.

I really feel pain even before ejaculation when I'm worsened (mine also fluctuates). That is horrible because masturbating is no long a pleasure, it's itchy and burning. You can't also "edge" the orgasm because that feels bad, you feel the burning in the basis of the penis until you ejaculate. Then, it comes a fatigue and a burning sensation that goes decreasing. And you feel unsatisfied, you want to masturbate again but you know that if you do it again it will be the same or worst. It's frustrating.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I have the same issue with masturbating. Mine isn't itchy or uncomfortable, but my penis is just not sensitive and feels almost numb, like rubbery. I definitely notice a burning sensation below the base of penis (prostate I assume), particularly when edging. It doesn't get very painful, just a burn. I also usually feel a burn upon ejaculating, but not always. Oddly, I believe my segment semen feels cool where it used to feel very warm. I wonder if that's related to inflammation.

We really need to find some combination of treatments that reduce inflammation. I'm not sure how to organize all the info about treatments that are mentioned in these forum posts. Have you heard anything about Heparin injections through a catheter? My doc wantsv to do that weekly for six weeks. I'd like to try accupuncture next before more did, though.. Have you had a consult with a a physiotherapist , yet, to check your pelvic floor?

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Yes, it's very similar to what you described. I also have that numbness and the glans tends to deflate soon if I stop touching my penis. I remember before this my glans could keep tight for a long time and touching it felt good. Now I feel it like hypersensitive, like if the nerves were inflamed. I have also mild fissures on it. Another think that concerns me is that I have no arousal, no fast heart beating, no psychological arousal. I have forgotten what's getting "horny", indeed. Sometimes I can, but it's a day or two among months. It's a mistery.

I prefer checking other thinks before injections and invasive treatments. I really have not try much things, only antibiotics and now I'm trying glucocorticoids but at very small dosage. I didn't know that my problem was a prostatitis until a few months ago.

I haven't visited a physiotherapist yet. The main reason is that I find strange, telling by what I feel, that this is caused by a muscle problem. All the threads I have read about that describe different symptoms than mine (unbearable pain when sitting, for example). I would like to try acupuncture because I have read a lot of comments saying that it worked, but I don't know any reliable place in the city I'm living. If glucocorticoids and another oral options don't work I'll think about visiting a physiotherapist, though.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I would try physiotherapy before steroids, but that's just me. I didn't think muscles would be involved, either, until she told me my sphincter was so tight, it was cutting off the circulation in her finger as she tried to released the know in the middle. It really wasn't that unpleasant, but it did take many visits over about for months and was expensive. I'm glad I learned how to relax my pelvic floor, though.

What medicines do you take ? I started Prilosec the year before my initial testicular pain. Wondering if that started things and then I really messed up by holding urine I am currently trying to wean off Prilosec after being on it over for years. I think I didn't really need it anyway for this long.

The steroid things I have never considered. Id have my testosterone checked and it was a low number, but they told me it was completely normal. I had to ask many times to get the test and to repeat it. I looked up online and for my age it should have been much higher, yet doctors swear there's nothing wrong with my results. T was 346, and bio available was 163, but range is 131 to 682. I do wonder if the lower numbers are caused by my prostate being inflammed, or if the lower numbers caused my prostate problems. I believe it's probably not the actual cause, but is a side effect. But I'm not sure.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I'm taking glucocorticoids to see if this is caused by some autoinmune unbalance (I have also another symptoms such as muscle mild pain). Since yesterday I've taken two days of dexamethasone at 1 mg dosage. Maybe the dosage is too low to notice, but ironically, yesterday my libido was bad and my ejaculation burned like in the worst moments. I'm not still sure if this is the right treatment.

I don't think that testosterone have much to do with my problem. It appeared once at higher levels than considered normal (like 10% above) and my libido was too low. Neither testosterone nor dihydrotestosterone have appeared low in any of my blood tests. A lot of doctors always blame testosterone to be the cause of low libido, it's like if testosterone were the magical hormone to boost the libido, but is not. There are a lot of causes that can lower the libido.

I don't have much money, that's one of the reasons why I'm leaving physiotherapy for later. They are expensive.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Ah,OK. Well it sounds like you're on the right track trying to figure out your whole body problem. I do think it's important to find the original cause of the inflammation, resolve that, then figure out how to stop the inflammation.

