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 Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this. 
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Post Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this.
Dear All,
after extensive trials. I found a way for me to feel better like magic, even in seconds.
I will appreciate a lot if any of you decide to take my approach and then share with me how it was. If we cooperate we may find the best approach to treat this condition.

What I did and works is:

750 mg amoxicilin + 200mg chlarithromycin + 50 mg omeprazole MORNING
750 mg amoxicilin + 200mg chlarithromycin + 50 mg omeprazole NIGHT

You should start feeling better immediately after taking it, the first two days discomfort comes and goes so maybe in some cases don't expect big changes the first two days. Third day you should be pain free (happened to me). If that's the case share with me your results

The only problem with this approach is that once you stop it, it comes back, of course I took it for a short time, maybe a longer period of time is better. For this reason I'm asking you to try it for 3 days only to see if it is true that magically you become pain free also, if it is the case you can continue until you are convinced that you are totally fine and your body is not getting strong side effects (I guess 1 month period shall the best). During this period avoid masturbation and don't take other supplements or medicines not to interfere with the optimal results.
Thanks if you decide to try this


PS: Lower dose won't be good, higher dose I've never tried... In fact I did try lowering doses, or skipping one of the 3 medicines but as soon as I did this, pain comes back, it only works if you take them the way I said. Thanks for your answers... What may potentially happen if you feel great is that because it is a strong treatment you wil get side effects and one that I believe will come is that you will develop gastro-intestinal bacterias. To me the treatment requires to target this issue also, so you do need to take probiotics or anything you may know better than me.

Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:50 am

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Post Re: Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this.

Omeprazole is a treatment for heartburn, highly unlikely its doing anything for your prostate...

But this page does talk about the combination of the drugs.

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Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:17 pm

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Post Re: Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this.
And Omeprazole is very hard on the kidneys, discontinue when possible and try to change up your diet.

Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:53 pm

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Post Re: Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this.
Dear all,
I want to share how my symptoms have evolved after the medication i took...overall i can say im feeling much much better.
I recommended the above prescription, however in the end instead of taking amoxicilin i shifted to augmentin, which is amoxicilin + clavulanate, also I lowered the dose to 500mg.
It is true that omeprazole may not be doing anything to the prostate, therefore you can avoid taking it, I did take it as this addditional component treats helycobacter pyrolis.

I can tell you that after a one month treatment, where the last week I chose augmentin instead, I was healed. during medication no symptoms at all, i was feeling perfect and living the best time. once i stopped medication my prostate symptoms remained awesome for 3 weeks, however once i stopped medication i suffered a strong constipation like i never had... actually i never had a constipation in my life so this was a tough for me.

i believe the constipation was due to the strong medication I took and suddenly stopped, so my body felt this abrupt change and collapsed. I recommend anybody following my treatment to slowly lower the dose the last 2 weeks if he is feeling great, for example, going from 750x2 to 500x2 then to 250x2 and last to 250x1. i guess this helps the body to adjust, otherwise prepare yourself for a strong constipation.
I went to the gastro-doctor and was prescribed some medication that softens the stool. I took it for a week. In fact first i took over the counter medicine to treat my constipation but it didn't work (you know those things you can easily buy without prescription). Just the day I stopped medicine inmediately the following day I couldn't go to the toilet, I was 2 days without going to the bathroom and got scared so the third day the gastro-doctor gave me the medicine and I still remained 2 more days without going to the toilet... Got afraid but on day 4th, medicine started to show its results and i was able to go back to the toilet from then on at a normal rate (i had to come back to the gastro-doctor to tell him that his medicine is not working but he sent me back home saying that it will take time)...however, I was still having the post traumatic pain of so much effort going to the toilet..anyways unluckily that week i had to travel abroad...
As soon as I was slowly recovering from the constipation I traveled to Peru (I was in Japan). In Peru i went to a local town in cusco mountains near machupicchu and i started eating local food..suddenly my stool became worse. So the second week after finishing amoxicilin "stool problems" came back..not constipation though but instead loose stool.

