My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgasms
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Author:  presto423 [ Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:05 pm ]
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I've experienced similar symptoms at various times while having prostatitis, and the ones which I have similarly experienced are:

~ sweating at night, sometimes profusely even though I have the fan on high and it's not above 80 degrees outside, or inside the house
~ chills and getting cold easily, once in a while shivering (a short event of a shiver, not a continuous shivering)
~ discolored stool, usually orange tinted, but at times an almost radioactive green and/or dark green (I mean as dark or darker than a pine tree...*sorry pine trees*)
~ lots of itching sensations in various parts of my body, and an urgent kind too...and tingling

These symptoms are normal to have once in a while, I think, other than perhaps the discolored stool. But the frequency I have them isn't. Especially the sweating and itching. I added another blanket not too long ago, which could explain the sweating in part, but when I didn't have that extra blanket, I was sweating quite often. My neck and head and pillow are almost soaked when I wake up at night. Itching is a common thing when weather changes, especially from humid to dry, and hot to cold. Excessive skin shedding can also cause it. Washing your hands frequently can make skin dry and more susceptible to shedding more frequently. But a soft, moisturizing soap and/or lotion can remedy that. If one were to reduce the number of handwashes per day, and only use moisturizing soap/lotion, then it would rule it out if the itching continues for a week or so past the point of reducing handwashes and skin-drying habits. I've read of an invention that does something called thermal balancing therapy, which helps regulate body temperature in a localized area via wearing a pack/pad that is about the size of a heating pad or cold pack. You'd need to look it up since I can't post a link to anything about it, or ask me in pm for a link. One study conducted regarding it's efficacy says vasoconstriction at the capillary level is a cause of chronic pain and inflammation, and an imbalance in local, internal temperature. Or it could be initiated by the imbalance in temperature locally (e.g., in my upper back for instance) which is the effect of something else. It is used to "melt" kidney stones and heal internal injuries.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:35 pm ]
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Chav, how have you been doing? Did the flu symptoms resolve? Wondering about the status of your prostatitis symptoms.

Author:  Chavalote [ Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:53 pm ]
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My flu like symptoms fortunately resolved and didn't come back, but nothing of the supplements I took did anything and my prostatitis symptoms are like always. I have been quite depressed, that is why I haven't come for a while.

I don't know what else I can try.

Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:37 pm ]
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Don't get discouraged Chav, it's a difficult process to recover from but it is possible to recover from, imo. I myself, i'm still doing alright, and things seem to still be slowly clearing up. I've figured out that i need to wait about 10 days between ejaculation, i'm not sure why but that seems to be best, i've tried 7 to 8 days in between and it didn't work as well as 10 days in between. I'm still taking Berberine/Milk Thistle, Fluconazole, Saw Palmetto/Pygeum Africanum, and started back taking some pure Allicin (aka AllicinMax from the UK), i'm still not sure if the Allicin is doing anything at all for me but i do know it seems to help with some sort of like wart on my finger. Basically i've learned to find the right treatment and just abstain from ejaculation as long as possible (about 10 days or more) and then ejaculate, and slowly but surely things do seem to be getting better.

I still say, if yours is microbial, whether bacterial or fungal, you need to find a good combination to help stop the growth of the microbes and then build up your prostatic fluid for about 10 days or so, and then ejaculate to get those microbes out, and little by little you should start seeing improvements. I myself, probably still have quite a few months, maybe another year left to go, i'm guessing, but if i keep doing what i'm doing, i'm pretty sure i'll finally get over this. Also, Ibuprofen seems to help with fever and kinda helps to make me not feel like i have to pee as often.

Do not let this stuff bring you down man, it IS solvable, we've just gotta figure out how, for each individual case. I know it's easy to get discouraged, but keep on it until you figure something out, or just give up and either try to learn to live with it, or get the prostate removed. But do not give up or get the prostate removed, until you've tried everything, imo.

I've tried stopping the Fluconazole but things started getting a bit worse so the Fluconazole is definitely doing something for me, and i still do believe Berberine to be helping me, so so far that seems to be my treatment at least. Remember, with Berberine, it needs to be taken 4 times a day with Milk Thistle (or another P-glycoprotein inhibitor) each time due to the increase in bioavailability from the P-glycoprotein inhibition. All i can really suggest man is to keep trying, try out different anti-biotics or anti-fungals, even if you think it's bacterial and not fungal there could also still be a fungal culprit involved, sometimes it's both bacterial and fungal, or it's just one or the other. If you find the right treatment that keeps the microbes from being able to replicate, the only thing then is to get the microbes out of the prostate by ejaculation but wait at least 10 days in between each ejaculation. If your case is indeed microbial, it should be recoverable from, just gotta find the right treatment. Also don't be afraid of pharmaceutical anti-biotics or anti-fungals, i know pharmaceuticals suck and i know anti-biotics suck and they mess up/wipe out the gut's microbiome and cause candida and all that, but you can always repopulate the microbiome with probiotics or fermented foods and get rid of candida by cutting out sugar and carbs for awhile while repopulating the microbiome.

Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:28 pm ]
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Just wanted to give an update. I stopped taking the Berberine and Milk Thistle, and stuck with the Diflucan (200mgs, skipping a day in between each dose) and AllicinMax from the UK (2 180mg capsules twice a day, twelve hours apart), and so far so good, seems to be clearing up better/faster, and i've been able to go back to regular once a day ejaculation and i'm definitely noticing it getting better. It's probably still gonna take a few months maybe but things are looking better. I highly recommend trying out the Allicin, particularly in combination with an anti-fungal or anti-biotic, depending on the organism that's invaded your prostate. I'm also still taking my Pygeum and Saw Palmetto, and have also added in like 1.2 grams or so a day of Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) which helps relieve most of the bladder and urethra discomfort, i highly recommend it.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:13 pm ]
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Currently, I have no money to test any supplement. I'm alone with this, no support of my family and no job. I'm trying diet changes and garlic with lemon in the mornings.

If only I could identify the cause of my occasional improvements I could stick to that and I guess I would be cured. But I have no clue.

Author:  Trainman [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:45 am ]
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Chavalote wrote:
Fantom, I'm 38 years old and virgin. My libido is down and I can't feel normal pleasure masturbating.

Hi Chavalote

My friend, you have been dealing for years with a supposed prostate problem, and I try to understand the reason. From what I managed to understand, it is because one doctor told you that you have "prostatitis", since "once, it appeared an enteroccoccus faecalis in the urine". And since a lot of people face sexual problems after a chronic prostatitis, it seemed to you that you found what to blame. You write: "Now I have a secure diagnosis".