Have you tried a hot bath at all? They are also called sitz baths and I find them very helpful when my flare up happened and I had burning pain all over the pelvis. It instantly melted half the pain. I don't have widespread pain now but I still take sitz baths a couple nights a week just to help get blood flow to the area. I probably should do it more often but it's hard to work it into a schedule.
Again, I really don't have persistent pain, just persistent sex drive problems and burning when ejaculating, full bladder, and sometimes when initially sitting down froma standing position. Also if I change seated positionsi sometimes feel it.

Author:  Chavalote [ Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I've tried hot baths sporadically but it didn't work. I can't do all days because I use an electric heater and it's difficult to fill the bathtub. I don't know if that could work at long term.

Anyway, I suspect something is inflaming my prostate and other tissues. I wish I could know the exact cause. It feels like if something is inside making it itchy and burning, like if a mosquito had stung there. The left side feels worse, sometimes that sensation goes to the testicle zone and if feels like also the left part near to it is inflamed, specially before ejaculating.

I don't have pain usually also, it's very mild all the time, except when I masturbate or simply have an erection, when it starts to feel bad.

Second day taking the glucocorticoids and no noticeable changes, maybe the dosage is very low or just is not an autoinmune problem. But if not, what else could it be? A fungus? Urologists always say that is very improbable because fungus "can't live too long in the prostate". It's a mistery, indeed.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

A hot bath doesn't just cure prostatitis. A series of hot baths over a long period of time may help reduce the inflammation and help things heal. I don't think there is anything at all that just suddenly fixes this problem.

Yeah, I don't have serious pain, either. When it started (as mentioned in my story, above), the prostate hurt mildly here and there, and when ejaculating. Then, I had a flare-up and I had burning everywhere in the pelvis, including the anal area. Now, after a year of healing, I'm down to just mild pain when my bladder gets full, or if I sit a certain way in the prostate. I can push my fingers just above my pubic bone, and I'll feel a burning pain where I'm pushing. I don't know if this is my bladder or prostate that I am pushing. No pain after ejaculating, and my ejaculate looks and feels normal (although sometimes it's very cold). My sexual symptoms are just low frequency of erections (only if I focus hard for a long time), low sensitivity in the penis and erogenous zones, and orgasms are weak. Overall drive is low (psychologically I want sex, but my body doesn't seem to have any interest).

My prostate stopped feeling as full or pressured (not really pain, but like my perineum and rectum felt full all the time) after my doctor did 6 prostate massages, once a week, for 6-weeks. After that he did a prostate exam and I didn't even feel his finger (almost like it's numb?). He said it no longer felt swollen or anything. Have you had prostate massages??

As for your question, it is important to remember that there may not be *anything* causing your prostatitis, because there doesn't have to be. Apparently, not everyone has an actual cause for this problem; it just happens. From what I have been told and read online, outside of the acute/bacterial version (which we don't have), the chronic version usually happens randomly, and heals randomly. It sounds like something that lasts a few years (like 2-4 years or so). I have read on this forum of guys saying they've had it for like 20 years and going, but that doesn't seem to be very typical.

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

The sexual symptoms you describe are similar to mine. I feel identified with that "psychologically I want sex, but my body doesn't seem to have any interest" thing. It's really frustrating. In my case, the problem is not that erections frecuency got lower, simply it's impossible to me reaching a full erection without touching. Not to say about spontaneous erections, they simply are gone. That concerns me a lot. The only erections I can have without touching are sometimes, morning erections, but they are painful, specially in the sides of the penis base. I hate how almost the doctors reduce this problem to a psychological or an age question, when I'm sure it's not. I can't imagine myself having healthy spontaneous erections again. I wonder what is the cause of this. I guess it's the prostatitis, but maybe it's not the only cause. Arousal is also gone. This is driving me crazy.

I haven't done properly any prostate massage. No doctor have proposed that and I tried by myself but (as I described in my thread), I couldn't do it well and even I had weird symptoms once. I don't know how to do it well. I end always stopping because I'm scared of doing it bad and damaging something.

I quote the post from my thread in which I described my massage weird and scary experience:

"Here goes an update of my case. A very weird experience I had yesterday which made me think this is perhaps more grave than I thought, and that maybe it is connected with all the health problems I have.

