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 inflamation of urethra and prostate 
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Post inflamation of urethra and prostate
I too have learned I have prostatitis. I am convinced it was caused by an erection supplement herbal tablet. The tablets work fine in general but they warn you only to take one about 30 mins before sex to help with erections. I foolishly took 3 or 4 spread over two hourly intervals.
All went very well but in the evening I felt a vague burning etc in the scrotum and urethra.The symptoms were mild to severe as the weeks went by.

Its been subsiding a bit now and I have medically been confirmed to have prostatitis.
My main treatments are ibuprofen 400mg three a day, vitamin E , and omega three fish oil supplement. Alcohol avoided as all caffeine and fatty dairy products. Exercise is also important , that is keep active and don't sit on but as it were as inactivity isnt good. Hot baths too are very helpful.
I am not cured but things are greatly improving with good and bad days. Its gone on and on for months, the urethra inflammation and all the usual .

About 2 months ago my testicles were on fire but it only lasted a day and never returned. My urologist says that all these vague discomforts are typical symptoms.What I did find was that my regular docs were all at a loss and even reluctant to try treatments . I empathize for all the men here and I hope you all find a cure someday.

Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:51 pm

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Post Re: inflamation of urethra and prostate
Hi,sorry that you have prostatitis as with all the symptoms that anyone experiences they are not pleasant and very uncomfortable and frustrating feeling as i myself has had prostatitis for over 4 years now and up to now to sign of a cure and maybe one day in the furture there will be but like any chronic disease we are left to suffer in our own ways.
I don't not feel that you taking erections supplements to get a erection caused your prostatitis but it might have brought on a servere bout of it. Those little blue pills rush blood to the penis and since the prostate is the sex organ that gives us a climax and the whole urinary tract system that makes us sexual all the blood is going way to fast and not done in a natural way and who knows might have inflamed the prostate as when you deal with quick fixes there are always bad side effects.

Hope you feel better.

Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:38 pm

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Post Re: inflamation of urethra and prostate
thank you for your kind comments. Yes its true some of those supplements can be dodgy and perhaps I just had some kind of allergic reaction to it. I am really amazed that with all the advances in medicine and all those wonderful back up technologies they havent yet got a true all in one quick fix cure.

I hope you do find a cure but its a day to day thing and when we get a rare good day its so wonderful a top of the world day. Then like a shadow cast across a sunny day the discomfort and pain cycle starts all over again.

My partner at the time also performed fellatio on me but my clinic found no bugs at all. My symptoms occurred within 12 hours or less after taking the erection herbal supplements. AND THE OVERDOSE)

I wish you well and all the gentlemen here

Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:13 am

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Post Re: inflamation of urethra and prostate
Thank you for your response back to me and your welcome for my opinion and maybe bringing some light on the subject and also why you probally had an adverse side affect from the erection supplement.Like many supplements that are nothing more then a quick fix and going against your body's natural way of doling things there are many bad side effects and besides you having one of them you took too much,i am glad that you did not suffer any real and life threathing damage and my best wishes go out to you.

Yes i know what you mean about when we have a good day it's like being on top of a mountain and feeling great and those other days which are far more often then i'd like to have you feel like your sinking in quicksand and there is no hope.Maybe one day with all the medical knowledge that we have in this country someone will actually find a real cure and not just coming up with more drugs to mask the problem but actually slove it!

Good luck and if i was you i wouldn't take anymore of those little blue magic pills lol.

Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:39 am

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Post Re: inflamation of urethra and prostate
Erection difficulty is a sign of prostatitis, perhaps the reason you have erectile dysfunction was you have had prostatitis all along but didn't know it. And the drug you took irritated the prostate. There are tons of herbal, cold medicine, many different things out there that can start prostatitis up. my father would take cold medicine pseudoephedrine and it would always give him prostatitis. I believe that there is something very wrong in men with chronic prostatitis, something not right with there prostate. I once read about a man who claimed he has had prostatitis on and off since 13. When I was a child 8 years old - 10 years old I suffered from constant bladder infections. then they stopped cold .......

In my 20s i would take diet pills and end up with e coli bladder infections constantly. Also when drinking drinking diet sodas because of aspartame I could not urinate for a couple of hours after drinking one. even if I felt like I was going to pee my pants not one drop would come out. The constant bladder infections in my 20's left me sterile (unable to have kids)

My problems started when I drunk some protein powder, it caused me prostatitis, even my skin was burning. took some cipro it got rid of it. bought different protein powder it brought on symptoms again, took cipro it got rid of it. drunk powder again this time while on cipro and cipro quit working have failed multiple antibiotics and been stuck with it ever since.

I bought some protein powder with out artificial sweeteners and it bothered me a little bit but nothing like the ones with sweeteners. So it was the artificial sweeteners that stirred up my prostate trouble.

Also, this is quite common with men/women with Interstitial Cystitis, which is people with bladder burning and pain, yet 9 times out of 10 no medical reason is found for the bladder pain and burning. Yet men/women with Interstitial Cystitis find that certain things could set off a bout of burning and pain for example tomatoes, different foods, but what is also listed is diet pills and energy drinks.

My belief is that perhaps some men, probably not all men, but some men may have prostatitis that is kind of like Interstitial Cystitis. You just have pain and trouble in there with nothing for medically doing it, and for whatever reason something be it bacteria, cold pill, energy drink, setting to long etc can set off a bout of prostatitis. And if the bout is very strong you may never get it under control.

Fri May 25, 2012 12:16 pm
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