In my humble opinion, you've got it all wrong.

The diagnosis was "secure" of course, but if that was the reason of your anhedonia, most of the population would be impotent by now. You see, sex nowadays is not so sanitary as it was a century ago. Many people for instance indulge themselves with anal sex. Do you really believe that their urine has no sign of e-coli in? This isn't the case, and the best of doctors now it pretty well. ... 011.06.011

No my friend. Your problem is that you've let a misconception to become dominant in your life. What do I call "misconception": The idea that you can live the best years of your life on masturbation, expecting that your penis will be always rough and ready to play his role, either with the help of some erotic fantasy of yours or some movie. It won't. It wouldn't have even function properly for so many years if you'd resorted to paid sex.

Man isn't made to arouse by his mind alone. Man is made to arouse by coming in contact with women, touching and geting touched, kissing and getting kissed, giving and receiving love. Many of us of course, had to live on masturbation for a shorter or longer period of time, but that can be in the best case only a substitute. Not the real thing. Not our sexual life. Not our Love Life (with capital Ls). Resorting to masturbation for decades, is a mistake that can be fatal, psychologically and even organically. Have you ever thought that your own body may be wishing to tell you that it had enough?

Chavalote my friend, you are not sick. Even if your prostate is inflamed a bit, it is not your enemy. You wrote in a previous page, that you "usually have problems crying" and other times you have cried you have seen "improvements in your libido and orgasms". Why? Isn't this an indication that you have to trust your self again - not an antibiotic, an exotic extract, or some miraculous salvation by a doctor - but your human nature?

There is a cure in your case. It is called "Woman". Do visit a psychoctherapist, to help you start yourlife anew - not to magically restore your sexual potency. You have to throw useless stuff, tones of fear and stress and bitterness for that stupid girl who devalued you. You have to open up and let loose, not to dominate your pelvis.

You are not alone, and it is never too late. Believe me. The greatest mistake you can do, is to give up or postpone that decision. If you do, ten years later you'll be banging your head against the wall.

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I know I have a prostatitis because the symptoms, not only because a doctor told me. The same doctor touched the inflamed zone and it hurted (left side). I can feel the pain while ejaculating, where it comes from, etc.

I don't deny that there is a psychological side in all of this. But if I didn't had prostatitis my libido and sexual functions would be normal. I'm sure of that.

You know, I live in Spain. Nowadays Spain is under a toxic feminist cult. Almost all the women here are brainwashed to believe that we, men, are their enemies. They are indoctrinated by the media to think so. It's a difficult situation, indeed. And if you don't know about it I suggest you to do some research about it. It's horrible. (Just type "feminism in Spain" in YouTube).

I'm not silly. I know that I need a girlfriend. I'm now 40 years old and I have been alone all the time. I haven't found any girl like me. All of them have turned to be liars or traitors who always prefer the "bad guy". I am a very sensitive and intelligent person and I can't find a girl with the sensitivity, intelligence and empathy that I have/need.

I need more love and support than sex. I know that would help but you can't find water on a desert.

What would you do in my place? Going out desperately looking for a girl? It's not that easy. I'm what in psychology they call "gifted", I won't find a girl who understands and supports me going to a disco or a bar (by the way I hate those environments and also I hate the smoke of tobacco and alcohol).

Every year I grow older and I feel like crap. I think that I never would be loved by no woman. I don't like almost all of them. I don't like how they dress, how they make up, their hair styles, how they think... And going to "sex professionals" is something that I have never thought because it's repugnant to me. As I said, I need love, not only void sex.

You say that "ten years later you'll be banging your head against the wall". I'm now in that situation. I feel like I have been left over. To other guys is easy, they go to a bar or disco and "get the girls" but I'm not that kind of person.

It sucks to be a man and be sensitive in this culture. Nobody wants you. I have been abandoned by my family. I'm alone. What am I supposed to do? Should I go to a tribe outside this civilization to find a girl who is not indoctrinated with female collective narcissism, misandry and the destructive values of this culture? I would do that if I could, because I have lost the faith in the women of this civilization. Every time I have fallen in love with one they have traumatized me for years. All I have received from women is pain, an unbearable pain, and humiliation. Even my mother has abused me psychologically.

I like sensitive, innocent (with no evil), sincere and natural women. In this country that is almost nonexistent. What would you do if you don't find females of your "species"? What would you do if all of them looked (psychologically) like monkeys to you?

This is not a situation easy to handle. Would you trust in dogs if every time you have get closer to them they have bitten you? That is what it happens to me with women. And all of those "macho" guys thinking that if you are a virgin you are a loser. This is psychologically devastating, I know. But I feel powerless about it. Being different from the majority in this culture sucks. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you are not as different as you may think.

I'm tired of that "you are looking to something/somebody to blame" speech. What if it is not my fault? Because majority can be wrong, and usually it is. I'm a
responsible person and I don't blame others if it is my fault. But blaming me when others have abused and mistreated me is self-destructive.

Having said that, my main problem now is the chronic prostatitis. Even if I find a girl who can love and understand me, sex with her would be awful in this condition. It hurts when I ejaculate. The erection is also painful. Those are real physical problems, not psychological.

Virginity doesn't cause libido problems or painful erections and ejaculations. That is only a detail that worsens the whole problem but not the cause. I'm sure of that.

Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I hear ya Chav, i myself understand how things go. I have like high functioning Autism/Aspergers, the world can be a challenging place, for sure. I've never had luck with women, well, until recently, me and this one girl i knew but never really talked to started talking back in December after her and her ex broke up, she has two kids, but she's into a lot of the same stuff i'm into and she's very understanding and we've been hanging out like a couple or so times a week ever since and we've had sex and all (which is nice, don't get me wrong), but me personally, i find Psychedelics (specifically like Ayahuasca or Psilohuasca) to be way more interesting than anything i've ever gotten from sex, it's like therapy, spirituality/religion/mysticism tantra (and so much more) all in one lol. Sex really is overrated imo, there's better things out there for sure. And yes, love and intimacy is more important than sex. Really, the only reason people see sex as more important than it is, is because of cultural and societal mental programming.

And yes, prostatitis is most definitely a thing, maybe not everyone has it, but i'm pretty sure it's more common than not. I know for a fact i have prostatitis, it's totally obvious lol. It does suck, no doubt, but i'm freakin' determined to get over this, one way or another.