I tried to masturbate in the bed before going to sleep and it was worsened. When the penis was erect it was annoying and I felt something running from my prostate zone to the tip of my penis through it, it's not exactly a unbearable pain but it makes the whole thing unpleasant and, as always, when I was close to the ejaculation it was a feeling like if nettles were running through my penis. No orgasm, no pleasure. Then I thought I must do something and I remembered what I have read in this forum about how a prostate massage can relief the gland flushing the "bad stuff" outside.

I have tried that other times but very shyly and without success. I don't know where exactly the prostate is and I can't identify it with my finger. So I usually get scared of keeping rummaging there and I leave it. But yesterday I used the tip of a toothbrush to see if I can reach the prostate and feel the same painful feeling that I had when the urologist explored that zone. I inserted carefully it about 4 or 5 centimeters and moved it lightly but I don't know if that was the rectum or the prostate. Sometimes I thought I had found something but it was difficult to tell, so I kept like 5 minutes with that inside moving it to see if I can take out the milky stuff. Sometimes I had a light sensation in the urethra but it dissapeared soon. There was also no erection, so I think I didn't do it well.

Anyway, when I was like 5 minutes doing that suddenly I started to feel very bad, like if I had fever or influenza. I felt nausea, even I thought I was going to vomit, and also I felt fatigued and dizzy; also my arms and legs weakened. It was nothing subtle, it was enough clear to make me feel scared and immediately stop. I thought if I continued I would have vomited or fainted.

I washed my anus and hands with water and soap and lied down in the bed anxious, asking myself if that feeling will continue or not. Luckyly, it soon stopped. So I guess it was due to the trying of the prostate massage.

So I have thought two theories:

1 - I have an infection in the prostate and I "moved" it and/or maybe made it more active. Sometimes, when ejaculating I feel that dizziness and weakness in the legs but that was like the hard version of it.

2 - I have some kind of inflammation in the rectum and keeping a few minutes moving something inside it triggered something bad in my whole body.

Anyone had experienced something like that? I'm concerned. What can be the explanation to that weird phenomenon?

Anyway, I wish I know how to perform correctly a prostate massage because when I masturbate and ejaculate the feeling is that it is like obstructed, so I think that maybe that can help. I have read a lot of stuff about it, I have even seen explanation videos but I can't identify the prostate nor massage it correctly to flush the fluid."

Author:  Inflamed [ Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Chava, have you had your testosterone checked, along with dihydrotestosterone? How old are you? I noticed when I began taking a lot of probiotics, my Testosterone levels went up. I also did testosterone replacement therapy for a while, but decided to stop that.

Author:  Chavalote [ Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

My testosterone and dihydrotestosterone were ok in several analysis. Even in one occasion testosterone was at 10% higher than the levels considered normal, and my libido was low anyway. Maybe the cause of my low libido is simply the inflamation, which mess with it. If I could cure the prostatitis I would check if that normalizes my libido, but I'm having a hard time detecting the exact cause of it.

My personal theory if that if I have forgotten what a normal sexual pleasure and orgasm feels like, simply I can't arouse. I hope that that theory is right and there is not more problems aside of the prostatitis. Also, when I have occasional improvements, I have checked that both, physical sensations and psychological arousal go together, so maybe I'm guessing right.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Chavalote wrote:
The sexual symptoms you describe are similar to mine. I feel identified with that "psychologically I want sex, but my body doesn't seem to have any interest" thing. It's really frustrating. In my case, the problem is not that erections frecuency got lower, simply it's impossible to me reaching a full erection without touching. Not to say about spontaneous erections, they simply are gone. That concerns me a lot. The only erections I can have without touching are sometimes, morning erections, but they are painful, specially in the sides of the penis base. I hate how almost the doctors reduce this problem to a psychological or an age question, when I'm sure it's not. I can't imagine myself having healthy spontaneous erections again. I wonder what is the cause of this. I guess it's the prostatitis, but maybe it's not the only cause. Arousal is also gone. This is driving me crazy.

I haven't done properly any prostate massage. No doctor have proposed that and I tried by myself but (as I described in my thread), I couldn't do it well and even I had weird symptoms once. I don't know how to do it well. I end always stopping because I'm scared of doing it bad and damaging something.

