Urethral tingling/burning deep in perineum
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Author:  Rainbow13 [ Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Urethral tingling/burning deep in perineum

Dears, I am 36, My story began after protected sex, but oral was not, next day I felt urethral discomfort, in 3 days its progresed to pain i couldnt sleep 8/10 in orifice of urethra, no discharge or burning urination. I did ceftriaxon 1g, flagyl one week, azythro 500, 5 days, symptoms got better, but after came back much worse and pain moved deep in perennial urethra... Constant, not related with urination. I began 25 days Levofloxacin, 25 days, was kind of fine, but I got cold walking out side and deep urethral pain turn to be unbidable...

I realized if i sleeping in pans its better and also my legs very sensitive to cold .. So next month i just trying keep legs warm.. Pain not getting any better, its some time pain all the way down urethra to prostate, as its open wound or gate such acute..

Finally I realized its related with ejaculations.. So I began doxycyclin and flomax, which is suppressing erection,. After one week I felt relive, i got drunk and ejaculated 8-9 times.. In 2 days pain came back such acute urethral burning/pain going to prostate as metal needle.. I began again Doxy, Flomax and Bactrim and no ejaculations.. So in 2,5 weeks i feel relive, stop bactrim, but still not feel healthy.. Tired from antibiotics and extra underwear pants.. Hot bath only making pain worse..

So I will continue 1 more week Doxy,Flomax, but.. I have strange feeling, which I never had before its never will go away... And I am not healthy.. All tests urine, blood fine..

My wife going diverse me, my life screwed, i cant stay focused on work, cant perform as a men...
Urologist didnt say anything new.. Just no sex, one month doxy and flomax, so in 1 week I am done with treatment (1 month doxy/flomax/bactrim 1 week. So I have no acute urethral pain, but I am not healthy, perennial heaviness, some discomfort in urethra...

So please share your experience guys! I know diagnosis chron prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome... But how to get it over??

Thank all of you!

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