And Trainman, you don't know how horrible prostatitis can be, if you did, you'd cut Chav a bit more slack. For me personally, my prostatitis caused me about 4 almost 5 years worth of hell, hardcore anxiety, stress, i couldn't even hardly leave the house because i couldn't hardly ever piss, especially in social situations which added to the stress even more. Plus add to the mix the uncomfortableness in my bladder and urethra and always feeling the urge to piss and even going so far as a kidney infection at one point when it first started out causing horrible lower back/kidney pain and perineal pain. Things have gotten a lot better the last couple years though, i've finally gotten on the seemingly right combination of meds, and they help out A LOT, without the meds i'd be a complete nervous wreck and would probably either want my prostate removed or would kill myself lol, because there's no sense in living life with this damn prostatic burden. It's retarded that our prostates are where there are, able to block the flow of urine.

Chav, try not to let people or things get ya down though, keep the faith, hopefully one day you will be able to get this dealt with. I'm convinced it's possible to recover from, just need to deal with it in the right way, it can take a long time to figure things out but i personally have no other choice if i want an actual life again, so i'm just over here playing doctor/mad scientist with myself trying out different herbs and medicines and supplements till i find the right combination for me, and so far i've done pretty good, i'm not sure how long it'll take to get over this but i think i'm finally on the right combination of things so fingers crossed.

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas


I wouldn't say that sex is overrated, I rather think that in this culture it is misunderstood, in part due to decades of stupid pornography. I can't separate love from sex. A lot of people, including my father, not only don't understand that, they think that it's "idealistic" and stupid. But I can't imagine sex without love and confidence.

When you are an adult man and you are virgin, majority of people blame and ridiculize you. That is also a twisted and wrong view of sex. Sex is not a prize you must fight for (despite what BS darwinist "nature" documentaries say about that). In this sick culture sex is considered something that men want more than women. If you don't have it you are considered a "loser". It's all wrong. Since when has sex become a product for men to "buy" (fight for) and to "sell" for women? Some girls (on chats) have said to me why I don't go to prostitutes. I always answer "because a penis has the same value as a vagina". Why must I pay for something that they also enjoy? I mean, it's mutual. That twisted view generates narcissistic and shallow women and men full of complexes.

When I said in the urologists that I was virgin they reacted like if I were a monster. Some laughed, others looked at me like if I were a freak.

What if I'm not a "loser" and just a shy and sensitive guy who have had difficulties finding the right girl in a world of shallow and psychopathic people?

In some tribal languages they have a word for "hunger of sex". It's used for both sexes. When you have that "hunger of sex" they don't see you as a "loser" or as a "child who is mentally immature", they see a person who is suffering like if you had hunger of food. Women don't see sex as a thing to trade for goods or a way to manipulate men.

We are so used to those twisted views about sex of this culture that it's hard to realize how wrong they are. Now you have all those sado-masochistic people obsessed with domination and submission (reflecting the insane values of this culture on sex).

In Japan there are the so called "hervibores" (the word shows how twisted sex is in that culture also). Men who center themselves in their hobbies and don't go out with girls nor have sex. There are a lot of them. But most of people, instead of questioning the system and the women responsabilities on that, blame them individually. Because we are always the ones to blame: the men.

If something is overrated here is women. I would say that they have played the main role in my current isolation, lonelyness and depression, also in my lack of sex all these years. But you know, "women never are wrong", it's us, men, who are always wrong. I can't count the amount of dudes that have said to me "you don't understand women". Have the women I have had the disgrace to be hurt by them understood me and my feelings? They never ask that to themselves. Yet, they say that we live on a "patriarchy". Heck, that "patriarchy" is a weird one, because women are considered more valuable than men in almost all aspects.

How many women are virgin in their 40s? How many men? That should tell something to people.

You see, I simply don't want to play that repugnant game. I don't want to get manipulated like a monkey to get the bananas with sex. I'm virgin because I have never accepted that hierarchy. I'm still waiting for a woman who understands how real sex and love are. And the most desperating thing is that I know that while I'm in this country, it's almost impossible to find that woman.

About ayahuasca and that. I have never considered doing drugs. And even if I wanted to I have not the money to get them. I'm surviving with the few money that my father sends me. I have no job, no girlfriend, nothing. To most of the members of this culture I'm not a man, I'm slag. Nobody thinks how I ended here. Nobody thinks that maybe it wasn't my fault. It's easier to blame the victim than to blame a whole sick culture that exclude the most intelligent, sincere, honest and sensitive people.

I would get beyond this with the help of a loving, caring, sensitive woman. But in this country (and culture in general) most of them are too busy with their narcissistic BS to dig into their hearts to get back what they lost and be an authentic human being.

But you know, "don't blame others" (blame yourself, even if it's not your fault). That is how cults work.

We should notice how this culture is sick and dysfunctional by seeing the evidence that the medical system didn't do anything about us. That is a big red flag to me.

I don't need more "motivational" BS speeches. I need support and love. I'm a human being, not a machine. I hope some day (not far) I will find a girl who understand that. Now that's more important to me than sex.

Sorry for the long rant guys, but I'm really sad. I'm surviving with few money, abandoned by my family, hated by them, victim of narcissitic abuse, with no one to speak about it. I always have been sincere, nice and loving with girls and they have disregarded all of that. Some of them even blamed me for being "too good", or "too sensitive" while they complaint about how "men are bad". It's too insane. It's outrageous.

Author:  Trainman [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Hi Chavalote

The question my friend, is not whether you should "blame" yourself or somebody else. The question in everyone's case (and not only yours) is how to find the exit from a vicious cycle. And the first step, is to understand how the vicious cycle works. Understanding its function has nothing to do with blaming. On the contrary: One has to be kind with his self, his body, even his own prostate, as well as with the others, in order to understand the functioning of a whole system which should principally work to his own favour but most unfortunately works against him.

Psychological problems are not separated from the bodily ones. For instance: Many people, including me, have destroyed their teeth by grinding them involuntarily during the night (or even the day). They wake up in the morning with a taut jaw, with pain in their teeth, even in their head. Medical science calls this phenomenon "bruxism". Fine. We have a word, we have a label. It is a real problem. But it is caused by stress. Is stress a "psychological" problem or not, and how can we address it?

I know people that some months after fatal psychological situations in their life, started suffering from diabetes and two years later, they were diagnosed with cancer. Other people start suffering psoriases, hair loss, high blood pressure while their hearts work fine as a whistle (my case again). These are real problems, but you cannot fight them with antibiotics.