I already had loose stool in the past and it appeared due to prostatitis medication (i believe). so when i took the amoxicilin combo i was feeling happyy because my stool was back to normal (i was killing 2 birds with one shot), however this happiness lasted only until the second week once i stopped the amoxicilin combo because loose stool cambe back. MY penis, my pelvic area, my prostate all was feeling great, only problem now was my rectum. So I went to the best gastro-doctor in Peru and he did a complete test and found that i had low B12 and a bacteria in the stool called blastocystis hominis and he told me that this bacteria may lead to what people call irritable bowel syndrome explaining that chronic loose stool can be cured and is not a syndrome but blastocystis is potentially the cause. because of this explanation and how he targeted my B12 i consider him the best doctor...I say so because in japan they have done similar tests and they have told me that i should not care about my results if they are not quite normal (truly japan sucks in medicine) The problem is that this blastocystis pain slowly started to increase in my rectum during week 3rd and that's when my penis started having back some mild burning sensation, but to be honest is so so mild that i feel i can live with that forever, i mean, compared to before it has dramatically improved. Today i'm in week 5th after stopping amoxicilin combo and haven't treated yet blastocystis because when i got my results i was back to japan and in japan they don't do such a test and what is worse, the medicine i was suggested to take is called nitazoxadine 500mg and in japan doesn't exist, or better said is prohibited..and what is worse, that bacteria is considered not to exist in japan and therefore the country doesn't solve this I just recently realized sending medicine by mail is prohibited so i'm stuck with a problem that i truly believe will clear me back again because im sure the whole pelvic area is connected, if now i have rectal pain anda bacteria in my instestines im sure the problem is irradiating to my urethra and therefore giving me mild pain there also, because pain comes mostly after going to the prostatitis pain may come once every other day and only during going-to-the-toiler hours so I clearly see a link...

In this sense guys i strongly recommend you my treatment, it totally works, at least it will improve your quality life...oh and i forgot to mention the most important thing of the story...i went back to the doctor to do a semen test and now i have two bacterias in my semen:
staphylococcus and corynebacterium
I'm surprised because in the past every test i took i was always cleaned but the pain was horrible in my urethra and now that the pain has dramatically improved i finally can detect bacterias .... my idea is that amoxicilin combo + prostate massage (i had while in treatment) finally released the bacterias to my semen to be detected. In japan they told me that they don't treat these bacterias, that is ok living with them (now you understand why i hate japanese doctors). They sent me home and well i do not care for now as im targeting this blastocystis first...i need to travel to some country that can give me that medicine..that's my dilemma.....oh and funny enough this medicine nitazoxadine (or secnidazol or tinidazol, which attack blastocystis) are used for prostatitis once again i feell all is connected and I'm giving now the second fight where i feel i'm finally winning...

PS: after amoxicilin combo my prostate size has decreased even more... I have stopped cernilton, quercitin and all those fancy things that "help" the prostate and wow im impressed. in the past when my prostate was getting bigger i started developing pimples on my forehead..once i targeted this with cernilton it stopped slowly...but now after amoxicilin combo it neves comes back....really impressed how my body tells me things and i need to listen to it....

Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:55 am

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Post Re: Cure to prostatitis. Please follow this.
Just to clarify to the readers..

YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FULL COMBO. This combo is the conventional combo to treat helicobacter pyrolis, that's how i discovered this. I took it for helycobacter and magically i was healed from prostate discomfort.
For helycobacter a one week treatment is enough, once i stopped the treatment, prostate pain came back (basically urethritis discomfort). Because of this I decided to continue the treatment for 3 more weeks as I was feeling great.
I could say i stopped the medicine for a couple of days, and noticing prostate pain was coming back i thought that i needed a longer treatment with the same combo to destroy the bacterias in my prostate... I belive I did a good choice because as soon as i went back to the combo medicine prostate pain went away again...
Last week of my treatment i went to the doctor to share my discovery, he suggested to change to augmentin now as it is more related to target prostate issues...
this means that i took augmentin + clrarithromycin + omeprazole in the end. therefore if you want to try my treatment you have to take the full combo...start with amoxicilin (not augmentin)...i guess you can end the last week with augmentin.... also you can avoid omeprazole because as people say here it may not influence at all..... therefore i suggest start the first week as as i said and the second one remove omeprazole ....if pain doesn't come back it means indeed has nothing to do and the key is amoxicilin + clarithromycin together....

please try must feel great on day if nothing happens to you likely this is not for you and you won't hurt your body because you just took it for 3 days and that's literally nothing...... though if you are feeling amazingly great like it happened to me..continue for a month and be ready for gastro problems at the end..don't expect a heaven pill, medication comes with side-effects and the one here will give you gastro-problems.. in my case i easily developed constipation and then blastocystis but likely the latter happened because of some "nasty" food in the mountains...
im happy to read your experience if you follow this



Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:34 am
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