I quote the post from my thread in which I described my massage weird and scary experience:

Yes I know you tried the toothbrush; I read your thread as well. I can tell you that I have never been able to do to my prostate what my doctor can do. He spends maybe 60 seconds tapping, squishing back and forth, and etc. It makes a pain shoot down my penis, and a STRONG sensation as if I am actually urinating. The first time I said "oh look out I'm peeing." and he said "nope, you won't, maybe just a drop". I never urinated one bit on him, but he was able to push out what he called "secretions". It burned a bit while urinating for the few hours. I had this done weekly, 6 times in a row. I definitely dropped in prostate discomfort, but my libido persist. Also, at some point before the massages he said my prostate felt "boggy" and he thought there was a "calcification" near the surface (which is evidence of past major inflammation). After these massages, I could not even feel his finger on my prostate when he examined it. He said "wow, it feels quite small now, and I don't even really feel that calcification anymore."
I would sometimes find that the next day after the massage, I would wake up with decent morning erections, and slightly better libido. But, he said inflammation can be deep inside the prostate and still affecting my libido. He assures me every time that my symptoms are consistent with prostate inflammation.

My point is: I never had much result myself from self-massage (which I could not reach effectively, anyway). Get your doctor to do this, or find one who will.

About testosterone: I really don't know what my levels were before the flare-up. I am pretty sure the urine-holding incident caused the major flare-up which killed my libido, so I don't think it was a hormonal issue that affected my libido. Docs did not seem concerned about my lower numbers (which were within the lab's range, but when I looked online, they were more in line with an 80year old man.) I think it's possible that the antibiotics or the stress of the sudden loss of libido messed with my testosterone. I'm not sure I want to take hormonal therapy, anyway, since I've read about the side-effects. Also, insurance can be a bear when it comes to that according to my family doc.

I am soon going to be trying Heparin injections via catheter into my bladder. I'm going to make a separate post about that.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Another symptom I didn't mention before is bowel symptoms. In the past 6 months especially, I have noticed I sometimes get a sudden, urgent need to defecate, but which turns out to only be a lot of pressure in my bowels with a very small amount of flatulence. Sometimes, a tiny amount of stool is produced. Oddly, I seem to have normal stool say, that morning, but later in the morning/early-afternoon, it's like something pressurizes the rectum.

I have seen a lot of discussion of "leaky gut." I wonder if this could be an explanation for my above symptom. I also take Prilosec, which I started about 1 year prior to my first CPPS symptom (testicular/epididymis pain), and i wonder if it's simply an occasional side effect from that pill. Does anyone else take Prilosec or know of anyone who has linked it to CPPS?

Author:  jaumeb [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Fantom451 wrote:
Another symptom I didn't mention before is bowel symptoms. In the past 6 months especially, I have noticed I sometimes get a sudden, urgent need to defecate, but which turns out to only be a lot of pressure in my bowels with a very small amount of flatulence. Sometimes, a tiny amount of stool is produced. Oddly, I seem to have normal stool say, that morning, but later in the morning/early-afternoon, it's like something pressurizes the rectum.

I have seen a lot of discussion of "leaky gut." I wonder if this could be an explanation for my above symptom. I also take Prilosec, which I started about 1 year prior to my first CPPS symptom (testicular/epididymis pain), and i wonder if it's simply an occasional side effect from that pill. Does anyone else take Prilosec or know of anyone who has linked it to CPPS?

I am not a fan of prilosec. It inhibits acid production in the stomach and this can affect the rest of digestion.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I also have had that problems. Sometimes I defecated like 3 times in a day and the feces were thin and not much consistent.

I don't know if it's because the glucocorticoids I'm taking now but now my guts are slowed down and I only go to the WC 1 time per day or two.

Would you describe the feeling you have in the rectum, prostate, testicles and penis as if there were mint or toothpaste inside? I want to know if we are suffering the same thing, because what you describe is very similar to mine.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

jaumeb - yeah, that's why I'm going off Prilosec. I have been weaning off it for 5 months, now. I plan to take my last pill in March. Doctor's shouldn't prescribe that long-term, in my opinion.