Virginity doesn't cause libido problems or painful erections and ejaculations - that's for sure. But I was not speaking of virginity in my post . I refered to years and years of relying on masturbation, which can cause the thigh muscles to tighten up, the pelvis to shrink and gradually start pressing the prostate, the bladder and then the kidneys. Is this process "psychological" or "physical"?

From what I understand Chavalote, you strive for years to find a cure for "chronic prostatitis" but "chronic prostatitis" is just a word, a medical label like "bruxism". What is inside? What causes it? If it were a virus, a fungus, it should be dead 100 times by now, as Sakis said to you some pages ago.

This is the reason why I am telling you, that you are experiencing a vicious cycle. You believe - you are actually sure - that your sexual problem relies on "chronic prostatitis" or the inflamation of the prostate - but in order to fight the inflamation per se, you have to take some drugs which lower the libido. If you take supplements which tend to rise the libido, you disturbe the prostate, because more adrenaline charges the tightened pelvis even more. This is a vicious cycle, which no doctor can address with drugs.

It also seems my friend that for whatever reason, you retain strong emotions against the opposite sex. When a man avoids to express negative emotions, his body tightens up. In the best scenario this is just temporarilly - emotions are born, rise up and die after a while. In the case of an emotional wound though, when negative emotions rise in every ocassion, the wound is kept open. Your sentiments against women either are kept inside you, hardening your nerves and muscles, or are somehow expressed and returned to you. This is an emotional feedback - this is another vicious cycle which feeds the previous; but it's older than the previous, for you hadn't "chronic prostatitis" when you were 18, 20, 25.

That is the reason why I suggested that you visit a therapist. Not a "sex doctor", not an andrologist, but a psychotherapist - one of the body oriented Reichian school for instance who don't fear sexuality (look for "Terapia Reichiana", "Orgonomia España" or "Bioenergetica España" in the Internet for further information). Addressing your initial wounds should be your main goal IMO, and this is a process. And of course you can always try some supplement (like D-Mannose with Cranberry or Kai Kit Wan) in order to feel that you have done the best you could for your prostate environment.

As for the Spanish women, well, I know pretty well my friend that they can be fierce sometimes, but you cannot help your body function properly sexually, while almost all the girls in your country for some reason continue to be (psychologically) like "monkeys" to you, as you said. You cannot Love a woman with your whole body, when at the same time you retain all that accumulated anger against her sex.

All these years, a wall has been built between you and the world you live in, which has isolated and imprisoned you. Break that piece of crap!

Author:  Fantom451 [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

My thought and the point that I got from Trainman's post is: your body won't heal with negative thoughts and emotions.

Chavalote wrote:
It hurts when I ejaculate. The erection is also painful. Those are real physical problems, not psychological.

Pain is 100% psychological. There is no physical thing called pain, we just relate it to physical because we say "my back hurts", etc. Your brain intercepts every impulse from your nerves and decides what it means. You can make pain worse by concentrating on it. You can make pain fade by directing your mind away from it. You can taste food very deeply, or you can ignore it and miss the pleasure of tasting it entirely. Sex can be physically the same exact motions, but enjoyable with someone you love, and not with someone that's a hookup. The brain is responsible for how you feel, not your nerves.

How you think, how you feel emotionally, how you interpret pain, whether you get an erection or not, all comes from the brain. If you bathe your mind with negativity for years and years, do you think it will grow stronger for pleasure, or stronger for pain and anxiety? The cause of your CPPS may be long gone, but the pain cycle was in your brain so long, it's still there. It has to be gently convinced that the pain is gone. This is not a thorn stuck in your prostate. In fact if you took radiology images of your prostate, I'd bet it looks completely normal. You think there's bacteria in there gnawing on it. Perhaps there are. But I think there's an extremely high chance there's nothing there. Instead your nerves remember the bacteria or whatever cause used to be there, and your nerves are still saying "Hey, I'm sore!". Your brain says "ok, let me signal some pain! Also, I'm not going to feel sexual pleasure or have a libido until this goes away." You psychologically embrace this as there's a foreign entity there, feel negativity and concern, and continue the cycle. Reconnecting to those nerves and rewiring your brain takes a lot of focus, positivity, meditation, etc.

CPPS sucks. But many have freed from it. I can't recall any of the success stories on this forum by people who said they continued feeling negative thoughts and eventually it just went away. Instead, I recall the ones who said they let go, focused on other things like the gym, studying, healthy diet, etc. and after some time, things improved.

Supplements might work for some, but supplements + negativity = maybe some more nourished cells, less inflammation, but no change to the brain's interpretation of nerve signals.
Physiotherapy + negativity = probably just slightly more limber muscles. Brain unaffected. Nerves may have some room to move around and better nourishment from blood.
Antibiotics + negativity = pain that continues after the bacteria are destroyed (again, pain is in the brain, not in the prostate). Also nasty side-effects, and possibly causes a new fungal/bacterial infection.

Author:  Trainman [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

AyaGuy2012 wrote:
And Trainman, you don't know how horrible prostatitis can be, if you did, you'd cut Chav a bit more slack. For me personally, my prostatitis caused me about 4 almost 5 years worth of hell, hardcore anxiety, stress, i couldn't even hardly leave the house because i couldn't hardly ever piss, especially in social situations which added to the stress even more.

Aya, I don't want us to compete who has experienced the worse. I mean, it's stupid. :)

I've been in trouble with this damned thing from 2013, two years ago I had pass through a biopsy for prostate cancer, thank God I am not in pains but my libido suffers, since my PSA rises together with blood pressure, and I have to take pills for high blood pressure, which destroy erections; not something you'd like when you are 53 and you realize you don't have so much time left for partying. ;)

The question of "time left" is crucial in some cases. That's why I am a bit emphatic when I discuss with co-sufferers.

Good that you've managed to find solutions in medicins. In my case, I visited the doctor due to urgency and difficulty to urinate along with symptoms of urinary tract infection. The infection was completely addressed with cypro - but all the other symptoms (urgency and difficulty to urinate, bad sleep, incompetence, constantly rising PSA etc.) remained. No drug managed to cure them. The best substances with which I felt a difference, were D-Mannose with Cranberrie (against infections from e-coli etc.), the Homeopathetic "drug" Cantharis against inflamation, and two beauties from China - Kai Kit Wan (for softening the pelvis) and Jin Kui Shen (for strengthening the kidneys).

Especially for the kidneys, I wholeheartedly suggest to someone to try Jin Kui Shen - it can restore his kidneys in former glories and give at least some temporary relief to the prostate against the pressure it gets from the thighs and anus. After the "restoration" with some doses of Jin Kui Shen, I found that a pill of Dr Christopher's "Kidney Formula" every evening before sleep, was enough to regulate the kidneys.

Saw Palmetto in my case proved to be miraculous in an initial stage - for a year I was almost cured but then a younger member of my family somehow stubbed me in the back. Not on purpose, but as you know "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"; he never uttered it, and the symptoms of the "chronic prostatitis" returned with a vengeance. Was it a coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so...

Now I am experimenting with Homeopathy. Cantharis seems to work strangely enough against prostate inflamation but it doesn't restore erections - and I find that other homeopathy "drugs" do work strangely enough, creating small changes in human psychology, which have an impact on the body.

Medicins? I have the outmost respect for the Art of Medicine but not for the technicians who prescribe drugs without "listening" to the patient, or getting new information from various sources. Most unfortunately, most urologists in every country fall into this category...

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Sorry guys, but I've not opened my heart in my last two posts to read the same old "new age" BS as always. I'm tired of that speech of "negative thoughts" (there are no such thing as "negative thoughts"). It's the same speech that the ayurvedic "doctor", who didn't even realize that I had chronic prostatitis, told me again and again until I realized that he was a psychopath who treated animals like s**t (he punched his dog in front of my eyes and he had kept animals in cages just for "relaxing" watching them) and that he was a total scam. It's the same crap that a lot of incompetent urologists have told me without even studying my case a little.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a materialistic guy, nor a fanatic of Western modern science. But that doesn't mean that I will follow the other toxic extreme and go with the lamas of the Tibet to meditate, or with the hippies to have "positive vibes" and expect that "my brain" will make me have normal orgasms and libido again. The orgasm is not only in the brain, it's caused by a complex combination of processes, the prostate is also involved and it has a huge role in it. That "all is in the brain" thing is an absurd reductionism.

If you have any disease and you take the right medicine you will get cured, no matter if you are depressed, on anxiety or whatever. The rest is magical thinking and blaming the victim. It's an abusive speech dressed in good intentions and spirituality. I have had enough of that in my life.

Don't take it like something personal, but I don't need advices or comments from people who don't understand what I'm talking about. And obviously you didn't understand nothing (specially what I have said about women).

If you want to meditate and focus on "positive thinking" (whatever "positive thinking" is) then do it. I don't believe in that BS. I believe in actual cures and that is what I'm looking for. I'm sure if I could get back my normal sexual functions and get healthy my mood will get better. You are viewing it in the opposite order.

First, there is a chronic disease --> Then it comes the depression, anxiety, etc... It's not the opposite.

And saying that the so called "negative thoughts" can cause diabetes or cancer is also cruel and blaming the victim. It's very insensitive, to say the least.

Don't take it personal, I insist, but honestly I find your narrative very toxic and destructive. This is a forum to help people with this condition, not to blame them or their "thoughts" of causing it. That is a nonsense.

Author:  Trainman [ Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Chavalote wrote:
First, there is a chronic disease --> Then it comes the depression, anxiety, etc... It's not the opposite.

And saying that the so called "negative thoughts" can cause diabetes or cancer is also cruel and blaming the victim. It's very insensitive, to say the least.

Don't take it personal, I insist, but honestly I find your narrative very toxic and destructive. This is a forum to help people with this condition, not to blame them or their "thoughts" of causing it. That is a nonsense.

Personally, I never claimed that "orgasm is in the brain", neither that a person who lost his property and got diabetes and cancer is "the one to blame" - but another reply of mine will be in vain.

Good luck Chavalote.
All the best.-

Author:  presto423 [ Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I agree with you, Chavalote, about the toxic, "New Age" bs regarding postive versus negative thinking. My aunt has had cancer at least a few times, and is a notoriously negative thinking person, according to my dad, and according to my own observations of her. She survived every case, and I also don't believe it is due to her negative thinking that she got cancer. Certain kinds of negative thinking can beget illness, but not by itself only. I had horrible anxiety and depression for years, and still have some (not going into detail about it), and most of those years I didn't become sick and didn't contract prostatitis.

I also see the what you are saying about women, and it is not exclusive to Spain. The U.S. is filled with a simultaneous women are the victim / innocent and men are the monster / guilty or to blame, and have experienced it personally and in general, and have observed it in too numerous of situations to count even if I had the time to do so. I think it is a modern myth propagated to do a number of various damages to the male psyche, and to society and culture.

It is also a power struggle, and uses people as political pawns with a primary result of worsening circumstances and furthering insane proclivities of the elite classes and undermining basic precepts of law and order. It's a twisting of natural and proper expressions of sexuality with the admonition of preventing violence, when in fact it is much more a precursor to violence, not only physical, but also social, emotional, and intellectual. It wasn't until my dad told me about the dangers of women, and their predisposition to control a man under any circumstances or conditions, that I began to consider how important it is to protect myself and to look for a difference of predisposition in the girls and women I would meet.

Much of what you say will more often be regarded with undue certainty as generalizing, assuming, victimizing, and even the next step to criminal behavior. It's sad that men continue to beguile themselves about reality, choosing to assert dominance on behalf of women who would rather consider their far-fetched plans to control with impunity and disregard for a man's emotions and mind, and not conserve empathy and comprehension of actual misguided and overt attempts to brandish men as traitors of their own sexuality and intellect.

This is similar to what other mind-control idiots have done in the past, specifically the Nazis, cults, extreme and non-extreme religious groups, so-called professionals of various sorts, and even some revolutionaries. However, it is essential, I think, to note how unobstructed these people and the messages they convey become in society, and with such ease as though they're thoroughly welcome to do so, and their messages offer supposed consolation to real victims and hurting people.

A problem such as chronic pain produces an amount of stress that sometimes attracts those who seek to beseech and condemn the person in pain for not doing what is advocated, advised, suggested, and even forced. It's basically like a nurse trying to play the doctor, and not coming to the understanding that they can only say so much from their vastly limited, and often manipulative and non-compassionate, perspective and knowledge base. Perhaps, someday, medical practitioners and others will see that compassion or empathy is only one component of providing care, and so is an actual verifiable solution.

Author:  Chavalote [ Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I'm glad you understood my points. I don't hate women, I hate what most of them has turned in this "culture".