Chavolete. Hmm. Rectum pain I would describe as tightness and pressure. Like a ton of gas concentrated right at the anus.
Mint toothpaste? Maybe in the testicle or bladder/prostate area right above the pubic bone. For the most part, I no longer feel anything in the prostate from the rectum side. That all went away about 6 months ago (doc said it no longer felt boggy and it no longer hurt when he pressed). So, now my prostate pain is hard to pinpoint. It's either my bladder, bladder-neck, and/or prostate that hurts right above my pubic bone. But for the most part, I describe mine as "burning lava".

Here's the thing, I think we are suffering the same symptoms, but likely have different *causes* for the symptoms. My doc explained that the nerves for the rectum and prostate and bladder are all right there together. Pressure in the rectum (from constipation, which I don't have but it sounds like you might) presses on the prostate, causing more prostate pain. So these things hurting doesn't mean they're a source of the problem, but could just be affected by other organs.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

Has anyone else had the feeling of their penis feeling slightly numb, or insensitive, like but almost feels sticky when you touch it? That's probably my more predominant symptom at this point, at least it's the most worrisome. About twice a week I'll get a morning erection , but I can't really feel it like i did before losing my libido. I kinda feel some pressure against my underwear, and have to feel with my hand to know whether I'm errct or not.

It's not that I have zero feeling in my penis, it's that it's not sensual at all and feels very dull. I used to touch my penis inadvertently and a strong sensual erection would happen whether I wanted it or not. I used to get spontaneous erections throughout the day. None of this happens,now. I have to focus my mind on porn or sexual thoughts and touch myself for a few minutes to get a 90% erection, now, which is not very sensual.

My understanding is this is generally a symptom of inflammation feel within the prostate. But, I'm concerned about this being permanent. It definitely makes me see how people come to suicide from this condition , as this is a very depressing symptom. I'm not to that point get, and am trying to stay positive about recovery. I desperately want to understand if I have nerve damage and how to stop any damage, or hopefully help it heal.

Luckily, my orgasms are fair, not super pleasurable but also not painful. Sometimes a feel a mild burning liquid snsation right before the semen comes out. I also get slightly more penis sensitivity a couple days out of a month where it feels soft to the touch rather than sticky/numb. This seems to be possibly related to doing more of the pelvic stretches I've been doing, but I'm not sure. I recently read on this forum that a percussive therapeutic massage can be beneficial, and I've used that above my pubic bone to massage that area that seems to feel sore at times (particularly when my bladder has a good bit of urine in it.)

I still have the burning near my bladder (I presume this to be the bladder neck) about every other day. I feel a burn right as i start urinating, or if I gently press above my pubic bone. When this is sore, I'm more likely to have orgasm burning, less arousal and penis sensitivity, and post-urination leakage. But it seems the cycle is stuck on repeat and it never improves.

Currently trying : 2x daily Elmiron (5months so far) , meriva curcumin/tumeric 2x 500mg daily, multivitamin gummy 1x daily (half dose), and as of two weeks ago: Flomax once daily (no noticeable change yet).

Can anyone relate to or comment on this symptom??

Author:  Chavalote [ Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CPPS - Inflammation killing libido

I also have that numbness and sticky sensation that you describe (even if the penis is dry). It's weird, you touch the skin and it feels sticky and numb, and it can hurt when you quit your fingers just as if there were any open wound, but there isn't. That happens in the glans and even in the foreskin, or the base of the penis one. The testicles are also loose and unhealthy, and the scrotum has also that numbness and sticky sensation. Cleaning my glans after masturbation can be also a pain, because the cleanex gets fixed to the skin and it hurts when I remove it. Also it hurts when I return my foreskin to my glans. All of this can't be hypochondriac paranoia (as some doctors would suggest), there must be a cause.

The things you describe about erections are also similar to mine. Sometimes, when I have erections during the sleep they can awake me because the sides of my penis base hurt. I miss the pleasurable erections that I had years ago. I wonder also what can be causing this so chronically.

I also have realized what you said about the pubic bone zone. My prostatitis seem to affect more that zone above the penis than inside the rectum. I can tell when my orgasm will be weak and hurt a little because when I start touching my penis or causing an erection that zone already feels unpleasant.

My orgasm intensity and pain fluctuates a lot. Somedays they can be a little more normal and other can hurt a lot, but they are never at 100%. If I try to say this in percentages maybe they fluctuate between 0% and 35%, and there are days that they can go to 50% or 60%, but I can't remember what a 100% healthy orgasm feels.

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