Many people would think that this is not related to chronic prostatitis, but it is. Chronic prostatitis is a condition that only men suffer. If we live in a "society" that disregards men sexuality as "violent" and men genitals as "weapons to conquer", how can doctors feel that those are vulnerable to pain, weakness, etc.?

In Spain feminism has turned a psychopathic cult. You can talk to 100 women and 99 of them are mind-polluted to some degree.

One day I was in the supermarket buying tea bags. In one, it said "we fight feminine cancer". I felt like a black person living in South Africa's apartheid. What about prostate or testicle cancer? Is women health and life more important than men's? Yet, in this country a lot of parrots keep saying that "women are oppressed by patriarchy" and that kind of things. It's unbelievable how unchallenged are those myths even in radical circles.

The other day I was reading Native American author Jack Forbes "Columbus and Other Cannibals", a book that talks about how the "wetiko" disease, the Native American version of psychopathy/narcissism, has been destroying our human societies for centuries. The book is amazing, I think that it is correct in its statements. But Jack Forbes is a Native American from the XX Century and he went to the university. So, in one chapter he talks about how the "wetiko" disease is more a male disease, and how women are less inclined to violence and aggression. I mean, come on! I'm reading a Native American book because I want to step out of this system myths and it's also polluted with that! Ironically, feminism and their followers are clearly what he calls "wetiko" (cannibalistic, psychopathic and destructive).

I stopped reading Derrick Jensen, an author famous among environmentalists and radical critics of civilization, because his work is full of man-hatred feminism.

Even people who oppose to this system are polluted.

Here in Spain you can't say that you are against feminism because you are considered a bad guy, a "machista" (something like a male supremacist).

Doctors laughed at me when I said that I was virgin, or when I said that my libido is weak, or my orgasms weak... They disregard men sexuality because this "culture" that I'm describing.

I'm a man. I'm very sensitive. I haven't find one single women as sensitive as me, that is why I'm alone. How can that fit in their model of bad men vs good women? Am I an exception? Even my mother abused me psychologically for years! That ideology silences all my suffering.

I'm sure that if we were women suffering of some female disease most of us would had been treated more seriously by doctors, or perhaps cured. I have seen that. I have ears, and I listen how they treat the women before me in the consultation. And when I enter the room their voice and attitude changes. "It's psychological" (go home). Once, a couple entered the consultation room before me. I only listened her talk, but I could understand that the problem was his. Maybe some sexual disfunction that was preventing the "sacred woman" to enjoy sexual relationships with him. They were a lot of time in the office. I entered next, said that I had sexual disfunctions, weak orgasms, etc., but you know, there wasn't a girlfriend with me, that is the difference. The urologist didn't take me seriously.

But all of this is usually dispatched by a majority of brainwashed and desensitized zombies as "victimism", as you said, or exaggerations. Like I always say, "the real oppressed don't have a voice". If you are oppressed you don't have a whole system of propaganda and an indoctrinated majority chanting the mantras.

I know that a kind, sensitive, intelligent woman will help me a lot with this condition, even if it were only psychological support. But the probabilities of meeting one in this Spain is very low. But when you are alone and you think different to the majority, most of people blame you. They don't understand that majority can be wrong. That intensifies the anxiety, the emotional pain, the voicelessness feeling.

In a "patriarchy" this forum probably wouldn't exist. Because doctors would do any research and any effort to make the "sacred male genitals" (of domination?) healthy. So we could be ready to "oppress women" with a healthy prostate, I guess.

Having said that, today is my seventh day on abstinence from ejaculation. I don't know how many days I'll do but I wonder if seminal fluid have (like I read somewhere) antibacterial properties, storing as much as you can may help cleaning the infection. I don't know what else I can try.

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I see that in other threads people usually argue about whether chronic prostatitis is caused by an infection or is a muscle problem.

Well, what I can say about my case, and my long searching process, is that I have a chronic infection, why?

1 - The symptoms. Unlike many people here, I usually have no chronic pain in the prostate. Sometimes I have a mild pain in the lower back, pelvis, legs, etc... The prostate zone can sometimes feel itchy or burning, but usually it is almost not noticeable. My worst symptoms come when ejaculating.

When I ejaculate, usually the orgasms are weak and the penis, perineum and scrotum burns. I feel like ejaculating some kind of burning stuff, like nettles but not so hurting. My libido also gets lowered, I guess as a response to the inflammation. The erections also are painful, specially if I make an effort to tense the perineum to make it "harder" or if I move my penis to the sides.

The sexual pleasure before ejaculation sometimes gets somehow "killed" by that burning feeling. So sometimes I last a lot to ejaculate and when it comes it's like urinating mild burning semen.

I also feel that burning when urinating or even defecating, but it's far worse when ejaculating.

A muscle problem simply can't cause all of that. A muscle chronic tension can make you feel pain, but not stun your libido, weaken your sexual pleasure, and make your semen burn like nettles.

Another important thing is that when I feel improvement in the sexual pleasure, orgasms, etc... I feel the usual burning weakened like a mild mosquito itch. What that tells me is that for some reason the infection is less active and I have that kind of itch of a healing wound. Unfortunatelly, I still don't know what causes those improvements, which can come one day or two in a month, or several times in a week.

My symptoms feel like an infected throat when you swallow saliva. Nobody would think that the burning is due to a "tense throat muscles", right?

2 - One urologist made a rectal examination and not only he said that I had prostatitis. He also pressed the left side and asked me "it hurts right here, right?". It's interesting because it's the left side what I always feel more burning when masturbating and ejaculating. It's like there is some focus of infection there. I usually don't feel strong pain but pressing it it hurts considerably. So, I'm not just believing what the doctor said, I felt in my body the pain and the more affected zone (left side).

3 - I was living in Japan many years in a very poor and dirty guest house. I also caught allergy and asthma there. I suspect that I caught an infection there and since then it hasn't get cured. Maybe some kind of bacterias which my body isn't used to. Changing environments abruptly can lead to those problems. The first time a Japanese tiger mosquito stung me the swelling in the arm were so big that it was noticeable with an sweater. When "civilized" people go to visit indigenous people it's very dangerous, the indigenous people can even die due to a bacterial or viral infection which their bodies are not used to. Could it be possible that I caught in Japan a bacteria that my body is not used to? This is a theory but it's something to keep in mind.

4 - As those who have been following this thread know, I have made a lot of semen and urine cultures and bacterias came out (enterococcus faecalis, klebsiella pneumoniae and enterobacter cloacae).

5 - I have done pelvis muscle physiotherapy with no results.

6 - An infection can cause stress, anxiety and tense muscles. I think that people who blame stress, muscle tension and so on are putting a consequence before a cause. I think that it's the opposite, at least in cases like mine.

7 - While in Japan I was practicing karate. In total I have been doing karate for almost 10 years. That means that my leg muscles are trained to kick. That means that I have done a lot of flexibility. Something to keep in mind also.

8 - Sometimes after ejaculation the glans can get red zones, and sometimes it's dry and cracked. Some kind of mild balanitis. How can a muscle tension problem cause that? Does not make more sense that the bacterias in the semen somehow affect the glans also?

I don't think that bacterias are our enemies, like I said in the other thread. This is not intended to "blame bacterias". The 3 bacterias that have apperared in my cultures have normal functions in our bodies. Two of them are from the digestive system. But if you attack bacterias with antibiotics, put them out of place, etc... (and I have to say that I never have practiced "anal sex", so in my case those bacterias didn't entered my prostate because of that), they can become pathogenic. Maybe they are sick too. Maybe in Japan they have abused antibiotics a lot and a super-resistant enterococcus faecalis appeared, if not the "odd" (to say the least) sexual practices that many people practice there have made the bacterias "angry" or highly pathogenic. Then, a guy from Spain, who was living in a relatively clean environment, in a Castilla-La Mancha small town with a lot of country zones full of olive trees, goes there and maybe he gets infected easily by touching something in the toilet or the shower? I don't really know, but it seems a coherent and logical theory.

Wilhelm Reich, a Freud student whose works were considered controversial by many, suggested that there is a relationship between muscle tension and anxiety in the pelvis and weak orgasms. I read his book "The Function of the Orgasm" and some things make sense, some others are too vague. He says that a lot of patients of him lost their "orgasm energy" due to chronic anxiety and tense muscles in the pelvis. But again I ask, how can he knows that those people weren't suffering infections in the genitals, and the muscle tension were just a consequence of that? His patients were all living in a modern crowded city, in the age of antibiotics, where infections affected a lot of people and new resistant bacterias appeared. Would had found him those problems among the bushmen, the ainu or the yanomami? I think that the answer probably is no.

Further, I have the theory, because my readings and searchings, that chronic prostatitis and sexual dysfunctions are caused by civilization, specially industrial civilization. But I'm not an scientist and sadly I can't get the funding to do studies to prove this. But I highly suspect that antibiotics in the long term weren't the solution. They should have slowed down their pace and think what actually was causing the big infections that decimated cities instead of blamming nature for it and putting dangerous patches.

Now we know that bacterias are our allies. In fact, life wouldn't be possible without them. They should have thought what they did wrong to make them "angry" or "sick" before blamming them and trying to find a "weapon" to kill them.

These are my thoughts about this. But until the people who have the resources to study all of this don't start a honest and auto-critical research about this they are just theories, which I'm also sure that are not misguided. But we need an science and a medicine that searches for the truth of phenomena, and not just for profits.

So, yes, I think that I have a chronic infection in my prostate that I caught because some folks full of greed have been trying to subdue nature for centuries. That is not just "to blame others", it's where my honest research and thoughts have guided me. Further, blaming an infected person for something that was/is not his fault is cruel and wrong. If some folks have that time I suggest them to instead go to the doctors and "specialists" to ask them to do a serious research and honest science about this.

Knowing the ultimate cause of this condition is the first step to find how to cure or prevent it.

Finally, I want to add that I think that sure there are cases of pain in the prostate and pelvis which are caused by a muscle or nerve problem. I'm not denying the existence of that. I'm referring to cases like mine, with burning, weak orgasms, low libido and no chronic pain at all.

Author:  Fantom451 [ Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Chavalote wrote:
I'm referring to cases like mine, with burning, weak orgasms, low libido and no chronic pain at all.

I have these symptoms as well, but I do not have an infection which you say must be the cause. If you could share the source or medical study that indicates that these symptoms could not possibly relate to a muscle/nerve problem, and must indicate a bacterial infection. I would love to learn more about this, but have never seen such information in my research.

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I ask you back.

Do you have any source or medical study which explains in detail how muscle tension relates to my symptoms? I'm not talking about chronic pain, I'm talking about weak orgasms, low libido, burning ejaculation... in summary, what I have described above.

And, how can you be sure that you don't have a chronic infection? How can you be sure that your symptoms are the exact same as mine?

Author:  presto423 [ Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

I don't understand how you can push all kinds of assumptions on Chavalote after such a detailed set of posts he has written. If you were to read through this entire thread, you'd probably see more theories and presumptions than half of the PF web site. I also don't see much in regard to thoughtful, carefully considered wording or more of an intent to help rather than persuade. Perhaps it comes from a strong desire to help, or is basically a "hey, fetch this idea and that one and you'll be fine" approach, I'm not entirely sure. However, it's essential you're not overwhelming a person to the point of exhaustion and despair over receiving input and not getting feedback that's really necessary or applicable.

Author:  Chavalote [ Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

All of my theories, which I underlined they are just theories and not proven truths, are the result of thinking and rethinking, examining my symptoms carefully, any changes on them, etc... I don't have the answers, but I'm just a human being trying to think coherently (more scientifically than a lot of "scientists", in fact).

Like I said, I don't have the resources and the funding to study this seriously, to test if my theories are right or wrong. But the people who are supposed to have those resources and more specialized skills than me has offered (at least to me) less than this. So, what is the point of asking for "medical studies" where all of us here are asking questions because the "authorities" didn't answer them? I can write a long post with the stupidities that urologists have told me (I already told some of them in this thread, like the arrogant urologist shouting "there is no cause! Not all things must have a cause!" when asked "why new bacterias appeared in my culture after taking an antibiotic", the same urologist said "when we rip open the prostates they are all infected" with a voice tone so scornful that I think I won't forget. What that tells to an intelligent person? A lot of questions arise in my case, such as "what causes them to be infected?", "Have the dolphins and orcas in the sea also infected prostates?", "what about tribes living outside the industrial civilization?", and a ton more, wich a real scientific thinking person interested in knowing the truth would consider), clearly showing that they are ignorant about this and more important, that they don't care about researching male sexual health. Some of them even were offensive to me. Why should I keep trusting them?

The right question here is not if my theories are supported by medical studies or not, it's what medical study can explain the cause and cure of this?

I respect wisdom, not authority. Just because a dude have a lab-coat and writes "scientific" papers that doesn't make me respect him. He must be committed to knowledge and free from monetary profit interests. I'm not saying that all of the medical specialists aren't good, but sadly, all what I have met weren't (they were awful, even as human beings, thoughtless and cold). And all of what I have read in the internet of "scientific" papers and books is BS full of assumptions, like "it could be that...", "it is accepted that...(by who? Does that says something about its veracity?)", etc...

The other day I superficially read a book about orgasms. They claimed to explain "scientifically" the orgasms. I ended with anxiety stopping the reading, thinking about the psychopathic and crazy system in which we live. Nobody seems to care about the truth. There were a lot of materialistic myths (the body as a machine), a lot of assumptions like "if you take this drug you can reverse the damage made by antidepressants on the libido", without explaining how in the hell those drugs affect the body! And why they don't condemn that those drugs are being sold to people? Why they take that as a given? In fact, I searched one of those drugs that they claimed to reverse the damage of antidepressants on the libido/orgasms on the internet and it said that it was retired from the market because some people died of liver serious problems! They cause a problem and they sell you the "solution", what sometimes can be fatal. So, this is the "science" we have. Testing things without understanding how they work. But if you don't go along with their myths and assumptions you are labelled as an "antiscientific" or an "irrational" person. Seems like a cult to me.

I haven't found a single one medical study that makes me say "aah, now I get it! So, this is the cause!". And I guess most of you haven't either. Because if it were so we would know how to cure this. It's sad how when someone thinks out of the box and proposes non-usual theories (like industrial civilization causing prostate infections) a lot of people invoke the "authorities". That kind of "there are not scientific studies that..." claim; there are not because they don't do them. But that doesn't mean that the theory is wrong. We simply don't know.

I know that for some people my stance could sound crazy, but I'm in a point now (after reading a lot of criticisms against "Western science" and suffering a lot of psychological abuse from medical "specialists") in which I would rather trust a tribal medicine man with his knowledge of herbs rather than a guy in a lab-coat doing "research".

I don't trust them anymore because they have made me feel like a defenseless rat treated like a machine to rip open to get "information" about "it". I find the medical system to be profit oriented, psychopathic and toxic. Like my theories about the symptoms of my health problems, this is something based on a long, long process of observing, experiencing, reading and thinking coherently. And that must be respected. I'm tired of people pushing "authorities" on me.

I will respect and trust them when I read a damn single "paper" which explains what is happening to my body and how to cure it for the sake of truth, and not for profit. Because that is what real science is supposed to do. That is what scientists claim to do, looking for the truth. If I have come with all that bunch of theories and stuff to test imagine what they could do if they were committed to truth.

I'll say it again. I respect wisdom, the truth and good/kind-hearted people, not authorities, wicked propaganda or PHDs.

Sensitive people should understand my legitimate exasperation.

Author:  skistar [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Hi Chav
I have found the same bacteria in my semen as you. EF and the klebsiella. I read about another guy who had the klebsiella and he was a virgin and still had all the prostatitis symptoms. He was, to me, a clear case of anxiety driven prostatitis. And there is “healthyprostate” (guy on this forum) that had protected sex the last 10 years and he now has “prostatitis” and EF is now found in his semen.
I’m confused about the infection part as I don’t have WBC in my semen (multiple test also after massage)
It’s all speculation, but I have experienced mind/body priblems before. They were all physical. All driven by FEAR.
Once the fear is gone, the symptoms subsided and went away.
I have the same bacteria in my semen as you, yet different symptoms.
Mine is burning in my rectum 5 minutes or 30 minutes or so after I pee/BM.
No burning while, or while orgasm. No problem with libido etc. I feel sometimes more urge to pee and I sometimes have nocturia peeing. My symptoms are very much related to urine/BM. If I sit for long I can get burning in my but. My penis is sometimes more red.
So, I guess my pelvis is inflamed, but not nessesarily infected. There are many examples of people getting inflamed nerves created by mind/body problems. The fear of the symptoms is driving it all. See a lot of success stories by PMing me for the site.
I still have my symptoms, so I don’t have the answer. What I’ve learned about TMS (mindbody syndrome) is that it won’t fix itself unless you fully accept the state you’re in and let go of all fears. That’s the tricky part. The scary part is that, yes your mind can creat a lot of strange symptoms you can’t imagine. Pelvic pain seem to be very tricky as we use those muscles all the time.
So, I don’t have the answer, maybe you are right, but there seems to be so much inconsistency in symptoms etc
In my case I don’t even know if sex was involved (I was too drunk), but I had a lot of stress, guilt and fear afterwards and when this started. That’s for sure.

ADMIN NOTE: I have to be very picky about what I allow to be posted as an external link, but links to other forums has not been allowed this one started in 2009. You may tell people to PM you, but I can't allow it to be posted in the forum. Thank you!

Author:  Chavalote [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

The difference in the symptoms could be due to different zones of the prostate in which the infection is placed. Or also maybe the amount of bacteria, if there is or not a biofilm... etc... etc... In many cases, there could be also bacterias in other parts, such as the seminal vesicles. A culture only shows bacterial growth, but it doesn't say anything about where the bacterias are, the amount, the way they affect the zone... etc...

Author:  presto423 [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas

Chav, that's why I think the typical tests (EPS, urinalysis, even PCR) are not sufficient solely...and scans and other prognostic applications are essential. Even the gut microbiota theories and 'knowledge' is largely projection as to what constitutes proper amounts of bacteria, and how much per species is actually inhabiting. I tried acidophilus, and it helped relieve some or most of the acid indigestion / GERD problems I was having. But then I stopped, and got different problems. And when I had GERD / acid problems again, it was mainly when I was sleeping and woke up getting an influx of stomach juices in my throat and mouth...which wasn't frequent, but happened nonetheless and was something I would try to remedy by drinking milk, chewing and swallowing Rolaids / Tums - like tablets, and not going back to sleep until I didn't have the sting from the event.

Several scans are used for viewing the pelvic area, and I even read about a scan that produces a sort of 3D image that is capable of showing real-time video, if I remember correctly. Those scans are expensive without insurance. I don't understand why they're not placed in the protocols for prostatitis and associated conditions at earlier stages of diagnostics / prognostics. It seems like most other chronic pain conditions besides prostatitis have more options and potential solutions, or at least options for repeated and temporary reilef. It's most likely due in part to the availability of scans being made suitable to provide for those conditions, and also actively listed in the tools / protocols permissible by doctors, specialists, and other health professionals.

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